10 Eccentric Colors That Go With The Purple For An Exceptional Place

colors that go with purple

While designing or renovating a place, the most confusing thing is to decide which color to go for? While blue held the crown of being the most favorite color among the interior designers and people around the world, purple wasn’t liked by many. So decide now which colors that go with purple.

Purple is no doubt the perplexing color. Either you love it or hate it, there’s no in-between. Every color has shades, so does purple, from eggplant purple (the darkest shade of purple) to lavender (the lightest shade of purple).

Do you know what purple color signifies? It combines the calm stability of the blue and fierce nature of the red, making it an extravagant color. It is often linked with royalty, dignity, wealth, ambition, independence, pride, mystery, in short, every good quality of both males and females. 

If you don’t like purple, then there might be a common reason for it being feminine color. But that’s a myth. To be honest, it is a neutral color that can go with both masculine and feminine characters. The different shades of it can satisfy any need of yours, be it bold or timid.

And if you are already in love with purple then the bothering factor is about the colors that go with purple. If it would be blue, black, or white you would have already picked up the companion color.

But now as it is purple, don’t think much and follow us. Here we have mentioned few best combinations of colors that go with the purple. But before that, what colors go with purple? Light? Dark? Pale? Bright? 

The answer is almost every color!

Be it your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or you have just opted purple for the furniture and accessories, you will get to know about every single color in the following article.

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Yellow and Purple Bedroom


source: pinterest.com

This loft bedroom has incorporated purple (lilac) color in the bedsheet. And here the color that compliments purple is yellow. The white walls and purple as an accent is the best option for you if you are playing with the colors for the finalization. And to blend everything they the blinds and accessories have been selected keeping in mind the purple-yellow combination.

You can also play with the shades of yellow and purple together like mustard and eggplant purple, lime yellow, and lavender, etc.

Let P² Rule the Room (Pink & Purple)

Pink bedroom

source: wallpapercave.com

This cute bedroom is full of pink and purple, where the purple is the base color and white & pink are the supplementary colors. A pink rug on the white floor is complementing best and furniture is at the best color combination too!  The theme of a room seems to be lovey-dovey and so the hardware and wall decor are based on hearts and flowers.

Sophisticated Grey and Purple Living Room

Grey Living Room

source: dd-restaurant.ru

Amethyst is a deep shade of lavender and has a sophisticated look. Enhance the look of your living room by adding grey to the color palette. The transparent purple and grey color with the touch of gold and lime green is giving the modern look to the living room. Get the best light fixture to illuminate the room.

Green and Purple Kitchen

Green Kitchen

source: decorablog.com

Bold colors in the kitchen are new in trend. And for the kitchen, colors that compliment the purple are the shades of green. Be it olive green, mint green, lime green or any green, it will definitely go with any of the shade of purple. 

Like this one, here the designer has opted for a two-tone color palette. The wall of the kitchen is painted in purple and furniture is of green color, to blend both the colors he has used kitchen wall sticker as wild card entry.

Bronze Frames on Purple Wall

Bronze Frames on Wall

source: onshopdeals.com

Be it your office area or living room, the plain wall is undoubtedly borning. Add the quirk to your place with the bronze wall art on the purple wall. The focal point will your guest go aww.

Black and Purple Industrial Living Room

Black Industrial Living Room

source: flickr.com

Look at this industrial living room, the combination of black and purple is lifting the outlook of the entire room. And the pinch of gold accessories and antique furniture is complementing the views.

Shiny Silver and Lilac Bedroom

colors that go with purple

source: parecen.co

The luxurious bedroom with lilac color gives your bedroom a fresh ambiance. And make it look royal and elegant the combination of silver and gold is used. Silver bedsheets and rugs are complementing the lilac color and gold furniture and frames are blending everything perfectly.

Orange and Purple Children’s Room

colors that go with purple

source: pinterest.com

What nature describes children? Playful? Colorful? Creative? Yes, all these are the terms that describe the nature of children and this all should be combined in their room too. This one is the perfect example for it, the blend of purple and orange is all you want to go for!

Taupe and Purple Front Porch

colors that go with purple

source: ebay.com

The exterior of the house is as important as the interior. The first image is through the exterior only. Look at the image the combination of purple door and taupe walls makes it more beautiful!

Blue and Purple Heaven

colors that go with purple

source: pinterest.com

Blue represents luxury and royalty. The bedroom with a purple and blue color palette as in bedsheets and decoratives. White walls are making the color palette look more beautiful and functional. Other colors that you can go for are duck-egg blue, teal, and dark blue.

Other colors or elements that go with the purple are wood, cream, red or any shade of purple itself. Look at the following images for the inspiration:

colors that go with purple

source: homestratosphere.com

colors that go with purple

source: homedit.com

colors that go with purple

source: apppie.org

colors that go with purple

source: pinterest.de

colors that go with purple

source: stevewilliamskitchens.co.uk

Paint Your House Purple:

These are the colors that go with purple and will make your house majestic. Take inspiration and paint your house purple. For more ideas on decorating the interior, visit Interiorcraze.