Home Decor Hacks for a Busy Moms

Home Decor Hacks

When it comes to moms, time is a luxury. As a mother, you need to get things done quickly while maintaining a high standard. There are so many responsibilities that the juggling act can sometimes become impossible. Along with taking care of the kids, moms also need to ensure that their homes look fabulous, especially the interiors. It is a challenging task with a busy schedule. There are some simple yet highly effective home decor hacks that moms can use to make their interior décor look unique and not spend too much of their precious time.

These hacks include tangible and intangible ideas. Let’s dig in to learn more about these home decor hacks.

1. Paint Plates 

If you have empty spaces on your shelves, walls, or even on the coffee table and have little time to shop, we got you covered. Painted plates are an excellent way to fill that void. You can take any plate and paint it to convert it into a decorative item. This idea is ideal for leftover plates from broken sets. 

White plates work the best, but you can use any other colored plates too. You can use different colors and make any designs or patterns you like. These can be hung on the wall or placed on tables or shelves with the help of stands. 

2. Canvas Prints 

Home Decor Hacks

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Canvas prints are a straightforward and practical way to decorate your home. There are so many reasons to buy canvas prints for your decor.

The canvases are durable, low maintenance, and cost much less than most other options. They come in different sizes, which makes it all the better. You can even split a single picture into several canvases. 

You can order them online without worrying about collecting them since they’ll be delivered to your home. Just decide the pictures or quotes or anything else that you want to have printed and order. Much easier than going art hunting and spending your whole day in the market.  

3. Wood on the Wall

Generally, you need a professional to install wooden panels on a wall. However, you can do it yourself too. It sounds like a lot of work and hassle, but it’s not. 

All you need are the stick-on wooden panels. You can peel the covering from the back and stick them onto the wall. You can give a proper wooden finish to your wall in no time. 

4. Stop the Clutter Buildup 

Clutter in the house is a massive problem as it can ruin an otherwise perfect appearance. Small things like sneakers rack a hanger for the jackets and have all the wires nicely tucked in with the help of a wire concealer.  

At the same time, give away an old item whenever you get a new one. You do not need seven vases or five globes sitting in your living rooms and family rooms. Give away the books your kids have outgrown. Much of the clutter is built up because you don’t get rid of the older items when newer ones arrive. 

5. Rearrange Furniture

Home Decor Hacks

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If you feel that the décor is not feeling right, you can try and change the arrangement of your furniture. Move around the sofas, see if you can put those chairs in a different place, and move the location of the bed if it looks better on another side of the room.  

It helps keep the interior looking fresh and enables you to avoid monotony. You can also change the furniture fabrics, which will give it a new lease of life. Be creative and find out changes that look good. 

6. Experiment with Colors

There are endless options when it comes to colors in your home. You can use that to your advantage and try any combination. Be creative and mix and match the dark and lighter shades. From the walls to the sofas to the rugs, you can choose different colors. 

You can even paint the walls with the family for a bit of fun and give your rooms a fresh look. You can also have sofa covers made in different colors, which will help you introduce different colors in your family and living rooms. A few colorful flowers can be the cherry on top of all the bold colors in your décor. 

7. Delegate Tasks 

Home Decor Hacks

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For the children, a mom is nothing less than a superwoman. But after all, even mothers are humans and cannot perform every task in the home. To fix this problem, you should delegate tasks to other family members. 

From dusting the living room to fixing the sofa pillows in the family room, your kids can help. You can even engage them in small projects like recycling old vases by wrapping them in jute rope with glue. They’ll have fun and learn something too, all the while helping you.

Give them a pat on the back for the job well done. If they fail to complete the task, gently let me know what they could have done better. Also, make them understand the importance of participating in making their home a better place. 


It’s not easy to maintain a house for a busy mom. With kids always making a mess, the interior can become unsightly very quickly. However, you can always benefit from the home decor hacks mentioned above. 

All you need to do is remain calm, feel good about yourself, and have everyone involved in the home chores. You should be able to maintain a great look décor and have time for the family. 

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