What Is the Difference Between the TOTO S550e and 350e?

Difference Between the Toto S550e and 350e

TOTO is a well-known brand, and they have been making high-quality products for years. With an illustrious lineup of bidet toilet seats, it can be difficult to choose between seemingly similar models. Is it worth a little extra to purchase the latest model? This article will break down key differences and similarities between TOTO latest model, the S550e Washlet, and the previous model, the 350e to help you make an informed, confident decision. Bidet seats can be a big investment, but they are always worth it when you find the ideal spray system. Let’s talk about the similarities and differences between the TOTO s550e and 350e.


Difference Between the Toto S550e and 350e

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When looking at the S550e compared to its predecessor, you will notice a few differences in the design and setup of the Toto S550e and 350e. The S550e’s lid is smooth and lacks any buttons or crevices, where the S350e has a break in the top of the seat.

You will also notice that the S550e Washlet has an improved remote control that is slimmer and more practical, making it more comfortable to use. TOTO’s latest model is also available in two designs, the contemporary or classic. The classic has a beveled edge, whereas the contemporary version is completely sleek. As an ultra-slim model, the S550e Washlet offers a unique finish to your bathroom that accents. 


Both of these bidet toilet seat models are luxurious and include more functions than most other systems, offering impressive innovations like e-water technology, which utilizes electrolyzed water to maintain your toilet’s hygiene. These seats also share toilet bowl misting, air deodorizer, and other features that go above and beyond the standard bidet. 

These highly useful functions are great for improving your overall experience on the seat; before, during, and after usage. Many of the functions, such as nozzle oscillation and pulsing, are meant to improve your wash experience. Toilet bowl pre-misting and e-water technology, however, are intended to make flushing, cleaning, and maintaining the overall cleanliness of your toilet less of a hassle. You never realize how unpleasant wiping is until you sit on a modern-day throne!


Difference Between the Toto S550e and 350e

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A big perk of the S550 is the ultra-slim lid, which provides a refreshing look to your bathroom. The remote for both systems also offer wireless use along with two users presets, which give you the option to save your preferences for future uses. Oscillation, water pulsing, warm air dry, and more can be found in these comparable seats.

Of course, all of the primary features that you would expect are there too, like a tankless water heater, heated seat, and adjustable spray pressure. Both TOTO products have every basic feature that you would expect and far more. The S550e Washlet and S350e are both considering the top of the luxury line for bidet seats.


Difference Between the Toto S550e and 350e

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The S350e and S550e Washlet are both highly rated, with an overall star rating of 4.7-5, depending on where you look. The reviews will tell you that there is no wrong decision when purchasing a TOTO bidet toilet seat. While the price does vary a bit between models, customers who purchase the S550e Washlet have no complaints about the difference. Granted, this is one of the more expensive toilet seat brands available; so customers usually expect to spend a decent sum on their investment.

The Toto S550e is a true throne. It is a true tradeoff between the luxurious features on the market and the best clean bidets have to offer. 

When it comes to luxurious and technologically advanced features, nothing outdoes the S550e Washlet from Toto. These bidet toilet seats pack in some futuristic functions. Everything is adjustable too, from the water temperature to the spray width(which is an uncommon attribute).

A couple of features that find in Toto’s products are e-water misting and toilet bowl misting for easier cleaning and maintenance. In essence, this toilet seat makes every part of “going” more effortless.


These highly rated bidet toilet seats stay close to competition. But there are small differences that make the S550e Washlet a bit superior to its predecessor. Depending on whether or not the price difference is worth the subtle upgrades, either seat could be right for you. With more features and amenities than any other brand; all of TOTO’s models would make an excellent addition to your home. Check out both models and order your bidet seat with confidence.