Where to Source the Coolest Rugs in Dubai?

Coolest Rugs in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most elegant & versatile cities. No matter what you are looking for, you can go and search for anything in Dubai. Considering the rug collection, you’ll surely find a masterpiece here.  Well, if you are not from Dubai, then you don’t have any idea about where to source the coolest rugs in Dubai? No worries, now you’ll know!

Adding rugs in homes is the most trending interior design theme. For expert interior designers, rugs are the most essential interior designing element as they connect the overall home decor. But this is the case only if you have found the best blending and complementing rug for your space. 

Here’s where the actual problem exists: due to the abundance of brands offering rugs with distinctive qualities, people are unable to find the best piece for their spaces. We are here with a concise list of reputable brands that are offering high-quality and coolest Rugs Dubai. Reading this article will make you knowledgeable about the services, contact details, and of course the exciting features of rugs they offer. But, before we move ahead, let’s just give you an idea of the coolest rugs’ prices in Dubai. 

Estimated Rugs Prices in Dubai

Price Range Size & Features 
$20 to $100
  • Small and light in weight (about 2×3 ft.)
  • Synthetic, machine-made substance
  • The style is simple and straightforward (typically a solid color)
  • Kitchen/Bathroom rug or accent rug
  • It’s ideal for an entryway where visitors may clean their shoes.
$100 to $400
  • Weight is heavier and larger.
  • Synthetic, machine-made substance
  • In terms of pattern, color, and style, it’s more fashionable.
  • Great for living areas, bedrooms, and basements.
$400 to $4,000
  • A big (about 8×10 ft.)
  • Near $2,000 is where “handwoven and hand textured words start to emerge)
  • Patterns, colors, and designs are stylish.
$4,000 +
  • Large\Handmade/Handwoven
  • Design that is artistic or distinctive
  • A topic of discussion (not something to wipe your feet on)
  • Typically seen informal spaces and master bedrooms.

4 Best Brands to Source the Coolest Rugs in Dubai

1. Rugdubai.com

Coolest Rugs in Dubai

Source: rugdubai.com

Website Rugsdubai.com
Address Fixit design carpet and curtains Showroom number 33, Al Quoz 1st
Contact Details Ph#   +971544366566

Email: [email protected]

Offers Sisal Rugs, Shaggy Rugs, Outdoor Rugs, Modern Rugs & More Customized Rugs & Carpets

Rugs Dubai, no.1 brand for offering all varieties of rugs. This is a fantastic place to source high-quality modern yet traditional or retro rugs. They have got an exclusive collection of rugs with infinite style and design options. They work on the customization method and design rugs on perfect consumer specifications.

The best thing about them is the comfort of ordering free swatches for checking the quality. No matter which type of rug you choose you can ask for the sample and then confirm your order. 

They are great at designing every inch of rugs with proper attention and never let the customer get disappointed. Professional handicrafts are hired to design high-end premium quality rugs. They are handy in designing all types of rugs. So no matter what type of order for rugs they receive they provide the best piece of rug. 

Not only this they are great for delivering your required product to your doorstep and also getting your rug installed. They have been appreciated by a number of customers for their in-home & after-sales services. 


  • Best Customer Services
  • Free Doorstep Delivery
  • Accurate Installation Services
  • Cost-effective rugs
  • Customized Rugs on perfect measurements
  • Free samples & free quotation


  • No website chat supported

Customer Reviews

Look at the words of appreciation for them!

“ Appreciable services, on-time delivery with the perfect rug that I have ordered. My favorite rugs are made perfectly to my preferences. I am happy with my purchase. Highly recommended! “

“ The rug is so perfectly finished with a neat & tidy look. I just received my area rug for the living room & I am just loving it. The awesome color combination perfectly fits my space. Great Work! ‘

2. Carpeter.ae

Coolest Rugs in Dubai

Source: carpeter.ae

Website Carpeter.ae
Address Carpeter Trading L.L.C Al Quoz, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Contact Details Ph#  +447934354660

Email: [email protected]

Offers Rugs, Carpets, Flooring, Curtains & Blinds Services

Carpeter.ae is a well-known rugs brand for offering high-quality vintage rugs in classic designs. The style, design, color, and size varieties are infinite. No matter what your design preferences are, you are sure to find the one up to your needs. They are a great rugs designer, manufacturer, and supplier in Dubai.

