9 Stunning False Ceiling Design Ideas For a Beautiful Living Room

wallpaper on false ceiling

Once upon a time, the ceiling of the living room was the most neglected and ignored part of a house. But now things have changed for the good of the ceiling as well as the interior goal of the house. So today, you will read about some sizzling false ceiling design for the living room. 

Now the living room is considered as the reflection of your personality, a big thank you to designers, who are always trying to do experiments for the glorious ceiling look. To respect this long due credit of the ceiling, the false ceiling comes into existence. 

It will help you to enhance the overall look of the living room, without wasting any time further, let’s dive to living room ceiling ideas:

Tray False Ceiling

false ceiling design

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Want extra effects in the living area without disturbing the sophisticated factor of the room? The answer to your question lies in the tray false ceiling design. It helps you to give a chic look. You can use the POP structure with the recessed lighting, and more focus should be given on sufficient light. With this ceiling, you can choose the simple furniture as after all, the showstopper element will the ceiling only.   

Simple design, Classy fan, and Beautiful chandelier

false ceiling design

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If you wish to create a sizzling effect in your living room, then all you need is the simple tray design accompanied by the beautiful chandelier and a classy fan. These three elements never fail to spread their charm. Make sure to put recessed lights at the edges of the ceiling. While finalizing this living room ceiling idea, try to inculcate the statement-making chandelier and unique ceiling fan for a complete and beautiful look. 

Multi-layered Tray Design

false ceiling design

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Multi-layered tray design is amongst the top popular designs these days. It gives a chic look to your living room. As the name suggests, it includes multi-layered tray design without emphasizing extra lights, embellishment, colors and of course, cost. The basic design of this type of ceiling is a recessed structure. The eye-catching chandelier is just like a cherry on the cake. 

Wallpaper on False Ceiling

false ceiling design

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Another official and amazing false ceiling design is the wallpaper on the false ceiling. This unique but beautiful design is quite easy to execute. Choose a fancy wallpaper to give a beautiful face to your ceiling area. If the theme of the decor is simple, then you can choose a funky and creative wallpaper and vice-versa. 

Glass False Ceiling

false ceiling design

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Give elegance and beautiful look to your ceiling with the glass false ceiling. The frosted glass with the wooden frame compliment the overall ambiance of the house. Make sure to add a dark wood frame as its richness can enhance the radiant beauty in the entire living room. It helps to make space look spacious and beautiful. 

Coffered False Ceiling

false ceiling design

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Seal the best deal for the living room with the coffered false ceiling. It aims to create something extraordinary and beautiful. There are different design options available in the coffered false ceiling, for example, square boxes, patterned beam, oak panels, and lot many. It helps to create a grander effect. The coffered ceiling is no new concept as it’s hundreds of years old but every time gives a fresh perspective. 

POP Art Blended With Vicious Circles

false ceiling design

Source: thearchitecturedesigns.com

If you are the one who wishes to play safely while choosing an appropriate ceiling design for your living room, then the POP false ceiling is the real gem. The circular false ceiling design paired with the contrast color combination is a full proof formula to lighten up your living room at the minimal cost. In the above picture, the wooden flooring goes brilliantly well with this design.   

Different Shapes on the Ceiling

false ceiling design

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If you are amongst those who are unable to choose one particular shape for the ceiling design, then how about choosing multiple shapes? You might be wondering if it is a safe option or not…right? Ceiling with the different shapes and sizes looks fabulous. You can select different rectangular, curves and circles or any other geometric design as per your choice, but while choosing this design to remember one thing that excess of everything is bad. 

Infuse Architectural Elements

false ceiling design

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If you are looking for ceiling design that can be the focal point of the living room, then we would suggest you ceiling that consists of different architectural elements like beads, faux, boards, artwork, wood, and lots more. These structural elements not only create a focal point in the living room but also give a spacious look. 


So, out of these simple false ceiling designs for living room which one will you choose? Finalizing one out of many living room ceiling ideas is not easy at its sound. With the right design, material, and color, you can create new wonder in your home. Till the time you finalize one, make sure to grab your piece of ideas and tips about the home decor at InteriorCraze