Why Do I Need a Bathtub Water Filter?

Bathtub Water Filter

The water filter for the bathtub has so many benefits for your skin. You do need a bathtub water filter for various purposes. Some of them work with both warm and hot water. 

It also has the ability to eliminate chlorine, rust, iron dust, and so on. 

What Is a Bathtub Filter?

Bathtub Water Filter

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The bathtub water filter is one kind of attachment that can be fitted over the faucet spout on the shower or bathtub at home.

You need a bathtub to catch the different kinds of impurities or even other heavy particles like water with chlorine to supply you with safe water for showers. 

With the help of a good bathtub filter, you can have good skin, hair and get rid of many unwanted diseases. 

Are Water Filters Important for Bathtubs?

Yes, water filters are important for your bathtub and you need them in your home. The best water filter for the bathtub helps us to get clean water. 

Supply water may have many kinds of contaminants that can harm our hair, skin, and overall body health. As impurities, they may contain bacteria, viruses, mold, lead, arsenic, and so on. 

You will feel fresh all day long after having pure water for bathing. The whole package works with the help of the filter media. You need to replace it after using it for a long time. 

Types of Filters for Bathtub

In the case of buying the best water filter for a bathtub, you may have noticed that there are a couple of different kinds of bathtub filters available in the market. Among them, we can discuss the primary & famous 2 different kinds. 

The Bathtub Faucet System

In this case, the bathtub filter is attached to the base of the water faucet that acts as a third-party faucet. It collects water from the faucet. Then it filters through the system to remove any impurities before providing clean & safe water on the other side of the filter. 

Remember that most of the water that you bathe with is provided by the filter. 

The Showerhead Faucet System

Bathtub Water Filter

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It is a round shape device that is inserted in between the water supply and the primary faucet that catches all the impurities from the water & the water spout only releases clean water on the other side. 

It comes with multiple shower heads for different water speeds. And similar to the bathtub faucet that requires swapping out when the filter no longer functions.

Both of them will work for the shower and the bathtub. Pick up the correct one that will depend on your consideration after I have learned that I need a bathtub water filter. On the other hand, you can purchase both & try them as you see fit.  

What Type of Water Filter Is Best for Bathtubs?

Choosing the best water filter for bathtub is not hard. Just consider few features before buying a water filter. A good water filter should be filtered chlorinated water, filter bacteria, and helps with lung and sinus irritation. The filter helps to reduce hard water & all the reverse effects of it to save your skin and hair. 

A good water filter can be used for up to 12 months that will save you money as well. The bathtub water filters KDF-55 filtration method helps to purify the water without removing the required minerals. 

After using few days, you will see the difference in your skin & hair as it reduces itchy, dry & flaky skin. It also improves brittle hair & eye, lung & sinus irritations.

An eco-friendly bathtub filter can be recycled after its lifespan finishes. After buying a new filter, you won’t need to replace the whole casing just replace the bath ball interior filter element.

Benefits of Bathtub Water Filters

Bathtub Water Filter

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Best water filters for bathtubs help us in many ways. We know that the supply of water contains many impurities. They could be both organic and inorganic compounds. Microorganisms like bacteria, mold, and viruses can live in it. 

Salts and their ions like calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium can exist in this. They are essential on some level but they can create many problems if they are present in huge amounts. Heavy metals like lead, arsenic do much damage to our health, skin, and hair. 

Chlorine makes a bad smell in the water. We can get rid of them by simply installing a bathtub water filter. Check first before buying about what they can do with the water. 

There is a refill in the system. Change it from time to time to get rid of the deposit. Otherwise, you can’t get rid of the contaminants. 

The instructions that come with the manufacturer will let you know when to change the water filter. That’s why you need to buy a bathtub water filter.

How Do Bathtub Water Filters Work?

Bathtub waterworks in many ways. The reverse osmosis system will extract solid particles from liquid water. Impurities with water will enter through the inlet of the water filter and trap in the filter media. 

The freshwater will come out of the system. There are some water filters that work chemically. But the study shows us that a reverse osmosis system is better than a chemically driven system.


Using a bathtub water filter is not a fashion. It’s necessary. People Suffer from many water contaminated diseases from impure water. Skin diseases are a common issue. 

Hair loses its shine and its color fades out chemicals that are added into the supplied water. Chlorine water does a lot of harm to us and spreads a bad smell. Therefore, it’s a good thing to install the best water filter for your bathtub.