Your Bathroom Corner Shelf Idea is Just a Click Away

bathroom corner rack

Riya: I loved your designer home, it’s so pretty, I am totally in love with the fantastic designs and beautiful arrangements.

Tina: I am glad you liked it. Thanks to my well qualified and expert designer friend, Harry.

Riya: But what is this, Tina, your bathroom corner shelf is so boring and typical, I am sorry, but now I have a doubt on your designer’s friend expertise.

Tina: (shunned for a moment, don’t know how to react) Ahh…my friend is actually brilliant, but I don’t see how just he skipped it, don’t worry, I will call him right away.

….Connecting the call

Harry: Hey, Tina, I know you have called me to appreciate my work.

Tina: Hey Harry, yes, I loved your work, in fact, some of my relatives want to redesign their home from You. But Harry, there is a problem.

Harry: Yes, Tina, tell me what’s the problem?

Tina: The bathroom shelf corner is not as beautiful and organised as the rest of the house.

Harry: OMG! Tina, I forget to tell you that my worker who was responsible for the corner work, just left the job and I am going to London for one month.

Tina: Oh, gosh! What will I do now, I have a housewarming party this weekend, my all friends will surely bully me for the typical corner in such a lavish house.  

Harry: I am sorry, darling! Don’t worry; I will mail you some of the DIY bathroom corners. 

Tina: Okay! I’ll be waiting for your email. Bye!

So, as promised Harry sent an email to Tina, so before you get stuck in such a situation as Tina, have a look at the bathroom shelves ideas:



Industrial Look:

bathroom rack


Give a little industrial look to your modern bathroom with a small shelving unit. Make sure to use metal sides of the shelve to add an industrial touch in the white and grey color painted bathroom. 

Asymmetric Shelves:

Asymmetric bathroom shelf


Make use of geometry skills and placed the three white-colored shelves in asymmetric order and the last one in such that it gets extended to the last one. 

This way, one gets enough space to place items like toothbrush, medication, and other things. 

Shelves with Baskets:

bathroom corner shelf


Make the best use of identical wicker baskets and arrange them in any type of shelving. This not only gives a clean and neat look but also looks beautiful. You can use colorful baskets for an extra appeal.

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Farmhouse Hanging Shelves:

farmhouse hanging shelf


Give a great vibe to the bathroom with the farmhouse hanging shelves. To get this set of the bathroom, one needs two hanging shelves with the support of matte black. Place a large mirror to give a larger look at the place. 

Thick Wood Shelves:

bathroom wooden shelf


Place two sets of shelves instead of cabinets. For the white color tiles, use the combination of dark and warm wood to give a clean look. Add a fern to add an organic touch to the bathroom.

Tiled Shelves Above Tub:

bathroom shelf above tub


One of the best ways to combine the shower area with the shelves is by using the same color tiles as the tub. It gives a clutter-free and clean look around the tub. You can use the shelves above the tub with towels and bath items. Some people love to add green elements by adding a green plant on the shelf.

A Hanging Shelf:

bathroom hanging shelf


Want to add beauty to the place at the budget price? How about DIY? Take a wood plank as per the need and use the leather strip to hang. Then, hold the wood shelf. Fit the plank with the nook or cranny. Make sure to use waterproof leather to avoid discoloration. The hanging rack is easy to replace or remove whenever needed. 

Storage on wheels:

shelf on wheel


Why fix the places of bathroom items when you can make the best use of a rolling cart. Paint the rolling cart with the rustic color and fill the cart shelves with fresh bathroom towels, bath items, and other necessary items. The rolling cart is easy to move or clean without stuff getting in the way. You can place a plant to add positive feeling in the bathroom. 


ladder rack


If you want to avoid unsightly holes in the wall then this bathroom shelf is meant for people like you. Place the old ladder and paint them with bright colors. Keep the basket at each step of the ladder and place it at the corner of the bathroom and your bathroom corner rack is ready to use.

Reuse pallet:

reuse pallet in bathroom


Make the best use of a wooden pallet and your DIY talent to make a bathroom corner shelf. Even the stained wood also do wonders, cut the pallet into any shape, and place it vertically on the wall. Add wooden shelves on the plank, and here goes your desired shelf to serve the purpose of a shelf as well as a decor piece.

Rope and swing bathroom shelf:

rope bathroom shelf


Rope and swing shelf is one of the trendy and highly useful ideas for small as well as big areas. It is also very easy to make and install. Take the three same size slab and paint them white or color of your choice. Drill each one at the two ends, now connect one slab to another with the rope but make sure to knot in between two slabs to place the bathroom items. When done, hung it on the wall, and your swing shelf is ready to use. 

bathroom corner rack



Do you like any of the bathroom shelf ideas? How your bathroom shelves are different from the post, please let us know about your new ideas in the comment section below. These are some comfortable and beautiful shelves idea to give an extraordinary look to your boring bathroom. For all the ideas for home decor, InteriorCraze is your destination.