DIY Pea Gravel Patio: Simple Steps Explained To Build It In No Time

diy pea gravel patio

Having a beautiful backyard in your house and wanting to get the best out of it? Then, you should probably plan to build a patio where you can sit back and relax and have quality time with your friends and family. 

Those of you who are planning to build a patio for their home and looking for some ideas on how to build it should stick to reading this post as we will let you know the simple steps to get a DIY pea gravel patio ready in no time. 

Let us now read ahead starting with a brief description of a patio…

What is Patio?

A patio is an outdoor space in your backyard or front yard that is meant for dining space or for recreational purposes. It creates a good seating area where one can have quality time with their loved ones. Many people cover it with a roof to get protection from the sun and rain. 

 diy pea gravel patio


Which Material Should one Use to get it Built?

The answer to this question is pea gravel. Pea gravel patio is the cheapest, simplest and best option. 

Also, it requires little to no maintenance. You have to just blow the leaves and other debris with a leaf blower and it will be cleaned. 

We will show you the steps today to get a DIY gravel patio. Before we move to the steps, let us have a look at the things that you will need to get it built. 

What will you Need to Build a Patio?

  • Pea Gravel
  • Paver blocks
  • Metal rake
  • Tamper
  • Cultivator
  • Spray paint
  • Wheelbarrow

Let us Have an Overview of The Steps in Detail. 

Remove the Grass and Dig out the soil

Remove the Grass


Firstly, you have to decide on the area where you want to have the gravel patio. After deciding this, mark the patio boundary with white paint or spray or anything else so that you can know the exact area.

Now, you have to remove the grass from the area that you have marked for your patio. You can remove it either manually or with a machine. After doing this, dig out the soil with a cultivator. Create about 3-4 inches of depth for the patio. Tamp down the soil to level the surface. 

Install edging

Install edging


After you have dug out the soil, you now need to install the edge so that the gravel area is separated from the grass area. For installing the edge, you can use paver blocks. Buy some paver blocks from the market and align them on the patio boundary. 

Make sure that the blocks are properly aligned with the grass level. If not then add some pebbles beneath the blocks or take out some grass or do something similar to ultimately level up both the blocks and grass. 

Creating a boundary is not mandatory but it will be beneficial as the gravels will stay in their place and won’t mix with the grass. 

This will save your efforts and time of separating the gravels from the grass as while walking over the patio area there are high chances of the gravels getting dislocated from their place if a boundary is not created. 

Also, when you are doing any grass cutting work near the patio area, it will be easy for you to cut the grass if there is a separation between both.  

Add Pea Gravel

 diy pea gravel patio


Now, its time to bring the pea gravel here and place it in the patio area. Take some big bucket, a wheelbarrow or any other object to carry the pea gravel to the desired location so that the maximum amount of gravel can be carried at once which reduces your overall time and efforts to fill the patio area. 

After you have filled the area, you have to level it perfectly. The area should be made compact and the surface should tamper nicely. As per the need, we can add more gravels to it or remove them too.  

Make sure that the area gets leveled up after you are done adding/removing the gravels. There shouldn’t be a case where some part of it is high on the slope and some are deep down, everything should be at the same level so one can walk inside properly. 

Make way for the necessary arrangements

 diy pea gravel patio


Now, your patio is ready and you can arrange your seating space and other things. Bring your chairs and place them here to have a nice drinking time at the weekends. Have 4-5 chairs so that you can invite your guests and have a great time together. 

Buy these chairs from the market if you don’t have at your home. Also, get a table to put it in the center. 

You can also have a small dining space here. You can take your dinner here in the fresh garden space and rejuvenate yourself when you are tired of the work at the office. It will be an altogether different experience to have your dinner with your family in the open.  

Depending upon the space, you can utilize the patio area and make proper arrangements. If you have a big space here then you can also arrange a small party for your friends, family members or office colleagues and it will be a really amazing moment. 

You can get a fire pit and put in the center of the patio and spend some time with your family in the winter to get warm. It will remove the need for a heater and you can spend some quality time with your family too.  

Just think about how you want to utilize this space and make the arrangements accordingly. You will be able to change the arrangements as per your needs so that is not an issue. 


So, this was it, I hope you have got a clear and detailed idea of how to build a patio. Just get the necessary material to build it and start making it utilize your outside space in the best way. For more details, visit interiorcraze