7 Mesmerizing Bedroom Remodel Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

bedroom remodel ideas

After a hectic day at a job, all you need is someone to cuddle (be it your fluffy dog), and a bed to lie on! Though the bedroom isn’t a place where you spend most of the time, it is the place where you relax at the end of the day. The bedroom must be  inviting, soothing, and calming place. And this is the reason you are also opting for bedroom remodel ideas

Apart from that, another reason is – remodelling a bedroom is a lot more fun than anything. There are only a few prospects that you need to keep in mind, like lighting, spacing, comfort zone, flooring, colour scheme, and window treatments. As soon as you have an idea of these things, your bedroom remodelling will become an easy-peasy task.

Though you can’t replace the current bedroom layout, you can always decide on a new one. The first thing you will need to do is think that your bedroom is empty and you can get a lot of space to use. For that, you can either empty the bedroom or get a blueprint of it. With the help of a plan, you will be able to locate the place for every element.

Here we have mentioned some bedroom remodel ideas that you can go through or even use it for refurbishing your room elegantly and uniquely:-

1. Simple and Elegant

Source: designswan.com

This is one of the simple bedroom decorating ideas. As you can see, there is wooden flooring and has a double bed with plush bedding. Two side-tables with the table lamp and to enhance the look, the couple has hung the geometric shaped chandelier. The grey and white combination is creating a soothing look.

Elegant bedroom design  makes a design beautiful and fancy. It may be simple but with the right touches it will be stunning! The bedroom designs that we showed are definitely luxurious in every way but are achievable

2. Country House Bedroom

bedroom remodel ideas

Source: ashbuilders.co

Design your bedroom like this for the luxurious feels. A plush fabric headboard with pastel/pop colored walls. Plush bedding, floor-length curtains, and a bit of greenery, what else you need to have a comfort zone. Add side tables to increase the storage in the room. If you also have extra balcony-like space, create a tea-time area by placing chairs and tables. The thing that is highlighting the space is an antique chandelier. 

Country Bedroom Ideas to suit tiny cottages and rambling stately homes alike. English country bedrooms their furniture and decoration.

3. Show your Love Towards Nature

source: pinimg.com

This one is perfect if you are someone who gives more importance to lighting, to be specific natural lighting. Here the designer has kept the focus on getting things that are related to nature, from chairs to headboard and to pendant lights; everything has a pinch of nature in it. 

The highlighting points of the bedroom are a circle-shaped mirror on the back wall and plants at the showcase. And a Palladian window is allowing natural light to flow through the entire room.

4. Multifunctional Bedroom

Source: sndimg.com

Are you also one of them who loves to work from home and prefers to stay in a room and do all the stuff? If yes, then this one is for you. The rustic look created with wooden furniture is making it the most calming place of the house. In the era of open-plan homes and mobile electronic devices, home designs are incorporating more multifunctional rooms into their floor plans.

Along with it, the designer has allocated the workspace in a unique way. The nook of the room is correctly utilised in creating a mini-library and a countertop for a printer.

5. Artistic Small Bedroom 

Source: homedcorhub.com

Who said, small spaces can’t look artistic? Look at the image. Isn’t this bedroom a perfect example of art? The shape of a chandelier is attractive, and the wooden effect with a luxurious feeling is stealing the vibes. 

Headboard with wall-mounted lamps and floor-length curtains, everything blending with each other perfectly and is soothing to the eyes.

6. Library-Bedroom

Source: pinimg.com

Are you a bibliophile? There nothing wrong with being one. You were always worried about keeping your books at the perfect place and not away from you. This bedroom is your dream bedroom then. 

Low lighting and white color theme are going with each other very well. Wooden flooring and open cabinets on both sides with multiple shelves give the perfect library look, and plush bedding gives the ideal bedroom look.

7. Minimalistic Bedroom Idea

Source: designing.com

This one is an example of a minimalistic bedroom. Here the designer has skipped the cupboards and cabinets in the room. Just a shelve above the bed to display frames. A table and a chair to create a small study or work area and to create a focal point they have kept an artificial flower pot on the table.

Ditching the side tables, books are used to create a base for placing an antique lamp. And a full-length floor mirror to simplify the look. Floor-length curtains are so in… you will find them everywhere.

Beautifully Remodelled Bedroom:-

So these were few ideas on how to remodel your bedroom in a unique way. We hope all your queries related to the bedroom remodelling has been solved. You can implement them as it is or by mixing the elements of different ideas with each other. You will get a satisfactory output. And if you are looking for more insights on interior designing for your home, visit Interiorcraze.