Be Prepared with the Best Boiler Maintenance Services Framingham, MA!

Boiler Maintenance Services Framingham MA

Whether it is deep freeze, snow days, or ordinary winter conditions, the weather in Framingham, MA can quickly change at any time. If you are aware of that, you should ensure to keep your boiler in smooth running status and also know about the issues that you may face. Here are some common boiler issues you should not neglect and if possible, correct them as early as possible by scheduling boiler maintenance services Framingham, MA

Boiler Maintenance Tip #1: Thermostat 

As several things are just accessible by simply pushing a button, it is necessary to focus on all equipment in your home and look for damage or wear and tear. In most cases, the boiler issues would not happen from the boiler itself. For example, a broken or old thermostat results in a cool temperature in the house. If you have a very old thermostat, you have to call a professional providing the best boiler maintenance services Framingham, MA, and ask for options like replacement or repair to maintain the things warm at home. 

Boiler Maintenance Services Framingham MA


Boiler Maintenance Tip #2: Condensate Pipe

Just like other machines, the boiler has to expel its waste. It means the boiler has to dispose of the run-off water over the condensate pipe. It may develop an issue when a part of the pipe remains visible to the outdoor area. Cold and water temperatures result in the formation of ice and it is something you have to take complete care of immediately. Some simple hacks to resolve the issue include utilizing warm water and thawing the frozen part. 

Boiler Maintenance Tip #3: Radiator

At times, the thermostat would be functioning fine. In this case, you would be wondering about the issue. Well, it is best to check the radiator’s status. When it is cool, that is when you touch it, it means it has permitted a little steam. It is referred to as bleeding the radiator. Though you are aware of the reason for the issue, it is not advised to resolve it on your own. You have to consult an engineer or technician who has experience in dealing with this problem. 

It may look like a small job but it involves certain complicated steps. You should start by using a cloth and radiator key to hold the water droplets. In most cases, bleeding the radiator is almost like pairing the key with the right valve. Once done, you should perform a half counter right-handed turn. This action releases some pressure and further, permits the radiator to function exactly to heat the existing room. If you want to get an idea about the process, you can check the tutorials or video demonstrations easily present online. 

Boiler Maintenance Services Framingham MA


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Frequently Asked Questions by First-Time Boiler Buyers!

What Are the Various Kinds of Boilers?

Boilers are available in three types. The traditional boilers come with a large tank and aids in heating and storing water. It is best for larger families and for families that have a high requirement for hot water. Combination boilers consist of the hot water tank and heating system but do not have the actual tank. It is compact and can be fixed even in a small space in a house. The system boilers consist of a tank and are mostly placed far from the unit that is in the outdoors. It aids in preventing the accumulation of extra space. 

Is It Necessary to Plan for Boiler Maintenance?

Yes. But you do not have to schedule very frequently as you imagine. The maintenance would mostly depend upon the kind of boiler you are owning. Certain boilers require a lot of maintenance because of their size and design. However, it is recommended to enquire a boiler repair expert about when to schedule for maintenance or the options that are sensible for your situation. On a rough note, boiler maintenance can be performed once in one or two years as it aids in ensuring that the parts are in the best status and running smoothly.

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