11 Best Living Christmas Tree for The Ultimate Christmas Decorations

best living christmas tree

Christmas is just four weeks away!! So, it’s pretty obvious that you’ve already started your holiday decorations. The main thing in the Christmas decorations is- A CHRISTMAS TREE. So let’s talk about the best living Christmas tree that almost looks like a real Christmas tree.

This is the first thing we think about Christmas decorations. Right?? Without a Christmas tree, no Christmas decoration is complete. We all want a perfectly shaped, fullest, and most beautiful tree for our house. So, we all think a lot before buying the one. 

You’ll find thousands of options in the Christmas tree. An artificial tree has its own advantages, but what will be better than a real Christmas tree? The pleasing scent of a live Christmas tree will fill your house with the true festive vibes. Today we listed the best real Christmas tree, and it will help you in picking up the ideal type of tree for your ultimate Christmas decorations.

Below are 11 best living Christmas tree

 1. Balsam Fir

Balsam Fir

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Balsam Fir is in beautiful deep green color with airy and flexible branches. Because of that, its branches may not be able to hold heavy decorations. But it has attractive looking needles and an amazing fragrance. So, this Christmas, bring a Balasar Fir in your home as a Christmas tree. 

2. Colorado Blue Spruce

Colorado Blue Spruce

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This tree has pyramidical shape limbs on which you can hang ornaments. Branches are strong so it can carry heavy embellishments. Colorado Blue Spruce is famous for its blue foliage, which sometimes looks silvery. This tree doesn’t fit in your Christmas decorations if this year you didn’t include blue color in the theme of Christmas decorations. 

3. Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir

Source: rudolphschristmastrees.com

Douglas Fir is one of the best types of real Christmas trees. This wonderful tree has shiny soft green needles. If you cut this tree in perfect conical shape, you’ll face some difficulty in putting ornaments, because a shredded Douglas tree has less space between the branches. But after decorations, this tree will look mesmerizing. 

4. Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine

Source: christmaswarehouse.com.au

This pine tree has long, feathery needles, and because of this, it is not only used as a Christmas tree but also its foliages are used in making wreaths, centerpieces, and garlands. White pine needles last much longer when appropriately watered. You can face some difficulty in placing the embellishments because the branches and needles are too flexible. 

5. Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir

Source: intellectualhomes.com

Fraser fir will be the perfect live Christmas tree for your home. It has very attractive 1-inch needles, which are very soft to touch. Its long branches can hold big ornaments. Fraser fir will have excellent needle retention, as long as you take proper care of it. 

6. Grand Fir

Grand Fir

Source: christmastreesforyou.ca

This tree has glossy leaves with around 1-1.5 inches needles. Grand fir is very soft to touch, and you’re able to put heavier ornaments. A fascinating fact about this tree is that it grows up to 300 feet in height!! That’s why it is very popular in Americans homes.

7. Noble Fir

Noble Fir

Source: hammacher.com

Noble Fir has a deep green color leaves with lovely shapes, which makes it even prettier. It has sturdy branches and also doesn’t have sharp needles, so it is easy to decorate. Like the Fraser fir, it also has some spaces between the branches. 

8. Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce

Source: hl-treefarm.com

Norway Spruce is a beautiful tree, but the only thing about this tree that bothers is that it does not hold the needles for a longer time. Buy this tree only a week before Christmas. The National Christmas Tree Association notes that the “overall color of Norway spruce is fair to excellent, but needle retention is considered poor unless the trees are cut fresh and kept properly watered.”

9. Scotch Pine

Scotch Pine

Source: coldstreamfarm.net

Make sure that you wear gloves while handling this tree!! Why?? Because it has sharp needles (as sharp as pins!!) and you don’t wanna hurt yourself while decorating this tree. 

The National Christmas Tree Association notes, “the Scotch pine is known for its excellent needle retention and good keepability. It resists drying and, if permitted to become dry, does not drop its needles.”

10. White Fir 

White Fir 

Source: wordpress.com

White Fir or Concolor Fir has an astonishing fern green color foliage with a bluish-green tip. It has a pleasant fragrance and it will fill your home with a refreshing aroma.

11. White Spruce

White Spruce

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This tree has strong branches so you can hang heavy ornaments. White spruce has short blue-green needles, and they aren’t sharp but are stiff. They gave an unpleasant smell when you crushed them, so try to avoid this.

best living christmas tree 

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Always think before buying a real Christmas tree, like do you have enough space for a large tree, and will you be able to take care of it up to Christmas? Picking up the right Christmas tree is not an easy task; it takes a lot of effort. I hope these real living trees will give some help to you in selecting the best living Christmas tree. For more interesting and cool Christmas decorations, visit Interiorcraze