How to DIY Outdoor Shower? (With Few Outstanding Ideas)

diy outdoor shower

Ever seen a shower at the beach? Those open-air boxes, where you can take a shower in the natural air and fresh thinking process. (Haha! We all do that.) There are two phases in life: singing in the shower and thinking in the shower. One defines childhood, and another one defines adulthood (respectively). 

Coming back to the topic, those are the showers that we always wanted, be it in childhood or right now? Would you deny if we say we will help you building one? Obviously not. Even now, when you see a shower room at the beach, your heart screams for it (get it home, get it home). And when you have finally finalised after hundreds of visits to the beach actually to have an outdoor shower at your place. Let’s make it a little bit more easy for you to stick to it.

Here in this blog, you will find detailed information on how to DIY outdoor shower along with its meaning and a few more ideas on creating an outdoor shower enclosure.

Let’s start with basic information on outdoor showers. 

What are DIY outdoor shower?

The name itself says that it is located outdoors. But what are its uses, and is it necessary? No, it isn’t necessary, but if you have a garden or swimming pool, then we would say it is a must. 

How to DIY Outdoor Shower?

First, locate the space where you want to have an outdoor shower. The backyard of the house or a side way? After deciding the spot, plan the blueprint of the shower (obviously on the paper first!). If you are renovating the house, then make sure to tell your plumber about the hot and cold water faucets and a feet washing tap.

If your outdoor shower is just an add-on, then get the outdoor shower kit and install it on the desired spot. And then you can go for a closed outdoor shower or if you have a farmhouse and there’s no neighbour within miles you can opt for the open one too.

For the closed outdoor shower, you will need to create side coverings and doors, too, along with a concrete slab.

Step 1: Getting the Materials

diy outdoor shower material


Measure out the area of the entire outdoor shower unit. Get the supplies ready. Make sure about the materials you want to use. Whatever material you use should be water-proof. You can use plastic sheets for the covering and wooden frame. 

And for the wooden frame, go for cedar-wood. And if you are building an entire unit with wood, get the wooden slats cut from the carpenter.

Cost-effective Tip:- You can ask a carpenter for the waste wooden slats that have no use for him. And utilise it in the project.

Step 2: Creating a Floor

diy outdoor shower floor


Get the concrete mix and make it ready to form a concrete slab. You can use designed, moulds  for the textured floor. Or a plain smooth squared floor.

Step 3: Setting up the Frame

diy outdoor shower setup


Stick the wooden slats using glue, driller, and screwdrivers to form a frame. First, create the outer frame, then go for filling the frame with whatever material you are using (wood or plastic panels). 

If you are using the wood, make sure to colour it for the water-resistance and outlook.

Step 4: Install the Outdoor Shower Kit

diy outdoor shower install


The next and final step is to install the shower kit you got from the market or from an online store. If you don’t have faucets installed, don’t worry, there are shower kits that don’t need them. Just a water supply source and they are good to go.

And if you already have a shower kit at your place, don’t worry, you can always take the help of a plumber for the installation of a traditional shower kit.

And your outdoor shower enclosure is ready! Tada! 

Few more outdoor shower ideas to look at,

You read the steps on how to DIY an outdoor shower, and here are the coolest DIY ideas for the same, have a look at it:-

1. Bamboo Stick Enclosure

diy outdoor shower


Go vintage and rustic with bamboo sticks. Create a unique shape using the bamboo and add some decorative to complete the look. 

2. Hula Hoop Covering

diy outdoor shower


Use those hula hoops for creating a covering. Plus, it will be movable too. You can use it for camping too. Sew a fabric over the rings.

3. Greenery in the Shower

diy outdoor shower


Be it of wood, plastic or open, add a green effect to the shower by placing fresh plant pots. Or having a vine for the over cover will also look great.

4. One Side Wall Shower Enclosure

diy outdoor shower


Less privacy is okay for you! Then don’t take much of work on hand and create a partition of one wall. That will also serve you like a towel holder.

5. Tin Sheet Shower Unit

diy outdoor shower7


Just like wood and plastic panels, the tin sheet is another alternative for walls. They look pretty good and gives a definitive structure.

6. Curtain Enclosures

diy outdoor shower curtain


Fix the semi-circle shower rail to hold the curtain. Ditch, wood, plastic, or any other material and embrace the curtains. The curtain enclosure looks just perfect for a modern house.

7. Surf Boards 

diy outdoor shower board


Use your child’s surfboards to create a fence around the concrete slab. You can use them vertically as well as horizontally. Using them, you can either create a closed unit or an open shower unit.

8. Add Decorative Elements

diy outdoor shower idea


Don’t make a bathing place boring. Add mirrors, small wall hangings, a quirky yet functional table, and importantly hook rails (to keep the towel and clothes). And another thing that is a must-do is colouring the unit.

9. No-Privacy Outdoor Shower Units

diy outdoor shower glass


If you don’t have neighbours, then you can opt for a no-privacy shower unit. For this, you can have transparent glass walls or no walls.

A Beachy Shower Feels at Home:

diy outdoor shower


So now, you are good to go for building your own private open-air shower unit. Use the outdoor shower ideas to make the classic and unique style shower unit. If you don’t even have a little bit of experience in carpentering and are scared of getting things wrongly done, take the help of a carpenter. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with trying new things, who knows you might end up creating a beautiful bathing area.

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