How to Detect Air Conditioning Repair the Colony, TX at Its Early Stage?

air conditioning repair The Colony TX

Summer is fast approaching and you gear up to make sure your air conditioning is in the best form to handle the sizzling heat. Since this inspection requires help from the professionals of air conditioning repair, The Colony, TX, you can be at ease for your AC will be serviced to handle the summer pressure. 

However, pre-summer AC maintenance is very important, but you must also do your job to ensure your AC runs smoothly. With the help of a few tricks, you can catch the early warning repairing signs that will help you deal with the problem better. So, let’s get to the tricky business to catch early AC malfunctions. 

If Your AC Does Not Turn On, Do a Test Run

air conditioning repair The Colony TX


If your air conditioning system was not in use for many long months, your AC can give a starting issue. Before you press on your panic button, switch on your AC and leave it for half an hour. See to it that the blower motor is on and the compressor kicks off.

Adjust your thermostat setting up and down and see to it whether it will set to the right temperature. Inspect the vents of every room and see whether there is a flow of good air. Take a close look at the indoor cabinet and note for any noise. 

This process will take some time, but it is important for a homeowner to make a little effort so that your AC is perfect and runs efficiently. 

Listen for Strange Noise

If you are hearing strange or unusual noise from the air conditioner, then know that your AC is going through trouble. The air conditioner must not make any noises, and an unusual noise is a clear indication of repairing the trouble.

The most common sound you will hear in the AC is shrieking and grinding. These sounds indicate that the motor is burning out or wearing down. It can also mean the motor belt may need replacement. A clicking sound points out to failed capacitors, and a hissing sound is an indication of a refrigerant leak. Banging and clunking sounds are creating when there are loose components in the system or a bent fan. 

The moment you hear a strange noise from the system, do not ignore the problem and call the best AC repair services The Colony, TX. If you choose to delay or ignore the problem, you will be guaranteed heavy repairing costs and in the worst scenario replacement of the parts or whole.

Watch for Short-Cycle

Short cycling is one of the most common problems in air conditioners. In simpler terms it means the air conditioner’s compressor is not completing its full cycle, thereby shutting off early and then restarting again. This problem is easy to detect when you notice your system shutting on and off many times in an hour. 

It can be because of many reasons like leaky air ducts, refrigerant leaks, miscalibrated thermostats, compressor problems, or many more. Regardless of the cause, this issue must take care of as soon as possible, as short-cycling puts loads of pressure not just on the compressor, but also on the other parts of the system as well. 

The best way to solve this problem is by contacting Action Plus. The trained professionals will offer quality services and guarantee you repair-free days.

See If the Rooms Are Receiving Even Cooling

air conditioning repair The Colony TX


If some part of the house is better cooled and the other part, not enough, then it can be a trouble in the zone control system, air conditioner, ductwork, or the thermostat. It will be a little difficult for the homeowners to detect the problem on their own and so it is highly recommended to get help from the trained professionals. 

It does not matter how busy your schedule is, when it comes to air conditioning maintenance and repair, attend to it immediately. The sooner you take note of the problem, the better it will be, as the system will not be under pressure for long and you will also be saved from spending huge amounts on repairs.

Leaving or ignoring the AC problems can also shorten the life of your system. Hence, take care of your system so that it takes care of you in your needed days. Call Action Plus HVAC team at (972) 914-3252 and schedule for the best air conditioning repair The Colony TX.