Gorgeous Easter Table Decor Ideas- A Visual Treat

easter table decor

Once more, Easter is ready to bring joy, festivity, and fests. Get every prepared for an unforgettable Easter! Create beautiful Easter table decor ideas in the most creative way. If you haven’t thought about it, don’t worry, we are here to help you by presenting some of the most amazing and beautiful ideas to make your Easter best. Are you ready for it?

Here goes some splendid Easter table decoration:

Flower Arrangements

 easter table decor

source: hgtv.com

Get creative by creating your own Easter Centerpiece with the help of vintage tin. Paint the exterior of the tin with the bright color and picture. You can protect the tin from leaking by placing the arrangement in a plastic or glass container and then put it at tin and place it in the middle of the table.    

Vintage Linen Tablecloth

 easter table decor

source: countryliving.com

One of the best decorative ways to place the vintage linen tablecloth for the Easter brunch. You can add a layered tablecloth of any color of your choice, but pink has its own charm and beauty to live up the breakfast time.    

 Ombré Egg Centerpiece

 easter table decor

source: pinterest.com

Easter is all about welcoming happiness and faith all around and what better than using the egg as a centerpiece. Dye the egg as your choice of color or with the match of glasses and plates. Place it in a neat wooden sugar mold at the center of the table or you can place it on the mantel or sideboard. 

Botanical Style Table

 easter table decor

source: flamingococktail.com

Create a new and beautiful table setting by breaking the traditional stereotype. Leave out the table runner and add the woodsy element in place of a table cloth. Place the paper nest and egg with the calligraphy name on it. At the center of the table, make sure to add a green plant to sync the whole table settings. Are you comfortable in breaking the stereotypes?

Teacup Vase

 easter table decor

source: pinterest.it

If you have an extra china set lying in the store, then you can make the best use of it by turning it into a teacup pot to arrange the flower in it. To add more life and elegance, add a glass cloche over the teacup vase, and the result will be mind-blowing. 

Easter Eggs and Tulips

 easter table decor

source: hymnsandverses.com

Create a beautiful centerpiece with gorgeous pink tulips. Fill half of the jar with egg and water and put pink tulips. Here come your beautiful easter floral centerpieces at the minimal cost. Do you like this idea?

A decoration Beyond the Bunny

Dining table

source: hearstapps.com

Think beyond eggs and bunny, welcome the spring, and new happiness with the bright colors and patterns. Place a beautiful and floral table cloth accompany with seasonal blooms. Mix the arrangement with the elegant dining set, and the unique chandelier will create the focal point.  

Vintage Love is Never Dying

Vintage Table Decor

source: homedit.com

Relive your love for vintage setting by creating rustic table decor, wondering how to do it? What all you need is twig placemats, lace-trimmed napkins, wood pillar candleholders, wood slices, jute table runner, small bottles turned into vases, additional items that recall your childhood memories. On top of that, make sure to add a hanging fixture light to complete the vintage vibes.  

Three-tiered Tray     

3 ties tray

source: lizmarieblog.com

Create a beautiful and iconic element to hold the attention of your guests with the three-tiered vintage tray. Decorate the tray with the spring decor like planters, faux eggs & nests, birdhouse, faux green, and lavender balls. 

Floral Napkin Ring

Floral Napkin Ring

source: shadesofblueinteriors.com

Floral napkin ring can be the star of the table, and the best part is that it is very easy to make. Are you exciting about such decor? Fold the napkin and bind it with the floral ring. Along with that place, a mason jar filled with the white flowers, boxwood topiaries, drop cloth runner, teacup stuffed with the roses, candles on top of it.  

Cute Moss Bunnies

 easter table decor

source: onekindesign.com

One of the best and the favorite ideas is by creating woodland inspired table decor with green and small bunnies, twig nests, spring flowers, and a grapevine wreath. Keep wild grapevine under the plate and moss bunny on the plate. Sweet violas at the center of the table complete the look.   

DIY Paper Pastels

 easter table decor

source: goodhousekeeping.com

Instead of using the dyed Easter eggs, why don’t you take the help of colorful paper to create your own paper pastels? These look cute, and even you reuse it for some other event once the party gets over. Isn’t it a fantastic idea?  

Easter Table for Kids

Easter for kids

source: countryliving.com

What about kids? Have you thought about giving them a surprise by opting for Easter table decoration meant for kids? In place of a cloth table runner, place the grassy patch table runner with the flowers on it. You can add colorful eggs on this patch for more attractive looks. What do you think about this easter table runner

Daffodils and Easter Eggs

 easter table decor

source: medium.com

If you wish to keep things simple yet elegant, then this idea is for you. All you need is a couple of planned daffodils, brown eggs, and heirloom blue eggs. Now place daffodils at the center of the table and bowl of the eggs between the two daffodils pots. Place the napkin on the plate and snipped a single daffodil on each napkin to elevate touch to the clutter-free settings. What’s your take on this Easter decoration?

Edible Easter Ornament

 easter table decor

source: hearstapps.com

Why reserve a tree and ornaments for Christmas when you can make the best use of it for the Easter table? Bake some tasty cookie ornaments yourself or ask your local bakery to help you and prepare each ornament with a different theme. Place the tree with the ornament at the center of the table and ask your guest to pluck one and wish them all happiness. Isn’t it an edible idea?


What do you think about these unforgettable and beautiful Easter table decor ideas? With little effort and creativity, you can create golden memories for your friends and family. Based on your style and taste, pick up your favorite decor idea, and get ready for a happy time. Make sure to keep coming to InteriorCraze for such amazing and creative ideas.  

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