Home Improvement Projects That Can Truly Enhance Value of Your Home

Home Improvement Projects

Are you spending more time at home these days? Why not spend those extra hours on useful home improvement projects that can not only enhance our quality of life while also adding value to your property in the process! Sounds like kind of Win-win! Right?

Here are some budget-friendly and simple home improvement projects you can consider!

Loft/ Attic Conversion

Home Improvement Projects

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There is no better way to increase “liveable” space in the home than by a simple loft conversion. By doing so, it can directly improve the value of your home by creating that extra functional space that potential buyers might be looking for! 

Want an extra master suite? Or for smaller attics, an extra bedroom, and half bath? A children’s play or study room? Or even a gym? An underused attic can easily become a much sought-after functional space with enough planning. Gone are the days where an attic is simply a storage space. 

Some considerations when you are planning a loft/attic conversion:

  • Incorporate lots of light: Attics are typically viewed as dark and scary places, so make sure you incorporate lighting into your conversion plans. Solar-powered, fresh air skylights are a great aesthetic as well as functional choices that allow lots of natural sunlight into the space.
  • Make sure to check on building regulations: While attic/loft conversions are quite common, do check in to make sure, if you need any special permits to do so in your housing zone.
  • Improve insulation: If it will be a frequently used space, do consider enhancing insulation in the space as well, so it’s also a liveable space in the dead of winter.

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Windows

Home Improvement Projects

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With more people staying at home, it is expected that your residential heating and cooling usage will be through the roof in the hot summers and chilly winters. Not looking forward to that shocking bill? What if I told you your windows are actually the solution? Did you know that windows are responsible for 25% – 30% of household energy use?

That is where energy efficient windows – like double pane or triple pane insulated glass windows come into play!

Coupled with enhanced durability and damage resistance, these insulated glass windows provide the best of both worlds for your home. And they look no different from your normal window panes too! You would not be able to see the difference, but you will most definitely be able to feel it. 

Want to learn more about double pane windows for your home? Head over to simple guide to learn more. 

Revamp Your Kitchen

Home Improvement Projects

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If you find yourself in the kitchen more often these days, do not be too surprised! After all, food is known to be a great comfort in stressful times. However, if you are indeed cooking up a storm more often, cleaning up after must be a hassle – which then piles back on the stress. Seems like a vicious cycle? 

Not to worry! We have a whole list of practical ideas and hacks that can help you upgrade your kitchen into a low-maintenance space:

  • Upgrade to a glass backsplash for low maintenance and easy cleaning (even with heavy duty cooking)
  • Invest in an auto clean chimney that helps keep those grimy and greasy fumes out of your kitchen space
  • Modernize your cooking space with a glass induction cooktop instead of a gas stove – it helps you keep the space so clutter free Marie Kondo would be proud
  • Upgrade your kitchen cabinet with glass doors that help bring in more light into the space, keeps the cabinets easy to clean, and make it easier to look for items normally stashed away

Other Simple Home Improvement Projects

Home Improvement Projects

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  • Improve the aesthetic with wall displays: From your discerning choice of wall art, to wall mirrors that can create the illusion of larger spaces and more, you can easily change up the overall look and feel of the space on a budget. Plus, it is easy to change up for future buyers.
  • Bathroom makeover: The bathroom is usually a safe space for many in their home. Does it look that way? Give it the makeover it deserves with simple off the shelf fixtures like LED mirrors (to give that luxurious hotel look) that are easy to implement or remove. 
  • Mini garden: Add some plants, flowers, and simple outdoor furniture to your empty front or backyard and create a lovely spot to hang out.

What other simple and fun home improvement projects do you have in mind? Share with us in the comments below.

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