The great thing to mention about this fantastic brand is that each rug available at their store is perfectly made using the latest techniques and premium quality material. The whole stock of material is sourced from reputable traders around the world. Their rugs are highly durable, reliable, and resistant to any type of wear and tear. Moreover, the color of the rug you have purchased from carpeter.ae will never fade. 

You’ll be delighted to know that any type of shaggy, sisal, jute, or wool rug you’ll love to buy is not too costly. This brand is known for its customization facility, if you are exceptional in your needs for adding a rug in your bedroom or living room then you must consider ordering your rug from them.

You can place your order online from anywhere and let them know your specifications. You’ll get your desired rug with it 3 -5 working days after manufacturing exactly on your threshold. 


  • Discount vouchers available on the website
  • Customized ​​carpet pieces
  • Free quote and consultation
  • Reasonable installation services 


  • Fewer Products & Services as compared to others on the list

Customer Reviews

What satisfied customers review about them! 

“ impressive! Very efficient and quick service. The customer service consultant was very keen to know my requirements and I have got the exact rug of my choice. I’ll surely experience them again! “

“ I was looking to buy a natural sisal rug that is high-quality and I found it on carpeter.ae. The rug is so natural to look at and adorned my space with a real touch of a traditional masterpiece. Really love the quality!”

3. Livingwithwhite.com

Coolest Rugs in Dubai

Source: livingwithwhite.com

Website Livingwithwhite.com
Address Living With White LLC

Sheikh Zayed Road Al Qouz First Behind

BMW/AGMC 4th Street Showroom No 33

Contact Details Ph#   +971544366566

Email: [email protected]

Offers Rugs, Flooring, Curtains & Blinds Modern Rugs & More Customized Rugs & Carpets services.

For those looking to add exceptional visual appeal with classic, contemporary, retro, or modern rugs, don’t go anywhere other than livingwithwhite.com. The quality of the rugs is unique like the name of the brand. 

They sell highly intuitive rugs that add value to any space. Each of their rugs like shaggy rug, small or large area rug, a sisal rug, or other synthetic fiber rugs are exceptionally made with the classic touch of elegance & sophistication. They stock the finest collection of rugs with the latest trending design and style options. 

You can get your desired rugs that meet all your specifications. They stock high qua1ity rugs for every space like living room rugs, bedroom rugs, stair runners and3 many more varieties, you can check on online websites. You can check a lot of rug designs there and will surely find one for you! A huge number of satisfied customers are there to support them due to their high-end services.


  • They offer a number of discounts often 
  • Rugs are perfectly made to measure. 
  • Quotations and consultation are their best services
  • Installation services at a reasonable cost
  • Consultation is provided without charge.


  • No website chat supported

Customer Reviews

Read about the customers’ reviews! 

“ Excellent service, prompt delivery, and the beautiful rug that I purchased. My favorite carpets are custom-made to my specifications. I’m satisfied with my purchase. It comes highly recommended! “

“The rug is superbly weaver,  having a neat and sleek appearance. I just got my bedroom rug and I absolutely love it. The fantastic color scheme is ideal for my room. ‘Excellent work!’

4. Fixitdesign.ae

Coolest Rugs in Dubai

Source: fixitdesign.ae

Website fixitdesign.ae
Address Fix It Design

Carpet And Curtains Trading L.L.C

Sheikh Zayed Road Al Qouz First Behind

BMW/AGMC 4th Street Showroom No 33

Contact Details Ph#   +971 55 472 2980

           +971 50 637 9229

Email: [email protected]

           [email protected]

Offers Artificial Grass, Painting, Accessories, Carpets, Flooring, Curtains & Customized Rugs services

Now let’s consider the one best interior designing company which is Fixit Design. If you want to fix your interior solutions then, they provide the best rugs. Fixit design comes to your place and gives free doorstep services, which are going to be done for you. 

