5 Key Factors to Consider When Buying a New Dining Set

Buying a New Dining Set

Out of all the furniture, appliances, and features in your kitchen or dining room, buying a new dining set is the most important since it is the centerpiece and key to creating a remarkable ambiance for everyone to feel at home.

The dining table, in particular, plays a significant role since it is where everyone sits down together to enjoy a meal. It is the perfect spot for families to talk about anything and catch up on how everyone is doing.

If you have young children, the dining area is another great place where the little ones can do their homework or work on their projects while you look after them as you prepare a meal.

The dining table is also where you can have brunch, a snack, or coffee with your friends and talk about anything under the sun.

Since buying a new dining set is a multifunctional collection of furniture that can also set the mood of your dining room, choosing the right one for your home is essential.

Shopping for the Perfect Dining Set

If you are buying a new dining set in the UAE, you can narrow down your options wisely and select the best one for your home by considering these key factors as you shop:

1. The Main Purpose of the Dinette Set

Knowing what you want to use your dining set for can help you narrow down your options.

Below are some of the primary purposes that you can list down for buying a new dining room set:

  • For everyday dining. A table and chairs that are durable and easy to clean should be your main priority if this is your primary purpose.
  • As an additional work desk. For this purpose, you’ll want a dining table with a sturdy and hard-wearing surface and spacious enough for laptops, books, notebooks, etc.
  • As the hub of your home. The dining set should be able to bring people together in a warm and welcoming environment.
  • For special gatherings or occasions. An elegant-looking table, preferably with extensions, and stylish chairs are your best options for impressing your guests.

2. The Space Available for the Set

Buying a New Dining Set

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The area where you will put your dining set is another important element you have to consider when shopping for one.

To get this process right, follow these steps:

  • Measure your dining area’s or kitchen’s length and width.
  • Subtract six feet from both these measurements to allow for a three-foot clearance around the table and have enough space for anyone to walk behind the dining chairs without bumping into anything.
  • Take note of this measurement and use it as the maximum recommended size for your dining table. For example, if you have a 12-by-14-foot dining space, the ideal dinette table should be six by eight feet.

By getting a table of the right size, you will have furniture that elevates the look and ambiance in your dining room. Moreover, your set will be functional and not something that can cause you, your family, and guests annoyance and frustration.

3. The Number of People Who Will Use the Dining Set Regularly

Aside from the space available for the dinette set, ensure you get the right table size and number of chairs by considering the number of people who will use them frequently.

If there are only two or three of you living in your home, a two-seater table with three to four chairs is your best option, especially if your dining area or kitchen is not too spacious.

However, if your household has four to six members, getting a table that seats six is a great idea; particularly if you have space, so that you can always have room for everyone and your guests.

Lastly, if you have a spacious dining room, a six-to-eight-seater table will be a great addition to this area.

4. The Interior Style of Your Home

Similar to shopping for living room furniture in Dubai, you also have to ensure your dining set complements your home’s interior and does not clash with it.

As such, consider your home’s interior style or theme when shopping for your dinette set.

If you have a contemporary or modern interior, you would do well to opt for a white or black dining table and chairs with sleek lines and maybe black or white in color.

If you live in an industrial apartment; a dinette set that combines metal and wood will work well with your current interior design.

In both interior styles, a square or rectangular table will give the dining room a more modern feel and look.

If your interior is classic or Victorian, aim to consider a dining set with decorative moldings and carvings. A round or oval table will also make the room cohesive.

5. Sturdiness and Comfort of the Dining Set

Buying a New Dining Set

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A dining set is one of the most expensive collections of furniture you will buy. Because of this, you have to ensure you choose one that lasts long and everyone is comfortable using it.

First, make sure the dinner table is sturdy. If you want a wooden one, the most durable materials are mahogany, maple, oak, and walnut.

Marble is another strong material that is great for a dining table. Because of its appearance, it also makes the room more elegant.

If you have an industrial or contemporary interior style, a metal dining table is an excellent idea. It works with your décor and they are sturdy, durable, and stain-resistant as well.

To check the durability of the furniture, when shopping at brick-and-mortar stores; try leaning on the dining table and check if it is level. Also, check that it does not wobble when you hold or apply weight to it.

Also, sit on the chairs. Ensure they are level and do not shake when you are seated.

Additionally, make sure the chairs are comfortable. They should be soft enough that anyone sitting on them won’t feel any discomfort or pain, even for long periods.

Lastly, check that the chairs provide sufficient lumbar support; so that no one will hurt their back even if they stay for a long time at the dining table.

Selecting the right dining set takes a lot of time, particularly if you consider these key elements. However, you need to look into these aspects if you want to be sure you are investing in furniture that you can use and love for years.