How to Clean a Gas Fireplace – DIY

How to Clean a Gas Fireplace

As the season changes, the type of utilities changes for household usage. When the summer arrives, we remove the covers from the air conditioner. As the season turns into winter, you look towards the gas fireplace to sit around and get the warmth of the fire to avoid the cold weather. The gas fireplaces are a lovely addition to your home that provide you warmth in the cold season and are a beautiful idea to give your place a splendid look. In the cold, fireplace installation is in high demand, and many people install fireplaces on their own. Either it’s an air conditioner or gas fireplace, over time, it gets dirty and demands cleaning, and people want it themselves. So here we will talk about how to clean a gas fireplace.

You need to have clean a gas fireplace cleaning once a month, whether you use it or not, to avoid the damage and prevent the problems due to the cleaning negligence. In this article, My DIY Decor will help you know the steps of gas fireplace cleaning to keep your fireplace in a new and perfect look.

Tools and Material for the DIY Project

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Screwdriver
  • A bowl or bucket
  • Glass cleaner
  • Compressed air can

Step 1: Inspection

How to Clean a Gas Fireplace


Before initiating the cleaning project, you need to inspect the fireplace to look at the damage first. 

  • Ensure that the fireplace door is ok and its glass is not lost or cracked.
  • Inspect the exhaust vent and the chimney. Ensure that there is no blockage within the duct and no loose bricks of the chimney.
  • Check the working of the ignitor and the burner.

Step 2: Remove the Front Screen and Grate

Now, get access to fireplace controls and remove the front screen of the fireplace. If the fireplace has a grate, remove it too. A grate is an object used to place the wood or solid fuel to ignite the fire. Some grates are held on with magnets, and you can lift them and take them out.

Step 3: Turn the Gas Off

After removing the screen and grate, turn off the gas valve. It is very crucial for your safety, so don’t forget to follow this step.

Step 4: Remove the Glass

How to Clean a Gas Fireplace


Plug out the bottom two spring clips and then the top two glass frame clips. Remove the glass, and place it on a clean and soft surface. Examine the perimeter gasket’s condition. Typically, it is a woven rope.

Note: Please keep in mind that specific frames are secured with screws that will be unscrewed using the screwdriver. 

Step 5: Clean the Glass

How to Clean a Gas Fireplace


Now, clean both sides of the removed glass using a glass cleaner with the help of a paper towel or a soft cloth. If there are hard stains or carbon deposits on the glass, get 3 cups of warm water and add vinegar and one tablespoon of ammonia. Put the mixture in the spray bottle and spray it on the glass. Let the mixture rest for 30 seconds and clean it using a paper towel or soft cloth.

Step 6: Take a Picture of the Logs 

The time has come to take out all the logs and rocks for gas fireplace cleaning. Before doing so, please take a picture of the logs so you can remember their arrangement while they go back.

Step 7: Removal of Rocks for Cleaning

Take out the lava rock from the fireplace and put them in a container to wash. Remove the ember fiber too and put it in a separate utensil. 

Rinse the rocks with cold water in an old strainer. After rinsing, spread the rocks on a piece of towel or any other cloth to let them dry. 

Tip: Don’t let the dirty water go in the drain; instead, throw it out. 

Step 8: Remove the Logs

Once you are done cleaning rocks, take out the logs and put them on an old cloth piece or cardboard. Get the vacuum or the compressed air to blow them for cleaning.

Note: Sometimes, a mounting plate is attached to the fireplace floor that holds the logs. You need to remove the screws that are on the mounting plate attached to the gas fireplace floor. 

Step 9: Clear Out the Firebox

Take the vacuum and remove the dust, debris, and dirt from the floor of the firebox. Clean up the walls of the fire chamber using a microfiber cloth. Carefully look into the corners of the chamber for any dirt or debris. 

Step 10: Inspect the Burner

Now, you have to clean up the burner. For this purpose, remove the shield or cover to access the burner. Vacuum the burner to remove any carbon deposits or dirt accumulated in the burner orifice or on the burner. Clean up the ignitor and thermocouple for any carbon buildup and grime. Clean it too using a vacuum.

Tip: For cleaning the burner, a compressed air canister works perfectly.

Step 11: Reassemble All the Things

You are all done with the cleaning procedure, and it’s time to reassemble all the fireplace items. Reassemble the things in the given order.

  • Install the burner cover or shield.
  • Put back the logs by getting help from the captured picture.
  • Add the rocks around the logs.
  • If there was ember fiber, place it behind the flame ports.
  • Install the glass and tighten the screws or fix it with clips.
  • Place the grate and then install the fireplace door.

Final Thoughts

You have a good chance of having a gas fireplace at home, but you might have no idea of the gas fireplace cleaning procedure. My DIY Decor has shown you the super-easy way of how to clean a gas fireplace in just about 20 minutes. So, clean your gas fireplace now and keep visiting the My DIY Décor website to get instant and valuable DIY techniques. 

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