The Benefits of Elevator

Benefits of Elevator

Exactly what comes to mind when you think about in-home elevators? Some people may think about a beautiful and luxurious elevator in a mansion with multiple stories that easily takes people from one floor to the next. Alternatively, you may think about a solely functional elevator that can help people in wheelchairs or with other disabilities to be independent within their homes. Luxury and functionality are two great reasons why you should consider installing West Coast Elevators in your house. However, there are other benefits of the in-home elevator.

They can help to make your house a lot more functional and even safer. An in-home elevator can also boost your home’s value. With that said, we will now dive a bit deeper into the benefits of this elevator. 

Makes Life Simpler

When you have an in-home elevator, it makes it a lot easier to move from one floor to the next. This not only includes carrying persons to different floors but also objects. You can use your elevator to help transport heavy things such as storage boxes, groceries, heavy equipment, etc. Even if you hate having to drag your vacuum cleaner up the stairs or even bring down decorations, the elevator can easily help with these tasks. 

Many people struggle with using stairs, sometimes due to impaired mobility. There are many possible reasons behind mobility issues such as an injury or even a medical condition. Due to this, there would likely be a great deal of fear of falling or even tripping. Having an elevator can make it a lot safer to move between the floors in your home. 

Saves Space & Offers Convenience

Benefits of Elevator


There are many options when it comes to choosing an elevator and you can select ones that are inviting, industrial, homey, modern, sleek, etc. The elevators have styles and they range from elegant wood panels, simple styles where you can choose the color, etc. If you enjoy a contemporary appearance in your home, you can even choose one that has an aluminum frame.

You can easily select things such as the ceiling, wall, and floor finishes. You can even choose from different types of handrails. It is also possible to select from different sizes and you can get an elevator that is as much as 15 square feet.

Elevators Improve Property Values

Benefits of Elevator


At some point in your life, you may consider selling your property. At that point, you’d likely want to get the maximum value and at least more than you paid. The value of your home would typically increase over the years due to the real estate market, inflation, etc. Additionally, by improving your home, you can make it more appealing to buyers which would, in turn, increase how much it is worth. 

Now, the main question you may be asking yourself is if installing an elevator would help to increase your home’s value? To figure this out, you’ll need to get an appraisal done on your home. All you’ll need to do is hire a property appraiser and they will thoroughly evaluate the property and let you know the current worth. To do this, they will thoroughly investigate the inner and outer conditions of your home.

They will pay attention to the special features of the home which would include things like a jacuzzi, pool, etc. Additionally, they will look at any safety issues or any areas where your home is violating codes. Besides evaluating your home, they will also look at the current sales prices of the other properties in the neighborhood. 

The appraiser will also do what is known as a feasibility study which is basically what you can do to boost your home’s value, the cost of doing so, and how much each new feature would increase your home’s value. This includes the value of adding a new elevator and get the benefits of this elevator. This will allow you to look at how much it will cost you to install the elevator and if the boost in your home’s value is worth the installation in the long run.