11 Tips for Decorating a Teenagers Bedroom

Decorating a Teenagers Bedroom

Decorating a teenager’s bedroom can be tricky (just as anything else to do with teenagers). You have to create a space that will reflect their personality and interests, yet also fit with the other decor in the house and they won’t outgrow until they move out. That’s a lot of demand being placed on one room. 

How to decorate a teenager’s room? The trick to decorating a teenager’s bedroom is planning. Get your teen involved in the decorating process as much as possible. Sit down together and create a mood board or look through magazines and note down ideas so you can get a feel of what your teenager envisions their ideal room to look like. 

If you’re looking for some simple teenage bedroom design ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. We have prepared our 11 top tips for decorating a teenager’s bedroom. Read on for some beautiful teenage bedroom inspiration. 

 1. Have Fun with the Colour Scheme

Decorating a Teenagers Bedroom

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A teenager’s bedroom doesn’t have to be monochrome and boring. You can use a fun colour palette to brighten up the space without making it look childish. If you want your young adult to grow with their room, you can opt for darker, more mature colours rather than bright ones. Trendy sage green, earthy terracotta or deep ochre are some of the colours you can incorporate into your colour scheme to create a fun, yet mature feel to your teenager’s bedroom. 

 2. Create a Bright Space for Study

Decorating a Teenagers Bedroom

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It might not be as exciting as other parts of the decorating process, but a bright, private space for work and studying is a must in a teen bedroom. The desk that you pick has to be practical of course, but also stylish and fit with the rest of the room decor. If the space is tight, choose something more compact that can be built into the bedroom layout.  

To provide a separation between school responsibilities and personal life, it’s a good idea to use different colours around the desk area. Maybe paint the wall a different colour or add a little divide between the desk and the bed area. 

 3. Get Creative with an Urban Brick Wall 

Decorating a Teenagers Bedroom

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An exposed brick wall can add an urban, industrial feel which is very popular with teenage boys in particular. If your house doesn’t have any brick walls which can be stripped of paint, you can easily create the illusion of exposed brick by using brick slips

You can even let your adolescent child leave their mark by painting a mural or doing some graffiti on the wall to give the room an even better urban feel. 

 4. Spice Things Up with Unique Furniture

Decorating a Teenagers Bedroom

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Statement furniture pieces can add a unique feel to your teen’s bedroom. Just because your child is growing up doesn’t mean that their room has to lose its childish charm. A swinging chair, a vintage loveseat or a couple of bean bag chairs can add an interesting element to a teen room, while also providing a space for your kids and their friends to hang out and socialise. 

 5. Find Practical Storage Solutions

Decorating a Teenagers Bedroom

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Much like a children’s bedroom, a teen bedroom should be designed with storage in mind. If you want your teen to be able to keep their room tidy, save yourself some hassle and make it as easy for them as you can. Make sure you incorporate different storage solutions – wardrobes, dressers, storage boxes and baskets. For smaller rooms opt for furniture that doubles as storage such as an ottoman bench or a bed with under-bed storage. This way you’re incorporating enough storage space without cramming the room with too many furniture pieces. 

 6. Use Their Hobbies as Display Pieces

Decorating a Teenagers Bedroom

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Decorating a teenager’s bedroom is a lot easier when you have a theme to work with. As your teen is starting to outgrow toys and collectables, it’s a good idea to incorporate their hobbies into their room decor. Items such as skateboards, snowboards or musical instruments can become great display pieces in a teen room, adding a pop of colour and paying homage to your growing child’s passion. 

 7. Decorate a Relaxing Nook 

Decorating a Teenagers Bedroom

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A cosy and relaxing den can be a great way to utilise any awkward nooks in a teen room. Fill it with some fluffy cushions and throws, hang some fairy lights and add a curtain for some privacy and you can create a cool space where your teen can hang out with their pals, read and relax. 

8. Create a Rustic Feel with a Painted Wooden Floor

Decorating a Teenagers Bedroom

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If your teen wants a room that is trendy and gives off grown-up vibes, you can take inspiration from rustic French interior decor and elevate the looks of their old bedroom by painting the floorboards. You can choose different colours depending on the kind of mood you’re going for. White floorboards can bounce around the light in a small room, making it feel bigger, while a brighter colour will make the room feel more unique and add a focal point. 

 9. Upcycle Old Furniture with Bold Colours 

Decorating a Teenagers Bedroom

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Who says that you have to get rid of all your kid’s old furniture when redecorating? You can upcycle old furniture pieces in your child’s bedroom to fit with the new grown-up theme by adding a fresh lick of paint. To create a trendy teen room where your young adult can be creative try keeping the walls and flooring neutral and choose a few bold colours for the furniture. This not only adds a pop of colour but also means you won’t have to completely refurbish the room. 

10. Layer Up Cosy Textiles

Decorating a Teenagers Bedroom

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Make your teen feel cosy in their room by layering cushions and blankets with different textures and materials. This works really well in rooms with a neutral colour scheme as it creates an inviting look and adds depth to the room while keeping things simple and minimalistic. 

11. Have Fun While Keeping Things Sophisticated 

Decorating a Teenagers Bedroom

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A great way to get creative with a teen room is by using fun paint colours for the walls. You can experiment with bold colours to create a fun space without having to worry as you can easily paint over it when your teen wants a quick room to revamp. Just because you’re having fun with bold colours though doesn’t mean that you can’t make the room look sophisticated. Simply tone down the other decor and let the fun-coloured walls be the star of the show.