What Are the Best Design Trends for Commercial Outdoor Furniture?

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With a pleasant season and warmer months just around the corner, an outdoor seating arrangement can be a valuable addition for any restaurant. Moreover, with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the focus on outdoor dining has become more prominent than ever. Whether you are remodeling your restaurant’s balcony or transforming its patio, click here to get the perfect commercial outdoor furniture, it helps to create a relaxing, long-lasting atmosphere. 

Ideally, your patio furniture should be durable, practical, functional, affordable, trendy, easy to maintain, and resistant to extreme weather conditions. Finding outdoor restaurant furniture that meets all these criteria might appear intimidating and confusing.  However, you can create a welcoming outdoor dining area for your customers with a bit of planning and research. Read on to know about the trends you must follow while buying the commercial outdoor furniture for your restaurant or bar.

Plan Your Outdoor Space Well:

outdoor restaurant furniture

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Irrespective of your restaurant’s type, design, location, ambiance, etc., its outdoor space is limited. To make the most of your restaurant’s outdoor space, ask yourself these questions:

How Many Tables Do You Want to Fit?

As an owner, you would want to maximize the number of tables to generate revenues. However, leave a sufficient gap between tables for the movement of your staff and customers.

What Type of Ambiance Do You Want to Create?

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You might want to take the indoor seating ambiance outdoors as it creates a cohesive, transition-less design. Alternately, you can create a fresh look with a different theme for outdoor dining.

Do You Want Live Food Counters or Bars?

There is an unparalleled joy in watching the food being prepared as the irresistible aroma fills the outdoor area. Moreover, a portable bar along the poolside can be a great way to generate revenue. 

What Are the Emerging Design Trends for Outdoor Restaurant Furniture?

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1. A Mix of Modern and Retro Style

Get a timeless appearance by combining traditional furniture with modern styles. Such a unique, layered design calls for a visually appealing setup that is bold yet comfortable, glamourous yet cozy. One way to achieve this trendy look is by clubbing monotone, neutral furniture with bright and colorful pillows or cushions. Symmetric designs, geometric patterns, textured wallpapers, neon lighting, etc., are some design elements that blend effortlessly with this style.

2. Keep It Uncluttered

As minimalism continues to gain popularity in 2021, go for clean, pure lines and luxurious outdoor furniture. Subtle curves and finishes in the furniture add sophistication and class to the outdoor space. While white continues to be the most sought-after color for fabric, you can use vibrant, bright colors for contrast. Organic, natural materials like jute, rattan, bamboo, etc., are other trendy outdoor restaurant design ideas.

3. Classic, Trendy Furniture

From expressive colors like red or fluorescent orange to earthy shades of browns or green, transform your backyard with contemporary furniture. Metallic furniture, made from wrought iron or steel, is easy to pair with wood and creates an aesthetic outdoor seating arrangement.

Moreover, they are durable and heavy enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. From cocoon armchairs to bamboo huts, from cane chairs to gravity swing sofa, you can choose from plenty of options for a stylish makeover.

4. Curved Shapes

If you have a spacious patio, go for curved furniture to add comfort, elegance, class, and beauty. Curved shapes are ideal for lobby or reception areas as they give a sense of community by encouraging conversation among your guests.

Moreover, well-rounded furniture has a soothing and relaxing effect on your guests. Simple, elegant commercial outdoor furniture made from wood is in demand as it does not involve harmful chemicals during manufacturing or refining.

5. Outdoor Restaurant Furniture with Minimal Luxury

Outdoor furniture with classic shapes and precise detailing combines minimalism with luxury for an unbeatable dining experience. For example, you can use metal furniture made from wrought iron or copper for a distinctive appearance. You can blend this furniture with other design elements made from glass or concrete to create an industrial, minimalistic atmosphere with a rustic charm. 

Outdoor Dining Ideas for Restaurant

outdoor dining ideas for restaurant

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Now that you are aware of some of the latest design trends for commercial outdoor furniture, here are some outdoor restaurant seating ideas:

  • A buffet table is a sensible way to declutter the outdoor dining table. More importantly, it encourages interaction amongst your guests and creates an informal, carefree atmosphere. 
  • If yours is a rooftop or hilltop restaurant, create a unique dining experience by utilizing the landscape and maximizing the view. Even if you don’t have beautiful scenery around, you can use small plants, flowers, etc., at the dining tables.
  • At nights, use earthen lamps, outdoor lightings, or candles to create an intimate ambiance.
  • A small pool can be a crowd puller for any outdoor dining setup. From barbecue get-togethers to pool parties, a well-maintained pool can be a profitable prospect for your restaurant.
  • During sunny days, use outdoor shades or umbrellas to offer a comfortable dining experience. 
  • The aroma of food is bound to attract flies or insects to the outdoor dining area, especially during the nights. You can use nets as curtains or install insect catchers to limit their presence in the vicinity.
  • If your restaurant is in a region that faces extreme weather conditions, consider portable outdoor furniture. For example, lightweight, stackable chairs are easy to move and store during off-seasons.

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While restaurant owners pay attention to every minute detail of their restaurant’s interior design, they often tend to overlook the outdoors. Rather than considering them an additional investment, think of patio furniture as a unique opportunity to offer a stylish yet comfortable dining experience for your guests and stay ahead of your competitors.

Moreover, by buying commercial outdoor furniture wholesale from a reputed supplier, you can save big on bulk discounts and get custom designs.

At times where the safety of your guests is paramount, a peaceful, stress-free dining experience is the need of the hour. This article highlights some of the emerging design trends for commercial outdoor furniture. Hopefully, by taking notes from this design guide, you will be able to pique the interest of your customers yet again for a safe and appealing outdoor dining experience.

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