Extend Your AC’s Life with Proper AC Tune Up Jacksonville, FL!

AC Tune Up Jacksonville FL

Seasonal tune-ups help the air conditioner to run efficiently all through the year in Jacksonville, FL. More than 80% of the repairs that happen in central air conditioning can be prevented with proper maintenance. It is well known that AC is a major and big investment. If you want to take care of your major investment, you have to plan for the best AC tune up Jacksonville, FL

The car would not function efficiently when you do not regularly oil the engines. You have to apply the same law for your air conditioner. When you do not properly maintain it, the air conditioner or the heater would not function or last long properly. Scheduling seasonal AC tune-up service Jacksonville, FL, or joining a maintenance program will make sure that the AC functions smoothly for the forthcoming years. 

Experienced companies perform seventeen-point air conditioner tune-up that includes:

AC Tune Up Jacksonville FL

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  1. Check fan relay
  2. Check temperature falls at the coil
  3. Check compressor
  4. Check breakers
  5. Inspect plenum
  6. Inspect condenser coil
  7. Check disconnect box
  8. Check thermostat for better calibration
  9. Replace or check the standard air filter
  10. Check contactor points
  11. Evaluate condenser fan motor
  12. Check refrigerant level
  13. Check squirrel cage
  14. Check low voltage wiring
  15. Tighten the entire electrical connections
  16. Perform full energy inspection of the air conditioner system
  17. Evaluate evaporator fan motor

What Are the Three Things You Can Perform to Increase the AC’s Life?

Retirement is one of the important phases that is hard to wait for. But when it comes to the air conditioning unit, when it begins to quit, it would result only in disappointment. Purchasing a new air conditioner is challenging. If you want to take care of your new air conditioner, you have to follow certain precautions and measures to extend its life as much as possible.

Though the AC comes with a guaranteed life of ten or twelve, when you properly maintain it, it has chances to last for another three to five years. It purely depends upon how you are maintaining and how well it is performing. Follow these exclusive AC tips that will help in increasing your unit’s lifespan.

Change the Filter Regularly:

One of the important steps in extending the unit’s life is regularly changing the air conditioner’s filter. As the filter traps dust and dirt, it gets clogged, causing the unit to stop functioning or freeze entirely. If you want to notice the best results, you should change the filter every month. If you think that you will miss the date or forget easily, you can activate a reminder, and this way, you can easily get into the filter-changing habit every month. 

AC Tune Up Jacksonville FL

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Schedule Regular Tune-Ups and Maintenance:

When you notice even small problems in the AC, just call the professionals. Do not think that it can be sorted by repairing it on its own. The experts recommend scheduling AC tune-up two times a year as it aids in extending the unit’s life. When you call a dedicated HVAC company, you can easily obtain professional maintenance as well as a seventeen-point air conditioner tune-up. Nowadays, top companies are offering membership plans and it comes with loads of discounts. 

Utilize Programmable Thermostats:

Nowadays, the majority of thermostats come with settings where you can fix a temperature schedule. This is great for the wallet, excellent for the air conditioner, and excellent for the environment too. By setting a proper temperature schedule, the unit would perform less work. It improves your AC’s life and saves a lot of money on electricity expenses. In simple terms, for both the AC and for you, it is a win-win plan. If you want to see the best results with your air conditioner, ensure to fix the thermostat as per a particular schedule. This way, the house remains warm when you are away or cool when you are at home. 

Simple maintenance steps aid in keeping your AC for the long term. It also makes your investment valuable. Do you want to purchase an annual maintenance plan or schedule an air conditioner tune-up Jacksonville, FL? Call the Weather Engineer experts at 904-478-9591 and request an estimate. 

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