4 Signs That You Already Need to Have Your Carpet Cleaned

carpet cleaning

Carpet maintenance is something that most people miss out on. Most people fail to schedule carpet cleaning and get shocked when they feel weirdly clueless about having guests come over when their carpet looks so dirty and dull. Carpets greatly affect the overall atmosphere of your household so this should never be the case. 

If you’re one of the many people who don’t get to schedule professional cleanups and have yet to devise a way to fit carpet cleaning into your schedule, then this article is for you. You won’t need to schedule anything at all with this guide. This guide will simply tell you to go ahead and contact professional cleaners once any of these four signs appear:

1) It’s been a year since you had it cleaned.

A carpet needs to be professionally cleaned at least once a year. If it’s been a year or years (!) since you last had it professionally cleaned, it’s time to contact your local carpet cleaners. Your carpet collects so much dirt in a year and it can only be effectively cleaned by skilled experts with the right tools and solutions. Having your carpet regularly cleaned by professionals will ensure that it will last for many years.

2) It looks dull.

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Your carpet is a staple aspect of your household so it’s hard to notice slight changes in its color and shade. You see it every day so it’s impossible to notice slight differences by the day. This is why owners simply get shocked by how dirty-looking their carpet could become all of a sudden. To avoid this, you should do a furniture check. Do this by simply moving one piece of furniture over the carpet. By moving it, you’d see if the carpet underneath is cleaner, lighter, or fluffier. You’d get to clearly compare it with surrounding carpet fibers. If the difference is grave, it’s time to have your carpets professionally cleaned!

3) People are starting to have allergic reactions.

Dirty carpets cause mild to intense allergic reactions. The more dander and dust your carpet has collected, the more intense your allergic reactions would be. If you’ve been having more allergic reactions and it’s not even caused by the change in the weather, then it’s time to look for number one carpet cleaners in Ellenbrook

4) There are stains.

Stains from pets, inks, spills, oils, and dirty shoes that just won’t seem to go away need to be handled by professional cleaners. If you have stains that just won’t give in to your DIY hacks it’s best to simply contact professional cleaners. Going overboard in cleaning it might do more harm than good. Some carpet cleaning DIY tricks are truly effective while some can easily damage your carpet. To avoid further harm, stop sweating it and simply call a local professional carpet cleaner.

But then again, there’s a totally different group of signs that will tell you something, more than professional cleaning, is necessary. If you’re already seeing the following signs, it may be time for you to buy a brand new carpet:

1) Presence of permanent stains

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You should know that it’s time to buy a new carpet if you have permanent stains that even professional cleaners can’t handle. These kinds of stains are impossible to remove because they have already gone deep into the carpet’s very fiber. Stains that have mold and mildew build-up are hard to recover from. If you’ve experienced this, you may need to consider buying a new carpet.

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2) It’s smelly

If your carpet is smelling off, it’s a sign that it already needs to be replaced. This is especially the case when it’s been professionally cleaned and it still smells. To rid yourself of the hassle of having to figure out what the problem is and looking for different local cleaners who can solve the smelly mystery, simply opt to buy a new one.

3) Visible wear and tear

If there’s so much rip and tear in your carpet and you’re already having a hard time figuring out how to place your furniture to hide the damage, then it’s probably time to let it go. Small rips will only get bigger and bigger through time. If it can be fixed, repair it instantly. But if the damage is too big, spare yourself the stress by simply opting for a better replacement.

4) Worn out pads

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Bad padding is the end of the road with carpets. If a carpet’s padding is bad, no amount of cleaning can save it. This is the case because paddings are the very thing that makes your carpet comfortable and warm to walk on. If they’ve given up and they’ve absorbed too many spills and stains, your carpet will already end up smelly and not comfortable to walk on. When this happens, you’d know that it’s time to replace your carpet with a new one.

5) It’s over ten years old

The older a carpet gets, the harder it would be to clean it. All carpets start to lose their luster and texture after 8 to 10 years of use. This is the case even if you maintain it well and have it cleaned professionally every single year. Replacement need not be instant in some cases as professional cleaners can truly still extend your carpet’s life. But if it’s been over a decade and your carpet already feels different, then you should seriously consider buying a new one.