Match Your Appliances To Your Home Decor

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Our homes are our sanctuary. After a long hard day, homes have the power to make us feel relaxed and rejuvenated. When our home decor are to our liking, suiting our vibe, this relaxing and comforting vibe is multiplied.

There are multiple factors to bring cohesion in our style and home décor. From colour scheme to furnishing to even little photo frames and flower vases, every single thing present in a room helps maintain the cohesion. 

Not many focus on this aspect; however, home appliances are a great contributing factor to bring out cohesion and aesthetics. Be it specialized pieces or just the colour of regular electronics, you cannot ignore them while talking about interior designing

Here Are Some Unique And Stylish Appliance Ideas For Your Home

Here’s a list of 5 unique and stylish pieces for your little sanctuary.

TIKA: Your Modular Designing Kit by TIKA Lab.

Home Decor


Produced by TIKA lab, this designing kit has multiple uses and it works with magnetic principle. This kit can be used for playing, learning, building prototypes, as a décor piece, as plant holders etc. You can even use it as a lamp.

The kit has three main parts- a base, magnetic joints and sticks. There are three types of sticks- simple, energy conducting and LED fitted. The magnetic joints are flexible and you can build it any way you want. 

This kit will not only act as a statement piece but is also can be used for various purposes. 

Helios Modular Lighting System bg Helios Touch

Home Decor


Helios Modular Lighting System, produced by Helios Touch, is a touch-sensitive, honeycomb-shaped, magnetic, wall lighting system fit for your interiors. 

These hexagonal structures connect magnetically and can be arranged in a shape that you want. Their lighting is touch-sensitive. All you have to do is touch a particular tile to switch it ON or OFF. 

They can be structured to your liking, lit to your liking. You can adjust them, any way you want, to suit your interiors. 

EcoQube C+ by Aqua Design Innovations

Home Decor


Do you love nature and would like some natural touch in your space? Then this is for you. EcoQube C and EcoQube C+, developed by Aqua Design Innovations, bring nature to your space. 

EcoQube C series (C and C+) includes a self-sufficient Aquarium ecosystem with fish and terrestrial plants. You do not need to change the water or filter of the aquarium.  The water is filtered naturally by the plants. It also has a tiny waterfall which fills the surrounding with soft, soothing sounds.

The EcoQube C series works on the same principle. The EcoQube C+ is the greater, larger version of EcoQube C. 

Low-maintenance and beautiful, this piece is an aesthetically pleasing and unique addition to any of your spaces. 

Solstice- The Kinetic Clock by Animaro

Home Decor


Created by the London based design studio Animaro, Solstice “transforms the passing of time into a moving artwork”. 

Solstice has connected, interlocked wooden pieces. These pieces stay together in a circular design around the clock hands. They open and close like a flower with time. At 12 O’ Clock, the circle is the largest and at 6, it’s the smallest. 

This clock, not just moves with time, it becomes a beautiful piece of art. 

You can add this in your living room, or bedroom, or even your office. This piece of art will transform the place in seconds with its superior style and aesthetics.

Heng Balance Lamp by Allocacoc

Heng Balance Lamp by Allocacoc


This lamp is aesthetic, beautiful, and is available in multiple shades and styles. This is the kind of advanced technology that is soothing, calming and is beautiful to look at and use. 

Heng Balance Lamp works on magnetic principles. It doesn’t work like traditional lamps. What differentiates this lamp from other lights or lamps is that it doesn’t have a usual switch. 

Heng has two magnetic spheres that work as a switch. The sphere at the top is hanging and the one at the bottom needs to be pulled up close to the top sphere. Once both the spheres are close together, the switch is ON and the lamp glows. 

Heng has three different shapes- square, round and ellipse. It comes in various shades- from pastel colours to hard polished wood. 

This tiny piece is sure to elevate any space just by its presence. It will tie the place together and will act as the statement piece.

Choosing Your Regular Home Appliance Carefully

If you don’t want to go all out the previously mentioned pieces, you can still make a statement and maintain the cohesion and aesthetics of your home and workspace just with your everyday appliances. 

You have to focus on three major aspects:


This is a no brainer. Select the colour of your appliance according to the rest of the area. 

You can take a single shade for your room and match that to the colour of your appliances to create cohesion. 

You can make a stark contrast and make your appliance a statement piece. 

If you have any colour accents in your room, you can also match their colours to your appliance in question.


Once you have your desired electronic item, then position it the way you like it and the way it will benefit you the most. 

If you are looking for the best AC for your bedroom, then fix it in a position where it will focus on and cool your bed area primarily. 


The size of your choice appliance matters a lot as well. If you are going for a minimalistic décor and do not want any attention on the appliance, you can go for a smaller size and neutral tones. 

Size also matters when you have to fit a particular electronic in a particular designated area, then also, you can check the dimensions to make sure it will fit in the desired space. This is important cause otherwise, the said appliance will end up looking out of place which might throw the entire interior astray.

Final Words

Many people do not focus on their home appliances while discussing interiors. However, they are very important. Your trusty electronics can help you a great deal in interiors if they are chosen wisely. 

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