With the best rug designing experience, you will get the best rug that you can get from any other organization. These are the best interior design companies, offering the best solutions. They don’t just aim to complete the task in fact they keep proper attention to detail and design exclusive rug designs. 

They always make sure to satisfy their customers with the best quality and services. So, customer support is crucial for them. You can get any type of traditional, contemporary, modern or antique rugs. They can deliver rugs exactly to your doorstep. So, you can order any of your desired rugs.


  • On-time, high-quality customer service Deliveries at your front door
  • Services for Accurate Installation
  • Rugs that are affordable
  • Rugs made to order based on exact measurements
  • Free samples and quotes are available upon request.


  • No website chat supported
  • Limited samples are available online.

Customer Reviews

Know about their customers’ comments on qua1ity and services!

“ outstanding product qua1ity the rugs look so properly manufactured. It looks so appealing in my living room. My favorite rugs are made perfectly up to my preferences. Highly recommended! “

“ appreciated! The rug material is so soft and durable.  It feels so comfortable underfoot. I am just loving my area rug. Really got what I am actually wondering for. Keep it up, good work! “

Things to Consider Before Your Decide to Source Rug from Any Company

Coolest Rugs in Dubai

Source: vogue.com

Choosing a new rug is more than just locating a reasonably priced rug that compliments your furniture and décor. Choose your new rug carefully since it will become an important and useful element of your home décor. Let’s take a look at some of the considerations you should make when purchasing a new rug.

Your Own Sense of Style

Before you go choosing your rug, you must look for the design or style you actually need to add to your home decor. You must be aware of your sense of style to buy the best rug for your place.  

Cleaning and Care of the Rug

Cleaning and maintenance are prime factors to think about when choosing any type of rug. If you don’t have much time for the maintenance or cleaning of the rug then consider going for a low maintenance rug. 

How the Rug Will Be Used?

The purpose of adding must be cleared before. It actually means whether you just need to place a rug as a designing piece or it’ll have to bear considerable foot traffic. Your kids and pets will play on it or not or anything else. 

The Room in Which Rug Will Go In

Rugs are specifically designed to fit different interior themes in the room. The rug will be in a different design, style, and size if you want to use it in the living room and the same is for the bedroom, child room, or guest room. So, make it clear which room you are buying the coolest rugs in Dubai. 

Consider Rug Pile

Do consider the rug pile. Whether you need a high pile or low pile rug. This consideration also connects with the room where you need to add a rug. For low traffic areas go for a low pile rug. Or for high traffic areas go for a high pile rug. 

The Size of the Rug

The size of the rug matters a lot. Considering the space parameters, you decide the rug size and it should look perfectly fitted in the room. It’s better to hire a professional to let you know about the correct rug or carpet installation in your room. 

Rug Matches the Room’s Decor

Last but not the least, you must choose the coolest rugs in Dubai that completely blends with your room decor. A rug can connect the whole decor or make it look out of order. So choose the rug that perfectly matches the home decor

Final Words!

Everyone has their own specific design needs. Knowing about the great places to find the best product up to the perfect specifications is great. To make your rug purchase easy for you we have listed 4 top brands from where you can source the coolest rugs in Dubai ?. You can go through the facts, figures, and services to decide where you should buy a rug from. 

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Are Rugs Good For?

A rug can last for 5 to 10years. But it all depends on the quality of the rug, if the rug is made up of low-quality material then it may not last long but a high-quality rug can stand up to good condition for 5 – 10years. 

2. How Much of a Room Should Be Covered by a Rug?

Most commonly rugs are placed in the center leaving almost 8 – 24 inches from all 4 sides.  But for smaller areas, you can consider less, but leaving an equal space is a must to give your room visual appeal. 

3. Should Your Rug Match Your Couch?

The most blending rugs create a cohesive space. You must consider a complimenting rug that surely matches your sofa or couch. 

4. What Does 8 by 10 Mean for a Rug?

8 by 10 for a rug means that your rug size is 8 feet by 10 feet. It basically refers to the size of the rug. usually, this size of the rug is used in the living room or master bedroom that are considerably larger than other areas in the home.