Home Gym Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

Home Gym Storage Ideas

Most people feel a bit anxious when it comes to setting up a home gym. They imagine you need a large empty garage, plenty of space in the basement, or perhaps a spare room or attic. This is only a misconception. Contrary to most beliefs, you do not really need plenty of space to get an efficient workout. In fact, you only need a will and a bit of equipment. It could be the corner of your room or perhaps the hallway. All in all, here are a few interesting home gym storage ideas that might change your perception of home gyms.

Moreover, you will hopefully find some good advice to start turning that spare corner of a living room or bedroom into a mini gym. Let’s have a look at some best home gym storage ideas.

How Do I Organize My Workout Room?

Home Gym Storage Ideas

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This is the first step in the process. You need to know your available space, as well as your machines or requirements. You probably know already what type of workouts you are into. For instance, there is no need to purchase a treadmill if you barely run or walk once a month. You will only end up taking precious space that can be used in more efficient ways.

Therefore, come up with a list of each machine or tool you use in a gym. Keep in mind that there is a smaller alternative for pretty much every machine, whether you train legs, arms, or do cardio. You do not necessarily need a big setup. Niche tools can be easily placed in a tight area without taking too much space.

Home Gym Wall Storage

Home Gym Storage Ideas

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The wall is often left untouched, meaning you lose lots of valuable space. How about a hanging organizer then? Such things are not specifically made for gyms, but they are just as handy for other things. You can buy one online or just reach a local DIY store. The organizer will be helpful for resistance bands, cables, cords, and other small things.

You might as well hang workout books and logs. When it comes to cables and cords, the good news is you can also keep them loose, without tangling. It might be a better idea to opt for individual wall hooks because they provide more flexibility. You can get some hooks higher than others or opt for a perfect line–up to you.

How Can I Protect My Walls in a Home Gym?

You do not need to do too much to protect your walls in a home gym. An organizer is a great idea because it keeps things neat and clean. But then, all those cords and cables rubbing against the wall may cause the paint to go dirty or peel off. It is perfectly normal. How about a large mirror to observe yourself and ensure you do the right exercises?

If a big mirror under the hanging organizer is not an idea you fancy, you can also repaint walls with washable paint. This way, you will be able to clean them every few weeks or months, whenever they seem to get dirty. You will only need a clean cloth and a bit of water – easier than having to repaint them on a regular basis.

How Do I Store Weights at Home?

You can keep your gear well organized – including weights – by using open shelves, cabinets with more nooks, or just storage bins. Storage bins are excellent for small bits, such as an abs roller. When it comes to small weights, like dumbbells, these might be good ideas to get a multipurpose home gym storage rack. 

Such things are usually freestanding and not too wide, so they can go against your walls. The only challenge would be if you can’t find one that perfectly fits in the tiny space available in your already cramped room. 

But that shouldn’t be much of a challenge if you have a way with tools; you can take matters into your own hands and build one yourself.  This could actually save you a fortune; you can build it up for dirt-cheap using wood, or throw in some more cash for a metal one – Your call!

Open shelves are great to store towels and other lighter equipment. Weights can also go in there, assuming you do not have too many. They should go on the lowest shelf – ideally, the one resting on the floor. If you get a cabinet with legs, the weights might be a bit too heavy and it could collapse. Do take advantage of vertical storage – wall-mounted shelves.

How Do I Organize My Home Gym?

If none of the above-mentioned home gym storage ideas works for you, opt for bookcase storage. A full bookcase should be solid enough, assuming weights go at the bottom. You can also get hanging bookcase storage that is fitted on the wall, but it is not a good idea for heavyweights. Instead, you can use it to store towels, gadgets, a couple of bottles, or perhaps some small equipment – like cables or cords.

Besides, if you hate the idea of drilling holes into your ceiling as much as I do, then you might have to avoid hanging storage or equipment at all costs. There’s a good chance you will run into this exact dilemma when choosing the right punching bag for your small apartment, too. 

I was there! Luckily for me, I bumped into a post about the different options available. And as you might have guessed, I made a beeline for the freestanding model.  

Whether you exercise in your living room or bedroom, you might as well opt for ottoman storage. You basically get a box that you can fill up with all kinds of equipment before storing it away. Opt for a box with wheels, as it will be easier to take out. When not in use, the ottoman can be used as a seating area – multipurpose.

How Do I Organize My Home Gym with a Machine?

Home Gym Storage Ideas

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If weights and other pieces of equipment are not enough, machines can also come in handy. Such fitness gadgets are quite popular in gyms and they are mostly aimed at those who love cardio workouts or just enjoy full-body workouts for a general good shape. The treadmill is probably the most popular fitness gadget on the market, but not the only one.

You can also find bicycles in different shapes and sizes, rowing machines, cross trainers, and so on. If space is an issue, make sure you opt for something small that folds. You do not necessarily need the most sophisticated fitness gadget on the market. Instead, a simple one without too many settings or features will get the job done.

The folding profile means you can fold the unit. You can then lift one end, while the other one has small wheels. You can then move it out of the way, rest it against the wall, or hide it in a closet. If there is a bit of space there, you can also leave it as it is. However, you may not have enough room to perform other types of exercises.

How About Yoga?

If you are into yoga, you only need a few things. When it comes to the required space, you only need enough to unroll that mat. Anything else can be stored in different places, such as closets – even your mat after you roll it. While you can perform a yoga session literally everywhere, there are clearly a few extras that may come in handy.

For example, you could still do with a couple of shelves. Keep one of them for your yoga mat. Another one may have a few fitness gadgets for your workouts. For instance, you could have a small Bluetooth speaker to enjoy some relaxing music during your yoga session. An essential oil diffuser may also be a good idea.

Several Rules in Organizing Your Home Gym

As a general rule of thumb, you should keep things simple. This is an excellent rule that will work wonders when you start exercising. The best way to come up with a gym in a tight area is to keep everything as simple as you can. Again, knowing what types of exercises you need will definitely help in the process. For instance, lots of people rely on treadmills, a few weights, and resistance bands.

Designing an empty area and turning it into an efficient gym is excellent. You can use the available space the right way, but you can also get just what you need for your workouts. Do not buy things just because they would be nice to have. Instead, stick to equipment that you actually need and use. Extras will make your space feel cramped.

Then, take advantage of the existing spaces. A home gym does not mean you have to purchase lots of expensive equipment in order to feel like in a regular gym. That is not your purpose. Your goal is to exercise and do it efficiently. You can also do it with compact equipment that can be used in any space. For instance, you can set a machine and a few shelves in front of the TV – what can be better than that?

Last, but not least, it pays offsetting your gym in a well-lit area. The more light you get, the better. A large mirror is also needed to ensure you perform exercises the right way – you need to see yourself, observe what you are doing wrong, and perhaps admire the results. White is also a good idea if you are thinking to repaint the wall.


Bottom line, setting up your own gym at home is not that difficult. Again, think about what you need only and keep everything simple. In terms of home gym storage ideas, go vertically and take advantage of the wall – your imagination and personal preferences will make the difference here. As for weights or gadgets, stick to things you actually use in a normal gym, rather than random things that just might be nice to have.