How to Get Your Garden Fit for a Social Gathering

Get Your Garden Fit for a Social Gathering

Having the luxury of a garden is the perfect excuse to host social gatherings or parties for friends and family members. Guaranteed to be loved by all ages, a garden event is an ideal way to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries or to christen your new outdoor space if you’ve recently moved house. However, like all social gatherings, the cleaning and preparation of having guests round can be stressful. Not to mention, you’ll have to consider other elements such as the weather and how you can shield your guests from a surprising downfall of rain. From general weeding around your flowerbeds and footpaths to replacing outdated garden furniture with newer items. We’ve created this helpful list of tips and tricks to help you get your garden fit for a social gathering so that you can entertain your loved ones in a comfortable, clean environment.

Refresh Your Flower Beds  

Get Your Garden Fit for a Social Gathering


Chances are if your garden has been subjected to bad weather these past few months that your flower beds aren’t looking as colorful or full as they used to. Help get your garden fit for a social gathering by taking a trip to your local garden center, or purchasing seeds online, and picking out a few new bulbs and trays of flowers to plant.

If you don’t feel like growing anything, you could opt to purchase potted plants instead or small potted trees such as Bonsai and fruit trees like lemons or oranges. Most planting jobs can be completed within an hour and have been proven to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and put you in a more positive mindset. Plus, nothing livens up an outdoor space than bunches of colorful flowers!

General Cleaning and Tidying 

To get started, tackle general garden cleaning and tidying jobs such as weeding, grass-cutting, and sweeping up debris and dried leaves. Getting those niggling, mundane jobs out the way first will allow you to tackle more extensive, more time-consuming problems such as any repairing or repainting jobs. If the day-to-day weather hasn’t been kind to your patio or other garden elements like wooden fences, paneling, or decking.

You can spruce these up quickly with an oil stain or an outdoor cleaner, which will instantly refresh your outdoor space and prevent any further damage from occurring. It will also give you a chance to wipe down any garden furnishings that you have and put any throw pillows or blankets into the wash, ready to accommodate your guests.

Create Shady Areas  

Suppose you’re endeavoring to get your garden fit in time for a social gathering, like a barbeque, and expect good weather. In that case, you should try and create shady areas wherever possible so that guests can relax without being too exposed to the sun. Create shaded regions with well-placed parasols or pop-up canopies and gazebos to shelter guests from the sun or rain in the worst-case scenario, which you can purchase from garden centers or online.

On the other hand, you may have more long-term features such as patio awnings or verandas to keep guests cool; in this case, make sure that they’re still operational and clean. If this is not the case and you’re considering installing a veranda/awning, or your current one could do with an upgrade, you can find more information here through Nationwide Home Innovations. They offer an array of bespoke products with their friendly staff who can tailor items to suit your needs plus answer any questions you may have.

Take a Look at Your Outdoor Dining Facilities

Get Your Garden Fit for a Social Gathering


If you’re planning to cater at your next social gathering, as well as giving your garden a general clean and tidy, it might be worthwhile to take a look at your outdoor dining facilities and see if they’re still up to par. If you have an outdoor kitchen area, make sure to scrub down all surfaces and clean out all accessories like mini-fridges and grills.

Especially if it’s been outside all this time or stagnant so that you minimize any risks of making your guests unwell and double-check that everything is working as it should. Also, be sure to check that you have all the necessary equipment to cater to your guest’s needs. Such as coal, gas bottles (if your barbeque is gas-powered), and matches or firelighters, as nothing is more frustrating than realizing you’ve forgotten something on the day.  

Use Lots of Lighting

Get Your Garden Fit for a Social Gathering


Once you’ve finished all your general cleaning and tidying jobs, you can then focus on decorating your garden and welcoming your desks. Especially if the social gathering is going to take place in the afternoon and carry on until evening, we recommend coming up with a few lighting solutions so that you and your guests can stay outdoors for as long as possible. Try placing clusters of candles on tables, or using jam jars as tea light holders, or good old-fashioned solar-paneled lights to keep the party illuminated.