A Helpful Guide on How to Decorate Your Home with Plantation Shutters

Decorate Your Room with Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have become one of the most preferred window treatments in Australia. They are versatile, reliable, durable, and offer superior longevity. Furthermore, they offer a good level of light and privacy control. They look classic and timeless and serve the core purpose brilliantly. Once you have decided to add plantation shutters in Adelaide, the next thing is to install them. Thankfully, most plantation shutter manufacturers or suppliers have a team of expert installers who will ensure the accurate installation of shutters at your home. You can decorate your room with Custom-made plantation shutters so that you will give a new aesthetic appeal to the home.

They blend perfectly with any existing decor of the room and set the right ambiance. However, many homeowners don’t know how to decorate their plantation shutters to make the room more vibrant and classic. There are many ideas you can explore to decorate your room with plantation shutters. In this post, we will discuss some of them to make your room appealing and enthralling. 

Do the colors of your plantation shutters affect the decor of your room?

Mostly, homeowners buy plantation shutters with white, cream, and stained colors. These are the three most popular color choices when it comes to plantation shutters. There are many combinations that you can explore here. For example, white stained shutters pair amazingly with basswood, and white shutters look good with yellow poplar wood. 

However, some homeowners ask for unique colors or woods to match with their home decor. When you determine the colors of shutters, you need to remember that white or cream shades will brighten your room. Also, bright colors with sunlight will give a radiant, light feel to the room. If you have blue or grey walls, this combination is perfect for you. 

White plantation shutters are considered timeless and perfectly complement any existing home decor. They can blend with modern decor, rustic decor, and others and offer a classic feel. 

On the other hand, stained hardwood window plantation shutters have an exquisite look with warm paint colors. It will create a cozy atmosphere in the room and will add some drama to the room. They will serve the core purpose brilliantly if you want your room to be interactive and dramatic. 

Faux Wood and Other Plantation Shutters 

Decorate Your Room with Plantation Shutters

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Many other types of plantation shutters are available in the market, such as plastic shutters, faux wood shutters, and many more. However, investing in those shutters is not recommended as these shutters will fail to offer the same authentic style and value as real hardwood plantation shutters. Even if it costs you less, we recommend ignoring those offers as nothing would add much value to your home than basswood plantation shutters.

Combining Plantation Shutters with Other Fabric Window Treatments 

Yes, it is also in trend, and even some home designers recommend it to add a brilliant visual effect to the room. Mostly, white plantation shutters are paired with colorful drapery panels or curtains to create a dramatic effect.

You can also go for lace or sheer fabrics with the plantation shutters to make it more vibrant and bright. You can explore such options, but discuss with your interior designer first. Also, ensure that the combination complements the existing home decor and does not disturb it.

The Effect of Light from Plantation Shutters on the Room Design 

Decorate Your Room with Plantation Shutters

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Yes, plantation shutters can change the room design and create an illusion of having a room larger. Plantation shutters will make your room cozy and spacious when you install them perfectly. 

How to Decorate Your Room with Plantation Shutters?

Decorate Your Room with Plantation Shutters

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There are many ways to make your room aesthetic, appealing, and charming. You can hang art pieces, hang photographs, add furniture or shelving in the room and explore other home design ideas to make your room a beautiful space. 

Installing plantation shutters has nothing to do with your room decor. You can consider it as a standard room and decorate usually. Also, you can use the color, type, and location of the shutters to decorate your room and coordinate furniture items. 

You can also consider choosing furniture items with the same color as stained shutters or adding white pillows or blankets that match with white indoor plantation shutters.

The choices are limitless when you want to explore decorative ideas for your living room or bedroom. However, the installation of plantation shutters does not restrict you to explore more ideas. 


Plantation shutters in Adelaide are versatile, flexible, durable, and superior to other window treatments. They are the perfect addition to your home and will serve the core purpose brilliantly. The main beauty of plantation shutters is that they can blend with any existing home decor. You can explore many other home decoration ideas around plantation shutters and make your room beautiful.