11 Bedroom Decorating Ideas: How To Decorate A Bedroom

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Tired of coming to a boring bedroom? Then How To Decorate A Bedroom by transforming it into a fun and interesting place. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune to decorate your bedroom. Just by adding simple yet creative things to the room, it will immediately transform your space. Create a finished designer look to your bedroom and enhance the beauty of it with these awesome ideas.

Other than our sleeping time, we spend almost one-third of our time in the bedroom. A comfortable bedroom gives you proper sleep. Your bedroom should feel cozier and comfy but stylish too. Every room needs a focal point. So creates some eye-catching spots in your bedroom with cute and delightful decor items. For that, you can take inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram, and here we are also providing some easy and stylish ways to decorate your bedroom.

Here are eleven awesome ideas on how to decorate a bedroom

Keep The Things Open

If you keep your things at some distance, this will create an illusion of ample space. Try to put your stuff in a clutter-free manner. Place a less number of furniture items, but it should be multi usable.

minimal bedroom interior

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Dark Or Neutral Theme

You can choose either a dark color or a light color theme. Paint your bedroom walls in dark grey, black and dark blue colors, if you’re going for a dark color theme. For a neutral color palette use colors like pink, baby blue, champagne colors. Pastel colors such as mint, peach, and lavender will also look great on walls.

dark theme bedroom

Source: home-designing.com

Play With Proportions

Always try to balance out the shapes and sizes that you are using in your bedroom. If your room has high ceilings, then place full-length curtains on the windows to balance the look. Use large size bookshelf and wardrobe. But if you have a small space then place several mirrors to reflect the light in the room.  

bedroom decor

Source: pinterest.com

Side Tables

Place a side table next to your bed. They are very useful and handy. They work double as storage units and tables. If you love reading, then place your favourite books on this table. You can buy either a matching set of two side tables or only one.

side table for bedroom

Source: mocka.com.au

Smart Storage 

Always think smartly when it comes to storage. Utilize every corner of your room. Use multiple types of storage and organization units. Place some built-in storage cabinets and a decent size wardrobe and a dresser. Place baskets and boxes for extra stuff that you have in your room. Put little trays and holders to keep your jewellery and perfumes on your vanity. You can also place floating shelves above your bed to display your decorative items.

Smart Storage bedroom

Source: intacya.org

Boho chic

Girls love chic bohemian themes. Find an appropriate size tapestry with some cool print on it and Hang this above your bed. It will also act as a headboard of your bed. Buy a dream-catcher and put some fairy lights on it. Mix different patterns with textures like place a jute rug or a multicoloured fuzzy rug to get the aesthetic bohemian vibe.

Boho chic theme bedroom

Source: bylisalinh.com

Art Of Layering

When you heard a word layering, you probably think of layering of clothes or jewellery. But here we are talking about the layering of different elements like furniture, lighting, and textiles. You can layer your bed by adding multiple bedding things like blankets, pillows, bed sheets and even rugs with different textures and in complementing colors. 

layered bedroom

Source: interior-design-news.com

Soothing Colors

When it comes to colors, there are countless colors and their combinations. Modern grey, smoky blue, rich green, and blush pink are very trending colors. You can either paint a wall with a solid vibrant color and leave other walls in white color. This wall will be the focal point of your room. Use colors as per choice and taste. If you are going for a theme, then coordinate all the elements with each other to create the whole look. But if you are not decided any theme and have plain white walls then try to add some pop of color in the bedroom.

soothing colored bedroom

Source: kosovamanagement.com

Dazzle The Space

To set the mood of your bedroom place some lighting all around. There are numerous lighting options available for different purposes. Use ambient lights or overhead lights on the ceiling and accent lights to highlights your artworks. Add task lights like table lamps onto your desk and side tables.

bedroom lights

Source: homejobs-chandrasekar.blogspot.com

Photo Calendar

Add a large calendar on a wall. It will keep you updated and organized. You can also print out some polaroid photos and make your own photo calendar. It looks really amazing and personalized. You can also use online software to print out these photo calendars.

photo calendar

Source: shutterfly.com


A canopy is a perfect idea to make your bedroom a dreamy place. They add so much character to your space. Buy a grand canopy bed or You can also DIY your canopy. You can use a circular loop or curtain rods above or at the side of the bed. Then add some sheer curtains and fairy lights, and your room already starts looking like a fairy-tale story place.

canopy for bedroom

Source: queensizeplatformbedframe.com

Always buy appropriate size furniture. Don’t buy a queen or king-size bed when your bedroom is small. If you’re living in a rental apartment and painting is not allowed, don’t worry, place some beautiful artworks or paintings. Hang these with command strips. They are easily removable and didn’t damage the walls.

Add some funky color pillows to create a quirky look. Give some color to your windows by placing colorful curtains. Different shapes and materials of rugs will also bring some color to your place. If you want some more tips and decor ideas just browse through Interiorcraze!


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