Get Rid of Clogs Without Compromising Your Homes

Get Rid of Clogs

Your property is perhaps the priciest spent of your entire life, so it makes sense to make sure every aspect of your home is working at all times and that includes your plumbing. Take our word for this, your drains can potentially become a money pit and your greatest nightmare when you don’t do anything to get rid of clogs as soon as it happens. So if there’s any chance you can give the repair a go without causing damage to your homes, why not? We think homemade solutions aren’t a bad idea at all if you’re comfortable with them. Aside from availability, it’s natural, cheaper, and safe for your homes. 

Reasons You May Consider Home Drain Solutions

  1. A lot cheaper than chemical drain cleaner – A homemade drain cleaner provides a safer way to clear clogs, not to mention a lot cheaper compared to chemical drain cleaners that are not always effective, but only leave you with a sink full of harmful chemicals.
  2. Avoids corrosion on pipes – The chemical reaction that breaks up the clogs produces heat, which can, in turn, weaken PVC pipes and eat away older piping. Drain cleaners made from natural materials will achieve a result, sometimes as effective as chemical drains cleaners without making a pipe replacement necessary.
  3. Safety for homes – If you’ve come face to face with a drain problem, would you rather give homemade solutions a go for your home’s safety, or you’ll leave your drains full of toxic chemicals? Homeowners, especially those who have children, will never have to worry about the risk posed by chemical drain cleaners. The fact that homemade solutions are made of natural ingredients, when absorbed through the skin or accidentally ingested will never introduce any risk. Safe for your fur babies too. 
  4. Environment-friendly – The complex chemicals used in unnatural cleaners may likely cause damaging effects to the environment. This is because some chemicals have a high chance to stay in the water even after the water treatment process. Talking about chemistry, natural drain cleaners usually dissolve briskly and do not undergo a chemical change to create toxic byproducts.
  5. Does not cause property damage – The fact that homemade cleaners come from natural materials makes it less likely to put your drains at risk for damage. The heat that chemical cleaners give off can melt porcelain toilets, weaken plastic pipes and expose metal pipes to corrosion. All of these possibilities are avoided with natural drain cleaners.

How to Fix Clogs Without Compromising Your Homes?

Use Boiling Water and Dishwashing Soap

Fats, grease, and oil are the kitchen drain’s best enemy. If you don’t get rid of clogs before they hit your drains, you will surely end up with bad drains. There is no secret to making boiling water, but adding salt to it will cut short on your boiling time. Make sure it’s boiling hot out from the pot when you pour it on the drain, but be extra careful.

Wear hand gloves as you might get a splash of boiling water on you. Squirt a good amount of soap down the clogged drain first, any brand will do, then pour a kettle full of boiling water. This should take care of any greasy clogs. Just one thing to keep in mind when you use this procedure. Use just enough boiling water. Putting more than the volume you need can put the pipes, and seals in your drains in danger of melting. 

If you want to avoid future clogs caused by greasy residues, wipe the grease off your kitchenware with a paper towel first then you can do the same procedure.

Use Baking Soda 

Get Rid of Clogs


Baking soda proves to be a staple to many kitchens. Without spending a dime, you can mix baking soda with salt, followed by boiling water to unclog a blocked kitchen drain. Pour about a cup of baking soda and half the amount of salt. Let the mixture sit for 30 minutes or overnight to make the mixture work effectively.

Finally, pour about 2 cups of boiling water, then flush with running water. If you notice the kitchen sink is starting to drain, keep the tap water running until all the clogs have cleared away. But if you feel the clog is tough enough for just baking soda, contact the blocked drain specialist right away before you introduce more problems to your plumbing.

Use Cream of Tartar 

Another combination that works magic on clogged drains is a mixture of baking soda and cream of tartar. They create an effective declogging and cleaning solution. Put 1/8th cup of cream of tartar, two cups of baking soda, and a half cup of salt in a jar. Mix them together by giving it a good shake. Pour about two cups of boiling water down the drain and add your homemade mixture.

The salt and baking soda will work on the clog, while the cream of tartar acts as a cleaning agent. If the clog doesn’t go away, repeat the procedure, followed by two cups of boiling water. However, after repeated procedures and you’re still out of luck, manage to get an unblock drain service.

Use a Plunger

Get Rid of Clogs


A plunger is an effective tool that is present in anyone’s home. They come in handy when you need them. They are small enough to store under the sink and easy to use, particularly in tight spaces. Plus they’re quite cheap at any local chain store. There are different types of plungers to work in different types of drains. Some have a flange at the bottom of the plunger cup that can be bent if used for sinks and tubs but must be extended for toilets.

Three things first before you get things underway. First, be sure you have a cup-shaped plunger, not a flanged one. Second, remove any drain filter from the kitchen sink, or pull up the stopper in the bathroom – this ensures you can achieve a secure seal with the plunger. Third, run a small amount of water in the sink, or toilet — enough to cover the cup of the plunger.

Hold the handle straight up and thrust the plunger up and down, like you’re doing a pumping motion. Doing a rapid thrust while maintaining a good suction is the secret to efficiently loosen and get rid of clogs.

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Hire a Blocked Drain Sydney Professional

Get Rid of Clogs


Many homeowners have become versed when it comes to minor plumbing issues at home, which is good, but unfortunately, not all drain issues are the same. Drains are part of the complex plumbing architecture that only professionals understand.

There are various aspects in plumbing that a blocked drain Sydney specialist considers before performing repairs where no DIYers can anticipate. Just like clearing clogs caused by tree roots. There are no homemade mixtures that can get rid of clogs.

Professionals have CCTV drain cameras to get a closer view of the clog, therefore, leaving the guesswork. In cases where tree roots are really the culprit of the problem, they have a mechanical cutter to remove it once and for all.

Final Words

In a nutshell, where there’s a drain, there’s eventually a clog at some point. That’s inevitable. But just to be clear, while we think there are good reasons to use homemade solutions, using a Sydney drain service still proves to be the best solution to get rid of clogs. Drains catch more than just wastewater. It can contain various elements and items to clog the drain and cause harm to your property, even your family.

Some would be easy to fix – you’re lucky if that would be the case, but other times, it requires a great amount of time and skills to repair. That’s where blocked drain repair comes into play. So if you’re better off with good working drains, do the right thing. Speak with the experts from now.