DIY Tricks and Tips – How to Cut Drywall?

how to cut drywall

Below are some of the easy to do, DIY Tricks for you to easily cut drywall at home. 

Drywall is use to build the interior walls and ceilings. Popularly known as wallboard or sheetrock, the drywall isn’t usually cut like wood. The core reason behind it is its two paper faces that are surround by gypsum. This can create tremendous dust if the wallboards are cut by a saw. There are some simple tricks and tips through which even home carpenters can manage to cut fine wallboard by themselves. 

But before we proceed with the process of how to cut drywall on the wall, here is the list of the tools you would need. 

  1. Tape measure and Pencil
  2. A Chalk Line
  3. Wallboard Jab Saw
  4. Drywall Knife and Blades
  5. Drywall Square
  6. Drywall Router
  7. Drywall Rasp

Tips on Buying Drywall

how to cut drywall


When it comes to buying drywall make sure that you determine the height of your walls beforehand to avoid any errors. This will help to purchase the right size. Drywall comes in 4 foot by 8 foot and also in 4 foot by 12-foot panels. 

Before You Cut

how to cut drywall


Before cutting the drywall make use of dust collectors when working with materials like asbestos. Also, avoid using sharp edges of knives since it can increase the blunders. Instead, start slow by marking the area first and then going about it bit by bit. 

While drilling a drywall sheet make sure that you are careful using all the electrical boxes and elements. Look into the things to make sure that nothing is in your way while you are drilling the screws for safety reasons. Also, make sure that you are using your safety goggles and safety mask to avoid any kind of dust and debris from asbestos falling off. Your personal safety equipment becomes crucial since technical works like these can hamper your skin, eyes, etc if not curated in the correct way. 

DIY Tricks – Simple Knife Cuts to Drywall

how to cut drywall


The first step to learning how to cut drywall is by scoring the material in the correct way. You can start by measuring the drywall by laying a T-Square on the right side. You can use pencil to draw a line. Use a sharp utility knife or any other cutting tool. 

Follow the pencil line judiciously and lightly cut through the paper layer to avoid any glitches. Tools like utility knives, reciprocating saws, putty knives, oscillating multi-tools, and track saws along with dust collectors are some of the best equipment you can use. 

After this, turn the drywall board to the other side and lay it face down. Snap the board back to the cutting line. You can use the same utility knife for cutting through the surface. 

How to Cut a Drywall and Put it Up

how to cut drywall


Here are a few quick tips you can use to install your drywall with ease. 

If you are caught up by the question as how to cut drywall at home then it is usually cut by scoring through the paper. The paper here is on the finish side and is cut through a sharp drywall knife.

  1. A half-inch gap between the bottom of the panel and the floor should be left. 
  2. To avoid popping the nail heads apply adhesive to its studs
  3. They put in the first sheet and then drive in some nails to hold it strong
  4. Make sure that the vertical edges of the sheet are attach to the studs for their durability. 
  5. Score the front side well and cut away the paper backing. 
  6. For the crosscutting process use the knife with a 4-foot drywall square to ensure that the cut is accurate. 
  7. Smooth all the rough edges and then position the piece in alignment with the wall. 
  8. Mark all the studs beforehand and then drive in the screws to secure the drywall intact to the surface. 
  9. To hang the drywall well, put all the pieces horizontally first. Also, avoid placing the seams towards the windows or doors because there is a chance that they may crack. 

How to Cut Drywall – Repair and Tips 

how to cut drywall


Plumbing, Electrical, water drainage, or services are some of the domains where drywalls are involve. For this one needs to use the right drywall repair tools. 

While repairing these drywalls one needs to make sure that the drywall is clean and in a good condition. After this, you can start locating the existing wall studs to remove them. It is crucial to do this process as this will help in removing the damag section beforehand. You can use a utility or a putty knife to do the same. 

Make sure that you take down any exposed hardware or outer paper to clean the surface thoroughly. After this hang the new piece of the drywall in the wall. You can cover all the repair seams with mesh tape and a layer of joint compound that can help you in keeping up the tape in the long run. For a ½ inch drywall your drywall screws should be 1 and ¼ inches long. And for more than 3/4th inch, you should use 1 and 3/8th inch screws. After this let the compound dry and your drywall is good to go!

How to Cut Drywall with a Saw

how to cut drywall


There will be times when you might have to use a drywall saw. For example, if you wish to cut outdoors then saw is the only way to make those two cuts. Connect both the ends of those cuts with the help of a regular knife and snap the piece out. These saw cuts can also be made with the help of a wallboard jab saw which is specially meant for cuts like these.

Pro Tip: – It will be more precise if you hang the drywall first before cutting it out of large openings like a door or a window. For this, you can use the studs on their sides to guide your cuts. Use the bottom header to guide the knife cut with accuracy.  

How to Cut Drywall for Electrical Boxes

how to cut drywall


For cutting drywall for electrical boxes it is necessary to first layout the rough plumbing carefully. You can start by cutting the drywall about ⅛ inch larger from all sides. For a clean-cut, push the drywall with a knife. 

Later, push the jab saw from the front of the board and a cut along the lines. For more speed and accuracy, you can use a drywall router as well. These are handheld routers that have self-guid bits. 

Cuts for doors and windows can also be made with the help of a drywall router. This router here is guid by the inside of the opening, where the cut is made in the clockwise direction. After all the boxes or openings are cut out then the rest of the screws which are need to help up the sheet can be driven inside. 

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Hanging a Drywall

how to cut drywall


Drywall can be either attached or nailed using screws. The nailing process is faster but they tend to wear out in time. Sometimes they even leave bulges in the finish walls. Although drywall screws stay put and one does not need a large number of screws to hold them up. 

You can use a 1 and 1/4th ring shank drywall nail to nail a ½ inch drywall. You can use a crown head hammer to drive these nails below the surface. Make sure that you position your nails ½ inch from the edge and 7 inches for ceilings while 8 inches for walls. 

The Bottom Line

As much as the question of how to cut drywall or how to cut a hole in drywall is hype. These methods are much easier than they sound. With the help of the right set of tools and equipment, one can easily execute a good job. 

A precise work while hanging drywall can allow less finishing work and can help in making the wall look complete. 

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