Is It Time for New AC Installation Tomball TX?

AC Installation

Like other electrical equipment, the air conditioner also comes with an expiry date. If your air conditioner has started giving you repairing troubles and no maintenance or repairs seem to fix the problem, then it’s time to schedule an appointment for a new AC installation Tomball, TX

But are you sure it’s time for the replacement card to play its part? We cannot be assured unless it is confirmed by the licensed technicians. Therefore, before calling out the professionals, take a look at some of the following signs that clearly signal replacement. 

You Are Always Repairing

AC Installation


If your technician is visiting your place for repairs and replacement more often than any other friends or family, then it’s time to consider a replacement option. An air conditioner giving repair problems is normal especially when it happens on an occasional period like once in two or three years. But if you are forced to call more than twice a year, then it’s no use repairing the defective piece.

If you are worried about the high investment cost of a new unit, then calculate the costing this way. The amount you spend for repeated repairs and replacements will add up or come close to the new unit.

Also, even after spending so much on repairs, you will not satisfy with the operation of the air conditioner as the performance and efficiency will be low to poor. A smart step that must take in this situation is to get help from the best AC installation services, Tomball, TX, and get a guide for the new AC installation process. 

Are You Paying Too Much? 

If you are always complaining about the high energy bills, even after using them for a limited time, then there is a problem with the air conditioner and its efficiency level. A little spike in energy bills is common during the heat waves, but a direct upward arrow is a complete no.

If you are wondering the reason for high energy bills, it is because of the low energy efficiency of the system. As the unit gets older, no matter how many times you maintain or service, you will always have low-efficiency and poor performance issues. 

If your unit has passed 10+ years and is giving you troubles with efficiency, constant repairing troubles, and high bills, then it’s time to consider a replacement option. 

There Is Not Enough Cooling

AC Installation


Have you lost your comfort zone at your place? Do you have to repeatedly adjust the temperature settings and still do not get your desired setting? This points that there is an issue with the AC.

If your air conditioner fails to provide enough cooling even after running for a long time, then it is better to get rid of the system. What is the use of an air conditioner that doesn’t give you enough cooling? It has taken the place of the ceiling fan, just that it is huge in size. 

Aged Unit

An air conditioner is modeled to last for 12-15 years and if it operates more than the specified period of time, then it is a blessing in disguise. It either has rewarded you for your regular AC maintenance and services or you have proved to be too lucky to grab this opportunity. Although the second option may seem way too impossible, if you are lucky, it can last for a maximum of 15-18 years. 

If the air conditioner is well operational and is not giving you any major repairing troubles, then you can use it for another couple of years. However, if the system is repeatedly troubling you with repairs and replacement, then get a new air conditioner. 

As per the experts, it is better to replace the older unit when it is well-operational because you will have loads of time to choose and discuss your new unit. But if it breakdowns completely, then you will have to finalize the deal in the least time possible. Hence, get it to replace, at your time than at the time when the AC demands.

If you are facing any of the above situations, then get help from Crossway Mechanical immediately. They have the best-trained technicians, ready to help with all your AC issues and troubles. Call (832) 558-3214 for more information.