7 Inspiring Flooring Projects

Flooring Projects

Did you know hardwood floors ranked number one as the interior renovation project to add the most value? Home remodeling is a lot of fun once you get started. But, your vision can’t come to life without the most important phase. Then, you realize! What about the flooring projects? After all, this is where all the treading takes place. All the wear and tear. All the spilled milk.

Your choice of floors will set the tone for everything else in the house. So if you want to learn about seven of the best flooring projects to inspire your home makeover, then keep reading.

1. Show Off Your Space

Let’s face it. The first place for your flooring projects to take off is your living room. Of course, the traditional adjacent dining room is a part of that makeover. When visitors come to your home, these are the main areas they will gather.

So, choose a floor that’s vibrant as well as durable. Those qualities begin and end with hardwood flooring. There’s so much to choose from with color and material.

Consider the style and age of your house before deciding. Then, select from different types of reclaimed wood, and don’t forget the finish.

With hardwood flooring, you can go from aged beauty to sleek and fashionable. And, engineered hardwood retains lasting value.

2. Party Central and Family Meals

Isn’t it always the way that a friendly get-together ends up happening in your kitchen? Family meetings and daily meals take place in this room. This is where your family’s history resides.

There is so much more going on in our kitchen than we realize. So, it only stands to reason that it will see most of the traffic. Tile flooring has evolved by leaps and bounds over recent years. Your choices are endless here.

The main thing is choosing a kitchen floor that is as easy to clean as stylish. Choose a look that fits your living space for style. Vinyl flooring lets your imagination run wild with choices of patterns. But, of course, you can never go wrong with ceramic tile.

3. Bathing Beautiful

Another high traffic area of your house, of course, is the bathrooms. They’re used every day many times and often get wet. Again, this is another good spot for tile flooring or ceramic. But, if you want to maintain a wood motif, there are vinyl options that look like the real thing.

The most important aspect for a bathroom is the best flooring is water tested for durability. You may not find something exactly like hardwood, but you won’t be ripping it out regularly either.

4. Bedroom Floors for Happy Feet

Flooring Projects

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When you wake up in the morning, what could be worse than a cold floor under your feet? Hardwood flooring is still a good option here because it retains warmth. And, for accent, you can always feel snug with a rug.

Carpeting materials have advanced in technology as well. A cozy hypoallergenic fiber would make your feet happy every morning. The style choices again are endless.

5. Caves and Rec Rooms

Finished basements with game rooms or home movie seating areas get used more and more these days. Depending on children’s ages, this is another great spot for carpeting. Kids can play on a carpeted floor in total comfort.

If it’s a movie room atmosphere you want, the acoustic qualities of the floor are a consideration. With flooring projects like these, seek professional advice for the best flooring options. They will have answers to both sound and comfort for your rec room floors.

6. The Halls Are Alive

Flooring Projects

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Our corridors and foyers might be the most important flooring projects to tackle of all. These are the places that connect all the other rooms. So, we need to think about cohesive style to fit every other motif in the house.

Sometimes, the best flooring solutions are to go with contrast. For example, a sturdy stone might be the answer. Marble or granite, or even limestone will set your hallways apart as showpieces.

With staircases, there are options to match railings with hardwood flooring. In addition, you can use colored runners that have patterns to flow with adjoining rooms.

Hallway flooring projects can become extensions of larger rooms as well. So it’s okay to choose this type of flooring among the last.

7. The Walls Can Talk

This might surprise you, but walls can be an integral part of your flooring projects. Commercial spaces use flooring for walls all the time.

Think about accenting a corridor or vestibule with matching floor material. Try it out in the main room. You might find a whole world of possibilities you never dreamed of before.

Another option might be to use extra flooring material as wainscotting or baseboards. Finally, you can tie in your whole flooring concept by using your walls as sight cues.

Let your eyes guide you from room to room. For example, a well-placed line of vinyl flooring might be the thing that connects with your kitchen. Use the planning stage and have fun. There’s no better time to experiment with your flooring projects.

Flooring Projects Are Fun

Flooring Projects

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When you consider all the possibilities, re-flooring your house can be scary. But, it can also be the most fun you will have when remodeling your home.

That’s because you have so many choices. So, why not explore them all with your flooring projects? Take the time to mix and match. Then, study all the features for your best flooring options.

And, have fun. Sometimes even the craziest notions turn out to be designing gems.

So, go for the gusto!

Then, when you’re ready to take on your new home improvement, come back and see us for more inspiration.