Top 8 Cheapest House Renovation Ideas

House Renovation Ideas

A home makeover is long due, budget problems & expensive builder quotes shouldn’t be. A Problem Anymore. We have compiled our Top 10 Cheapest house renovation ideas to give you inspiration.

What’s been that one thing that’s stopped you every time you thought of renovating your place? Most of the time, it’s the budget! A builder for renovation often costs a fortune and has stopped more people from renovating their place than it has allowed. 

So, never mind if you are short on a budget take a look at these house renovation ideas.  

1. Change Your Entrances

House Renovation Ideas


Most people don’t realize that someone coming to your place would always and obviously would stop at your front door! So, it’s the basics of starting off with the home renovation, and surprisingly it won’t cost you a fortune either. Average costs include – $30 for the primer, $50 (maximum) for the paint & $30 for a doorknocker – A $120 to the max, and you’ve begun your renovation with a simple DIY.

As previously mentioned, a paint job here could be the difference without draining your wallet. 

Garage doors are pretty big, so big that people tend to notice the difference between a well-kept one and one that is left unattended. Though it would cost you around $250 to revamp the looks of the garage door, that’s still under the $500 mark! And a significant chunk of your home-front is already remodeled.   

2. The Kids Room Might Need a Makeover!

An average kid’s room isn’t that big, and while you’d want to repaint it yourself, a builder’s quotes for it are about $350 and $30 per gallon for the paint. In addition, you can have the pomp of getting it done by the professionals too. You can get your kids involved.

So third on our list for cheapest house renovation ideas is the kids’ room! It might seem too much to start off with, but it actually isn’t, and we’re yet to make it across the $500 marker. 

3. Add Wallpaper

House Renovation Ideas


Wallpaper might be the rage nowadays, but they aren’t as expensive as you think with all the looks. Choose a smaller wall, and you can make it look different and add a new accent and get that set up yourself. And if you like that, you can start adding wallpaper to the other walls.

So, if you’re tight on a budget but need a creative escape to renovate your house, designer wallpapers are the way to go. 

4. Change the Accessories

For a change and renovated look to your interior, you could replace your old things with all new accessories. with the old textiles! Curtains, rugs, quilts, and pillowcases, discard the old ones & bring home the new ones. 

A new rug could start off at about $300, add $150, and you can have the pillowcases and a matching throw blanket too! A textile revamp to the rooms will help change the entire vibe and aesthetic of the room.

Another thing to consider is the drapes. Windows can make the difference; a complementing color with your front and garage door on the windowsills can be a great addition! Just get all your windows repainted and get matching curtains or blinds. 

5. Get Good Artwork

House Renovation Ideas


You can look on the internet and get multiple things such as a painting, wall stickers and vases, picture frames, and a few artisan ornaments for the living room and bedroom that won’t make a dent in your budget. You can add this all for a cooler look to the interior. This is an easy DIY.

6. A Bathroom Makeover

Interior Renovations can’t be complete without a bathroom makeover! Your tiles are fading away, and the cabinets might need a new sheet and pulls. So, go to your nearest store to get new ideas for this and get inspired. 

Get the fittings one after the other after you’ve started sorting out the tiling, cabinets and above all, have the budgeting sorted out. Removing current tiles, cabinets won’t be everyone’s cup of team. If you are looking to make some serious changes such as adding a showerhead or replacing your current bathtub, it’s better to get help from your local builder. 

7. DIY – Do It Yourself!

House Renovation Ideas


Go for it yourself if you can to make your home renovation done cheaply! While this can suggest how to, it surely will cut down the costs for you. A severe deduction of the application costs when renovating can let you extend the number of revamps made! 

While it may be expensive, the budget you save with DIY can let you go for an exterior paint job too. So, you’ve got all the motivation to revamp the place yourself!

But if you can’t do it yourself, it’s better to call a builder for more complex tasks. Find out here how much it costs to hire a builder

8. Landscaping!

A plant trimming, new flower pots, and a new grass carpet can be a serious change to the monotony! Well, because the greener it is, the better it looks. 

Another low-cost change to the house, because who has ever spent thousands on buying plants and pots for a small garden, so DIY guys and you’ll have a new look for your exterior too!

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