30+ Trendy Desks for Small Spaces in 2022 That You’ll Love

Desks For Small Spaces

After moving to a new apartment or just wanting to renovate your old home, it is quite challenging to furnish it. Right? And if the place is small, it is even harder. Did you face the same difficulty? Don’t worry because today we bring you the ideas for the desks for small spaces.

So whether you work from home or just a student, there is a perfect table out there for you. Now you have to find a table which is suitable for you, which doesn’t seem an easier task. Right? So, to make your work easy, we are providing 30+ latest designs and styles of tables. From floating desks, ladder table to desk station, Surely, there will be a table on this list which is perfect for you and your place. 

Caution: There are high chances that you might end up liking more than one table!!!

So, keep scrolling down and read each type and style of the small desk for bedroom and find the best for you. Here not only we are providing the list, but also giving tips on how to decorate them. So don’t miss anything!

Below is the list of 30+ trendy and super stylish desks for small spaces

Convertible Desk

convertible desks for small space

source: popsugar.com

What is better than convertible tables? Nothing right! One table can serve two things- you can work on them, and you can use them for any other purpose like storage or just use them as a regular table. 

Wooden Desks

desks for small spaces

source: overstock.com

Do you want a sturdy and robust desk? If yes…Go for this one. It is a classic traditional desk and It also has some inbuilt cabinets so that you could store your stationery in them. 

Wall-Mounted Desks

wall-mounted desks

source: amazon.com

Another tremendous space-efficient option is wall mounted desks, they are easily fitted on the wall. 

“You can also use these small desks as a dining table or study desk.”

Standing Workstation

standing workstation

source: henryvandevelde.be

If you’re tired of using a sitting desk, try this standing desk in Australia! These standing desks are small and compact, and you can place them anywhere in your home. 

“ This is a good option for those, who have back problems”

Metal Desk

desks for small space

source: hgtv.com

You can also choose this wonderful minimal looking metal table as your study desk. It has decent top space and also takes minimal space in your apartment. 

Foldable Desk

foldable desks

source: amazon.com

A foldable table like this one is great if you’re really short on space. These desks can easily pull out and pull in. 

Modern Desks

modern desks for small spaces

source: trabahomes.com

The sleek and classic designs are the things through which you can identify modern desks. They beautifully merge with the rest of the contemporary technological elements of your home. They mostly come in neutral but rich colors. 

A Glass Desk

Glass Desk

source: wyckes.com

Store your stylish accessories under the glass top to get an aesthetic look, and the added benefit is that they don’t require much space. 

Rack Desk

Rack desks for small spaces

source: pinterest.com

Rack + desk = A lot of fun! 

This desk is perfect for those who want something new and modern furniture in their homes.

Mid-Century Desk

Mid century desks

source: apartmenttherapy.com

This mid-century wood gives you the perfect mid-century vibes to your home, which is a trend nowadays. 

Fold-in Desk + Storage

desks for small space

source: amazon.es

When a table comes with storage, it’s like a dream come true! Right? So, buy these types of tables that also have some additional space for storage. 

Industrial Wall-mounted Table

Desks for small spaces

source: sheknows.com

Love the industrial look? If yes, get this table or construct it yourself. Buy install some dark wooden planks with some metals or pipes and paint it in a dark color. 

Marble Tabletop 

marble table top

source: overstock.com

To make your room luxurious and glamorous looking, try a table with a marble on top. Marble is an extra-ordinary element that can transform any space in minutes. You can place this table anywhere, it will be ideal as a small desk for bedroom.

Use the Corner Space

desks for small space

source: pinterest.com

The most inaccessible place in our homes is in the corner ones. Right? We never thought these corner spaces could be used. How? Place this kind of “Corner table” and utilize every small space of your house. 

Floating Shelf Desk

floating shelves desks

source: pinterest.com

Have you seen these types of shelves? These are commonly known as Floating shelves. You may already have these types of racks, but this can also be used as a working or study desk

C- Table

C Shaped desks for small spaces

source: desertcart.ae

These C- tables are very much in trend, so buy one for you now! Most people use this as a snack table, but they can also function well as a study desk. It is small & compact. In addition, it is perfect for small spaces. 

