How To Get Dog Pee Out Of Carpet?

how to get dog pee out of carpet

Having pets bring many joys, but a life with a man’s best friend can get a little bit messy. For this reason, pet owners need to know how to get dog pee out of carpet. Urine smell and stains are common problems associated with owning pets-especially when you have house-training puppies.

Accidents happen, especially when you get a new puppy who is under house training. As much as those cute little furry friends are, they cause absolute destruction to the home. With rugs placed on the floor, there is a risk that they end up using one of them as their toilet.

It is a big issue when it comes to odor that is left, and the bacteria which can grow on the carpet. You need to get straight to work on an instant-clean up.

Odors come normal with pets of all types. For example furry canines that shake themselves to dry all over the living room rug, outdoor-indoor cats that leave paw prints on chairs; keeping up with pets takes a lot of work. If you have a furry pet that is prone to cause accidents then read the following article. This will help you to learn how to get pee smell out of carpet.

How to Get Dog Pee Out of Carpet:

One of the challenging odors to eliminate is pee smell, especially if it is a rug or carpet. Here is the list of steps on how to get dog pee smell out of carpet:

Soak the Affected Area

To get dog pee smell out of a rug-especially after the rug is dried-start by rewetting the affected area. The sooner you wet the dried spot and soak the mess, the sooner the carpet fibers will be able to bounce back from the pee smell. You can use odor-removing products to eliminate the rest of the scent.

To wet the spot, start by mixing white vinegar with water. Soak the carpet in the solution and pour a small amount directly onto the old stain. The acidic properties of white vinegar are perfect for breaking down alkaline stains such as pee. It is an ideal initial step for removing odors and stains like those from dog pee.

Let the solution stay for a moment to make sure that it soaks into the fibers and dried spot. You may see wetness on the rug’s backing, and that is nothing of concern. White vinegar does not leave a stain or cause discoloration, especially when mixed with water. To make sure, you can test a small, discrete section of the rug.

Absorb the Vinegar Solution

how to get dog pee out of carpet


After saturating the area with vinegar, it is time to re-absorb as much of the mess as you can. Next, cover the patch with a dry, old rag. Ensure that the rag is clean before using. You do not want to add an additional stain.

Apply pressure to the rag; you can do this by pressing the hand onto the towel, releasing it, or stepping onto the towel and releasing your foot. The more pressure you put in the towel, the more liquid you will soak when you release your foot or hand.

Re-Apply and Allow to Soak Again 

Now that you have removed some of the old mess, you can repeat the initial step. Add undiluted white vinegar to the affected area again and allow it to sit. Vinegar is highly effective at eliminating odor. You may have to follow step 1 again more than once for it to work on an old spot.

Re-soak the affected area till it becomes wet again, and let the solution sit for 24 hours. If you do not want to use white vinegar or don’t have one, you can choose a cleanser with enzymes. It can also help you get rid of old, smelly stains and get the pee smell out of the carpet.

After letting your cleaning product sit for at least 24 hours, treat the spot again. It will ensure that your cleaning product effectively penetrates dense fiber and carpeting and removes stubborn odors that thrive in the porous material.

Apply Baking Soda

how to get dog pee out of carpet


Suppose you are not sure about the white vinegar. In that case, you can try another effective odor-eliminating solution that has many uses, like getting dog pee out of the carpet in boots and deodorizing a gym bag, which is baking soda. Baking soda does not cause discoloration and is effective against odor in carpet fibers and other porous surfaces around the house.

It is highly effective when mixed with odor-eliminating products to combat dog pee smell In the air and surfaces. For example, to use baking soda to get dog pee out of the carpet, sprinkle a generous amount onto the spot, and let it sit for a moment.

The secret to baking soda’s effectiveness is its crystal-like structure. Volatile molecules connect to their surface and neutralize without leaving an unpleasant residue or causing a smell.

Vacuuming the Affected Area

how to get dog pee out of carpet


The final step to know how to get pee smell out of carpet is to vacuum up the baking soda and continue the odor removing steps throughout the room. For this, you can use a pet hair vacuum As you vacuum, the beads will release an odor-fighting formula to remove any smells from the vacuum exhaust or odor related to the vacuum bag. In addition, it will ensure that you are not exposing extra foul smells to get the pee smell out of the rug.

Refresh with Odor Remover

how to get dog pee out of carpet


After vacuuming over the spot and having cleaned up the baking soda, mist the area with odor removing spray. This powerful odor remover eliminates and absorbs pet smells with natural plant oils.

You can also use an odor-removing candle or using spray to remove the remaining pet smells. While you won’t be using these products directly to the spot on the rug, any extra odor-removing products you use around the affected area will only help remove lingering odor and leave clean scents in the air.

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How to Prevent Accidents in Future?

Once the affected area is clean, make it unattractive to the pet and make the appropriate bathroom area attractive. As long as your furry friend can smell their scent, they will continue to return to the same spot and pee again.

Has the pet checked by a veterinarian to rule out medical causes for the accident? When you are sure that your pet is healthy, use positive reinforcement to train your dog to remove it in the proper place.

If your pet chose that specific location to pee, there might be a reason for it. Understanding your pet’s motivations can make it easier to get them on the right track. However, the re-training time may take a week or more. Remember, it took time to build the bad habit, and it will take time to replace that habit with a new one.

how to get dog pee out of carpet



Removing a dog pee smell is not a pleasurable task, but it does make good memories; you will remember it when you grow up. The above article discusses various ways on how to get dog pee out of carpet. After reading the article, you will not have a hard time getting rid of the pee smell from the carpet or rug. These tips do wonders, and you won’t have a hard time removing them.

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