How to Clean Gutters: Know the Process Today


It is quite necessary to clean the gutters regularly to remove the leaves and other debris. Also, it is not a big task, it requires half-hour or maximum one hour to get it cleaned completely and that too with the use of simple tools which you will be having at your home.  

Today, we have brought this post to make you know how to clean gutters. Read it till the end and know how easy it is for you to do the task on your own saving a couple of bucks. 

Why We Should Clean the Gutter?

cleaning gutters


The flow of rainwater is controlled by the gutter system. If debris is built up in it then it will obstruct the flow and will lead to many problems. There will be a possibility for many insects to make their home there. Your house may also face leakage problems if water gets stuck in the gutters. So, it is wise to get the gutters cleaned regularly to avoid any issues. 

It is recommended to get the gutters cleaned twice or thrice a year, (every 4 to 6 months). If you have trees near your house then you will need to get the gutters cleaned more as the leaves of the trees will fall there and obstruct the flow of water. 

You will need to climb the ladders for cleaning them. So, if you are not comfortable doing this then better consider hiring someone to do for you. The more the stories in your house, the more they will charge you. 

Repair or Replace the Gutter? 

repair or replace the gutters


You will be required to give regular maintenance to these gutters to maintain their condition up-to-date and to increase their longevity. It will also require repair and replacement sometimes. 

Cracks: You will find cracks in your gutters many times, you will need to get these cracks fixed quickly otherwise water will come down to your house from it. Replace the cracked portion of the gutter as soon as possible or you can also get it repaired.  

In times of gutter sag too, you have to replace your gutters. This is the time when the water flow will get obstructed due to sagging and you need to immediately replace it. Gutter repair is required in case of any damage which can be fulfilled by just repairing it.  

How to do it? 

how to clean gutters


You will require a ladder, hose, pipe, and trowel to clean it. Ladder for climbing up and cleaning it. A trowel will be used to get the debris out and a hose and pipe will be used to pour water into the space to make it clean. Take some free time out of your busy schedule and get ready for cleaning it. 

At times of autumn when the leaves fall a lot, you will need to give extra efforts to get it cleaned, it might require more cleaning at this time if there are too many leaves near your house. If the debris is dry then it will be easy for you to clean the gutter easily so don’t clean it when there is rain. Allow it to dry for a few days and then clean it. 

You will require a good ladder to climb it. Consider a good and strong ladder for this and not an unstable one. If it is unstable then you will fall from it ultimately damaging yourself so before you start the work, make sure you have got a stable ladder that is comfortable enough to climb. You can also borrow from your neighbor if you don’t have one. 

If you are not feeling comfortable using the ladder then better hire a professional to do the task for you.

Remove Debris and Then Flush it 

Remove debris form gutters


There will be a lot of debris in the gutter space and you will need to first remove all of it. Stand on your ladder, use your trowel to clear out the debris (make sure you wear gloves for this), use a bucket to fill the debris in. 

After clearing all the debris, clean it by flushing it with water. This will make the gutter area clean and free from any kind of dirt or debris so no chance of any problems. You can also use a gutter cleaner for proper cleaning.  

Lastly, Check the Downspout

After cleaning the debris, it is now time to check out the downspouts. Debris will get stuck up here so one needs to clean this too. Spray full water in the downspout and see the flow of water. If it is slow then there is a clog and you need to remove it. After cleaning the downspout, your work will be over and you can take a rest now. 

So, here was a detailed overview of how to clean gutters. I hope you got a complete idea of how to do it. So next time, when you require to get your gutter cleaned, pick the right gutter cleaning tools and just start cleaning it to let the water flow seamlessly. For more information visit Interiorcraze.