The 10 Best Decorations for Thanksgiving Season

Best Decorations for Thanksgiving Season

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, hosting friends and family for dinner is on everyone’s mind. If you feel like your home lacks a bit of creativity and inspiration this year, consider spicing things up with one of the 10 best decorations for Thanksgiving season. 

While collecting Thanksgiving decorations might seem like a hassle, this decor style can actually use in your home from the beginning of September all the way through the end of autumn, making it both versatile and comforting.

For anyone wondering where to store these gorgeous autumn decorations during the rest of the year, consider investing in bins to conveniently store on garage shelves or a storage unit near your home.

A Fresh Pumpkin Collection

Best Decorations for Thanksgiving Season


Nothing says autumn more like pumpkins, and what better way to decorate your home than to fill it with a variety of fresh seasonal gourds? 

Collecting pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, from large jack-o-lanterns and tiny orange pumpkins to decorative yellow squash, is a great and natural way to ring in the spirit of gratitude. Mix and max with blue pumpkins, red pumpkins, and even delicata squash that you can later turn into a delicious meal.

A Faux Cornucopia Table Centerpiece

Best Decorations for Thanksgiving Season


One of the most appropriate table centerpieces for a big Thanksgiving dinner is to replicate a traditional cornucopia without the hassle of obtaining and preserving real decorative foods. 

Faux cornucopias are often made of straw and plastic foam ornamental foods like grapes, plums, corn, and more. This way, they can last all season, bringing a smile to the face of every guest.

Color-Coordinated Place Settings and Dishware

A tried and true Thanksgiving decor hack is to color-coordinate your silverware, plates, cups, and bowls with your place settings, napkins, and table cloth. 

While matching the exact same color in all of these items may end up looking tacky, the best thing to do is decide on a color scheme and invite reds, oranges, yellows, burgundies, and even greens into the color palette.

Festive Candles

Best Decorations for Thanksgiving Season


Candles are a great way to make your home feel instantly cozier, especially when they’re scented. Consider purchasing apple, orange, pumpkin, tobacco, or even sage scented candles in various colors that will invoke the feeling of fall. Orange, white, gold, green, tan, burgundy, red, and yellow are all great options.

For those who are prone to headaches or have a sensitive sense of smell, opt for colored glass votives filled with unscented soy or beeswax candles to be placed throughout the home.

A Seasonal Wreath

One of the best decorations for thanksgiving season is to hang a seasonal wreath on your front door. Wreaths are a great reminder of this welcoming and warm holiday, inviting all who enter through your front door into a cozy and delicious gathering.

You can either opt to purchase your wreath or make one yourself by using leaves, pine cones, branches, tiny pumpkins or gourds, and ribbons braided together and held by wires and glue.

Scented Pine Cones

Best Decorations for Thanksgiving Season


If keeping your home smelling fresh is a priority for your family, scented pine cones are the decor item for the job. Not only will they look fabulous and festive sitting on almost any surface, but pine cones dipped in cinnamon and spices like star anise will undoubtedly ensure that your home smells like a holiday wonderland all season long.

Bundles of Cinnamon Sticks

Tying bulges of cinnamon sticks dipped in cinnamon oil in Thanksgiving-patterned holiday ribbon and placing them in your bathroom, living room, kitchen, and dining room will give you a similar effect to the scented pine cones. 

They make your home look like it’s ready for a Thanksgiving gathering while also keeping your home smelling fresh, sweet, and inviting no matter how much garlic you’re cooking over the stove.

Dried Orange Garlands

Best Decorations for Thanksgiving Season


Dried orange garlands are one of the best decorations for thanksgiving season because they can keep up throughout the house until after Christmas. 

Dried orange garlands are festive for both autumn and winter and can easily make at home using an oven to dry the orange slices, twine, and a needle to thread the orange. Turn this decorating idea into a family activity by inviting your friends and family to participate.

A Beautiful Flower Display

When hosting guests for Thanksgiving dinner, adding a beautiful fresh flower display to your table can brighten any home. Opt for seasonal flowers and filler like sunflowers, dahlias, ivy, pine, and mums in deep and rich colors like orange, yellow, red, and green.

Turkeys Everywhere!

When decorating for Thanksgiving, don’t shy away from the quintessential image of the Thanksgiving turkey. Cute turkey patterns on napkins and tables clothes can liven the party. In contrast, vintage cut-outs and turkey trinkets around the home will help people reminisce about Thanksgiving’s past, making the evening one of fun and meaningful memories.