Hacks To Clean Your Bedroom In No Time

how to clean your bedroom

A bedroom is a place where you lie down at the end of the day and get relaxed. But when your bedroom turns out into a storage area or a messy place. Then, it’s hard to get better sleep. Clean your bedroom for better living life at home.

Cleaning your bedroom can be a little stressful and time-consuming. But when you do manage your time with simple hacks, then you can clean it in a short time.

Here are some cleaning hacks that you can use to clean your bedroom easily:


First, crank up some music. Otherwise, you will get tired and bored after some time. Music helps you to keep going in your work. Listen to the upbeat, fast music or cleanup songs to remain motivated.


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Set a timer:

Make a time limitation so that you can do your cleaning on time. You can set time limits according to area-wise. Make a checklist. This way, you can easily clean every corner of your bedroom. And in the end, you can reward yourself by eating a bowl of ice cream or a pizza and watch a movie with friends.

Set a timer

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Get your Cleaning Supplies:

After turning on music, grab your cleaning supplies like

  1. broom or vacuum cleaner
  2. surface cleaners and floor cleaners
  3. Cleaning cloth or wipes
  4. Garbage bag

Cleaning Supplies

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Clear the space:

 Move your furniture to free some space. This will provide you a complete view of your room. This will help you to clean your room properly because there are so many things that you just put under your bed and forgets about it. In this way, you can deeply clean every corner of your room.

Clear the space

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Organize wardrobe:

If there are piles of your clothes on the floor, it creates a floordrobe situation in your room. Pick up all the clothes from the floor, bed, and fold them. So first you separate your clean clothes and dirty clothes. Fold clean clothes and put them in the dresser and put dirty clothes in the laundry bag. Arrange your wardrobe according to weather and seasons.

Organize wardrobe

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Reorganize study area:

Clean your bookshelf by taking out all your books and arrange them systematically. Organize your study area. Keep your bag in its place and pens in a penholder. Keep your school supplies in the drawers under your study table. Add some file folders and magazine holders near to your desk.

Reorganize study area

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Sort and separate:

If you’re a girl and then pretty sure you have a ton of makeup.  It’s hard to find anything on a messing dressing table with all your makeup here and there. Keep your beauty products in small boxes like lipsticks in one box and blushers in others. By labeling the boxes, helps you to find your favorite blush without creating a mess.

Sort and separate

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Select your organizers:

Add appropriate size storage containers and baskets to keep your stuff systematically. They came in all shapes and sizes, use them as per your requirements. You can put your extra school supplies, books in these boxes. It will make you more organized.

Select your organizers

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Get rid of dirt:

Clean your windows. Spray some water or glass cleaners and wipe out dust. Use a cleaning cloth to clean the surfaces, tables, and dressing area. Don’t forget to clean your ceiling fan, air-conditioner, and lights. Dust all the display items, photographs, etc. vacuum the floor by vacuum, clean or from a broom. Pick up all the trash and put it in a garbage bag.

Get rid of dirt

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Make your bed:

Clean your bedsheets and pillowcases. Shake the comforter to remove the dust in it. Change the bedsheet on a weekly basis. Open the windows to get some fresh air. Spray some room freshener as per your choice. Change the curtains to match with your bedsheets and theme for your room.

Make your bed

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Make a donation bag or box, where you just put your old stuff. The things that you don’t want anymore donate them to needy ones. Old books, clothes, toys, put them in a box and give them a nearby donation house. 


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After cleaning up your space, you can finally decorate it. A few items that are special to you display them on the table. Beautiful necklace, perfumes or sunglasses you can put them in your display section.


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Do routine cleaning, by this, you will be organized, and it takes much less time when you clean next. Put the things in their respective places. Cleaned bedroom allows you to get better sleep. When you wake up from a good night’s sleep, you will feel fresh and energetic. Get more amazing ideas at Interiorcraze. 


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