Ladder Desk

source: wayfair.com

To give your room some chic and quirky look, place this Ladder table. You can also display your precious decorations on it and the last rung of the ladder you can use as your writing desk. 

Hairpin Legs Ultra-modern Desk

hair pin leg desks

source: homedit.com

How to achieve a modern look with an eccentric twist? The answer is this fantastic table which has legs that are in the shape of hairpins in rich golden colors. 

L-shaped Writing Desk

L shaped writing desk

source: laperla-london.com

These types of tables are perfect for those who work with a team. Place two wooden planks in the L-shape as per your choice of height. You and your teammates will definitely love working on this desk. 

Alcove Desk

desks for small spaces

source: idealhome.co.uk

Does your apartment have this kinda hollow space and you didn’t know how to use it properly? One solution is that you can transform this ugly looking space into a work or study area by just placing a wooden plank. Cool right? This will be the perfect area for study or to do work. 

Transparent Worktable

A Glass Desks

source: walmart.com

Sometimes tables that are made from heavy materials like wood or metal or painted in dark colors can make all the atmosphere bulky and congested. So to avoid that situation in your apartment you can try transparent desks which are very stylish and also light in weight so that you can move them comfortably. 

Wrap Desk

wrapable desks

source: pinterest.com

Wrap desks are the newest trend in 2022, so why feel left out! Install one in your home right away as they have benefits more than one. First of all, when they’re not in use, you can quickly wrap them away in any corner (that’s why they are known as Wrap tables). The other benefit is, after that, they’re like non-existing, as literally they never take space. 

Floating drawer desk

Floating drawer desks for small space

source: costway.com

A drawer + floating shelf = Floating drawer desk!! 

Desk with Hutch

desk with hutch

source: wayfair.com

So what if you’ve less floor space, you can use the area vertically. For this look for a table that comes with a hutch. “Hutch” is an additional storage space, which can be used to store stationeries, books, and work-related stuff. 

Sit-Stand Table

sit stand desks for small space

source: twitter.com

Do you work from home? If yes… Then it is sometimes pretty hard to work for long hours while sitting. Right? To overcome this problem by placing a table with adjustable height. 

Lap table

lap table

source: alibaba.com

A Lap table or desk is generally used in bed or while sitting. It is a more comfortable option if you’re doing work for long hours. Your kid can also use this table to do their homework.  

Computer Desk

desks for small spaces

source: overstock.com

Do you have a desktop and you don’t want to buy two different tables for desktop and study? Then buy the combination of both like this table has. You can do both things on this table. 

Drafting Table

Drafting table

source: wayfair.com

If your work is related to drawings and designing, it is always good to use these kinds of tables with slant slopes. These are also known as Drafting tables or Drawing tables. 

Desk Station (All in one!)

Desks for small spaces

source: decoratorist.com

“Desk station” generally means a space where all your work or study-related stuff is stored in one place. You can find this in any furniture shop or online. You can also custom make them according to your requirements. They are fashionable and practical, so select it right now! 

Rustic Table

Desks for small spaces

source: amazon.com

If “Rustic” is the theme of your house, then it is a must that the furniture should match with the theme. So try bringing a rustic study desk like this one, it will be best for your house. 

Vintage Mini Desk

vintage mini desk for small space

source: thespruce.com

Do you love vintage items like Phoebe does? (a character from a famous TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S) Don’t worry, you’re not alone many people do like old furniture pieces which have history. The best place where you can find these old vintage-looking desks is the thrift market. 

Window Study Desk

window study table

source: reddit.com

Use the extra window space by planing a desk or wooden plank. This is best if your apartment or house has bay windows, it will really be a good spot for you to work near the window. 

DIY Desks

Another great way to utilize the spaces of your small house is that custom made the furniture. Yes!! Because many times we’re unable to find that perfect desk that fits into our area and pocket. So, construct your table with all the right dimensions and material. Believe us! It is super easy to do. 

So did you find the one? We are pretty sure that you have and surely your heart is stuck on more than one table. That’s okay!! All these desks are not only practical but also stylish looking so that you don’t have to compromise on anything. For more home decoration tips and ideas, visit interiorcraze