Fundamental Décor Ideas That Will Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

dorm décor ideas

A dorm room is one of the fascinating parts of high school. You are moving away from home into a new space. Many things might be running through your mind, including adapting and giving your dorm the best possible appearance. You might be wondering how you can give your new tiny abode the best setup. The good news is that the dorm is a completely blank space. So, you have the luxury of redefining the space and giving it your preferred appearance. It is normal for you to think like you won’t be staying in the dorm forever so you want some dorm décor ideas to enhance the look.

But you still have to create essential comfort and appealing visuals. Below are ten fabulous décor tips to help you create a dorm setup that feels like home! 

Bring in Some Plants 

dorm décor ideas


Adding plants and greens to your dorm brings in an essential feel of life. Besides the fact that house plants can be good for your health by purifying the air, it also helps to aid your appealing visuals. 

Finding it difficult to maintain live plants? You can also bring in artificial or decorative plants. Although they might not give you the environmental benefits of live plants, you are certain of retaining the appealing visuals. 

Create a Wall Gallery 

Most students cherish moments and memories. Instead of getting homesick and missing your moments, you can brighten up your wall with photos of beautiful moments and memories. 

Creating a wall gallery is an impressive way to cover bland walls. Aside from keeping beautiful moments fresh in your memories, they also add color and vibes to your dorm space. 

Use Wall Arts 

dorm décor ideas


Without any doubt, wall arts create magic on bland walls. They help to create focal points and add colors to our space. Also, it allows you to customize the feeling and integrate your personality. 

Several wall arts will suit your dorm room. You can let the color of the wall arts influence other colors in the dorm. 

Add a Mirror 

Although the size of the dorm might not permit you to add numerous mirrors, you can still have a big one. Using a large mirror will redefine your space. In this case, the mirror is not only useful for checking your looks. It creates magic in reflecting your space. 

Using mirrors is particularly useful in small spaces. The reflection lets your space appear bigger than normal. Consider using a unique mirror size and shape. A decorative mirror frame can also add to the quality of your space. 

Add Headboards to Your Bed 

Most dorm walls are made from cement, which might not be so comfortable to lean against. You can create a home feel by adding a headboard to your bed. Besides the comfort it adds, it should also be part of your decorative plans. 

Making your headboards allows you to customize the style and size. 

Add Fairy Lights 

dorm décor ideas


It is usual for dorms to provide bright overhead lights. However, you can still add touches to your space by using a fairy twinkle light. Fairy lights come in various shapes and sizes. These lights make your space appear whimsy and allows you to enjoy a unique feel of the music. 

Adding side night lights will also integrate a softer glow and mellows into your dorm space. Instead of depending on the overly bright headlights all through the day and night, a touch light with three brightness levels is good for different times of the day. 

Add Area Rugs 

Are you finding your dorm floors unattractive or uncomfortable? You can create something that feels cozy when you get out of bed. Adding plush area rugs will give you the exact feeling you crave. Besides, it can add colors and improve the visuals of your space. 

Introduce Extra Pillows (Throw Pillows)

dorm décor ideas


Do you wish to boost your comfort while adding colors to your space? Consider adding extra pillows. They will make your bed extra comfy and attractive. Besides, it allows you to add more bright colors and offers an easy way to add more characters to your space. Interestingly, adding pillows is cheap. So, you can easily add as many as you deem fit. 

Make Your Window a Focal Point

Dorm spaces are generally small, but you can make them appear bigger with your décor. Making your window, a focal will complement your décor and trick your eyes into believing your space is bigger than it is actually. It will also let natural light into your space and makes it easier to arrange your space. 

Introduce Storage Materials 

dorm décor ideas


Using suitable storage materials will enhance the organization of your dorm. It will give room for easy execution of your dorm décor ideas. Besides, ideal storage materials usually enhance décor and help it to accommodate more materials. 

Some suitable storage materials for dorms include cubes, extra shelving, and trunks. You can also consider blending your space with your materials like a musical instrument, sports materials, and other hobby materials. 

Final Thought 

Using the right décor in your dorm room will enhance your comfort and create a visually appealing space. It will not only make it feel welcoming; it integrates your personality into the new space. You can get more dorm décor ideas here. Feel free to explore and configure your dorm to become a home away from home.