5 Essential Home Remodel Tips & Tricks


Whenever a homeowner has some extra time on their hands, it is often the perfect opportunity to look around the house and think of ways to improve it. While you may not always have the budget to carry out large-scale remodeling, there are plenty of small upgrades that you can perform from time to time. For instance, painting and updating your cabinetry can significantly improve the look of your kitchens or bathrooms. Similarly, outdoor projects such as investing in a few plants, adding new fencing, or replacing your front door can do wonders in improving your curb appeal. 

As exciting as home renovations are for a homeowner, the process can bring with it a set of unforeseen problems. From overstretched budgets to unavailability of resources, there are plenty of things that can go wrong during a remodeling project. 

To make sure you avoid all such problems, here are some essential tips you must know before you kick off your renovation project: 

Start with a Budget

Home Remodel Tips and Tricks

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It is never easy to balance your available budget and the home design ideas you love. Hence, it is essential to understand what you can achieve in your available resources to avoid disappointment once the project is complete.

Start by searching through design ideas and then deciding on your exact requirements. Once you know what you wish to achieve, get in touch with local contractors for their prices so that you can come up with a realistic budget for your project. Make sure to set aside 10% as a contingency fund for unexpected costs.  

Be Ready for Disruption

Home renovations are a time of disruption, and you need to be ready for this. Your life may temporarily come to a halt during the project. Your furniture and belongings may need shifting, you will have dirt and dust flying everywhere, and you may need to live on take-outs for a while.

When planning a major remodeling project for the whole house, it would be best to move out until your home is livable again. It will also help if you move your household items, mainly the expensive and fragile ones, to a self-storage facility to protect them from damage. 

It’s All in the Details  

Home Remodel Tips and Tricks

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If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is best to decide on the smallest details before the work begins. From the cloth for your curtains to the tiles on the walls, you should pick out every small component as early in the project as possible.

A renovation project involves making many decisions. Each of these can affect the cost and completion of your project significantly. Therefore, the earlier you make decisions, the more well-informed you can be. Start your research, shortlisting, and even your purchasing early to get things off on the right track. 

Set a Timeline 

Select a starting date for your project and then sit with your contractor to determine the amount of time needed to execute the project from start to finish. You need to know the order in which each phase of the project will be done so that you can prep your house before the work begins.

You may need to move your belongings, arrange the delivery of certain materials or make payments. Make sure to include a few extra days in your project timeline for unforeseen delays.

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Work with a Reliable Contractor

Home Remodel Tips and Tricks

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The contractors you hire will ultimately make or break the outcome, so make sure to choose wisely. It always helps to ask neighbors, friends, relatives, and colleagues who have carried out similar remodeling projects at their homes for recommendations.

Once you have a few reliable names on hand, start your research, check their experience, license, lien history, certification, and overall customer feedback. Next, you can consider having a meeting with a few contractors so that you can find a professional who sees eye to eye with you. If you are a resident in Washington DC, there are a lot of home remodeling contractors in the area.

The Bottom Line 

Home remodeling projects can bring a lot of stress and exhaustion, but the final result is always worth it. There will be times when things may not go according to plan. However, being a bit behind your schedule or going a little over your budget is something that will not matter in the long run. 

Staying positive throughout the process and not letting minor setbacks bring you down is the key to achieving the best results!