How to Create the Ultimate Feature Wall in Your Home

Feature Wall

Feature walls have been a popular design concept for years now. It gives homeowners a way to create a pop of interest in a room that may otherwise be very basic looking. It can be especially impactful in rooms that don’t have any architectural features and you are looking to create a focal point. But designing the ultimate feature wall isn’t something you want to slap together. Instead, you want to take the time to plan out your concept.

Here are tips that you can use to create the ultimate feature wall.

Pick the “Right” Wall

Feature Wall


The design process should begin with picking the “right” wall to highlight. Ideally, you want to pick a wall that isn’t obstructed by anything so that you can take advantage of its full size. It’s hard to make a feature wall out of one that has furniture in front of it or a massive window. Designers also tend to suggest you don’t pick a wall in a small room, as this can make it feel more closed in. Instead, save the feature walls for large rooms.

Consider How It Will Flow with the Existing Design

Now it’s time to think about how this new feature wall will flow with the existing design in the room. If you plan on giving the room a total makeover then this tip won’t be as important since you will likely be starting from scratch.

Place an Eye-Catching Material on the Wall

Feature Wall


All too often, people think of feature walls as a wall that you paint a different color. While that is certainly one approach that can work and look beautiful, it’s not the only way to create a feature wall. You can apply/install different materials to the wall that will make it pop and stand out in the room. Thin stone veneer is a popular choice as it looks beautiful, natural, unique, and works with a wide array of design styles. 

As for how much thin stone veneer you need, you’ll need to use a simple math calculation multiplying the width of the area you’ll be applying the veneer to.

Wallpaper Is Also a Great Option

Then you have wallpaper, which can be a wonderful way to create a feature wall. Today’s wallpapers are now much easier to hang and remove should you change your mind down the road. If you want more ease of use, pick up the peel-and-stick wallpaper

The wallpaper will allow you to play with different wall textures, patterns, designs, and colors, all of which add interest to the space.

Use Artwork on the Wall

Feature Wall


And there’s no reason a feature wall needs to be a blank wall, artwork can help you to create something truly beautiful. Whether you are hanging family photos or floating shelves to display your collection of art pieces, you’ll end up with something very unique.

A Feature Wall Can Transform the Room

The fact is that a feature wall can have a profound effect on a room instantly injecting it with beauty, interest, a unique factor, and something that makes it feel more high-end and designer.