5 Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips: Make Your Roof Last Longer

Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

You have invested money in your commercial roof, and for sure, you would want it to last long. Well, regular maintenance can keep your roof strong and in great condition. Also, it will prevent premature roof failure. So, it is indispensable to maintain your roof in order to prevent any unexpected damages and untimely replacements. That being said, timely repairs of any issues, even minor damage, should be considered urgent. Here’s the rundown of five commercial roof maintenance tips that enhance the life span of your commercial roofing.

1. Keep a Detailed Maintenance Log

It is a smart approach to keep a detailed record of your commercial property. In case you change your building manager, you will have a record or can say the history of activity such as the roof plan, last inspection, maintenance, and equipment installation, which you can give to that person.

In fact, if you get a replacement, repair, or silicone roof coating done, then you will have documentation of when and why it was done.

The record will help your new roof contractor to understand the A to Z of your roof. Apart from this, keep track of who, when, and why someone visited on the roof. Also, take notes and pictures of any damage.  That said, document everything. 

2. Check for Post Storm Damage

Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

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You do your best to maintain the roof and try to protect it from damages. But despite your efforts, damage can happen, and the storm is one of the culprits. Severe weather like storms can tear shingles off the roof, and heavy hail can flake shingles.

If you have metal roofing, then furious rain can lead to rust, and strong gusts of wind can create a dent on the surface. No doubt, storms can give you a terrible experience as they result in damaging your property. But as it is natural, what you can do is to stay vigilant after storms.

Check your roof and evaluate if there are any signs of damages. If you notice even minor damage, don’t delay in repairing roofing system. If you ignore the small cracks, then there are chances that these damages will get worse over time. So, be extra cautious after storms. 

3. Get Your Roof Inspected Every Six Months

For this, you need a professional commercial roofer who can walk through and inspect your roof every six months. A roofer will be able to detect any undetected leaks, cracks, or weak spots.

Regular inspections will help discover minor issues and you must get them repair before they become worse. By doing so, you’ll be able to prevent potential disasters and improve the life of your roof. Also, you will be able to determine the structural integrity and performance of your building’s roof.

So, get your roof inspecting bi-annually by a reliable contractor. Not to mention, record everything you encounter during the inspection. 

4. Regularly Check and Unclog Drains and Gutters

Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

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Sometimes leaves, debris, and dust pile up around the drains, and this results in blockages. When it comes to gutters, they will lead to mildew, mold, and other issues. Drains and gutters are the imperative components of your roofing system. So these must check regularly and thoroughly. If they are blocked, have them unclogged without any delay.

If there are big trees around, then you may trim the leaves or prune the overhanging branches to prevent them from collecting on your roof. Well, this is one of the issues with roofs that are flat. Moreover, if these blockages are not taken care of, the roof may accumulate water and overflow. 

5. Act Promptly If Your Roof Needs a Repair

Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

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This is one of the most important commercial roof maintenance tips for keeping your roof lasts for years. If you notice any leakage, cracks, or any other minor damage, seek professional help. The roofing professional will perform a thorough inspection and will do the necessary repairs or replacements. Also, the roofer will determine the health of the roof and provide you maintenance plans as well as suggestions to protect and improve the life of your roof. 

Bonus Tips

  • If your commercial roof is flat, make sure to sweep it to remove the debris. Never apply pressure washing on your roof as the pressure will exert water under tiles, resulting in forming molds on the roof.
  • Check all vents, flashing, decking, etc. Contact your roofer if you notice any visible signs of rust, rotting, corrosion, or any other wear and tear.
  • Make sure there is no faulty equipment on your roof as unsealed vents, leaky air conditions, etc., can lead to severe issues. 

Final Words

It is vital to keep your commercial roof up to date and in great shape. If the roof functions well, you will have peace of mind. So, keep your roof clear and clean as it will save you money on costly roof repairs or roof replacement. Further, you won’t have to deal with roofing emergencies. Above mentioned commercial roof maintenance tips will not only act as a preventative measure but as a shield for your roof, which will make it last longer.