Easy And Effective Steps To Remove Paint From Concrete

how to get paint off concrete

Concrete is a widely used material, from building construction to the interior to even solid furniture making, it is everywhere. The core reason for it to be used so widely is that it is an efficient material that requires low maintenance and cost. From the early stages of the industrial revolution, the use of concrete has defined cityscape architecture. Due to its ease inapplicability, concrete is used almost everywhere, from footpaths, walkways, passages to entire bridges, buildings, etc. 

However, Concrete is a porous material, which means that it can easily absorb liquids that are poured on it. Paint being a liquid can easily penetrate the concrete surface and seep millimeters deep into it. As a result of these issues, it can get tough to remove paint from concrete. The seepage of this paint can also deteriorate the longevity of the concrete surface. It can also give an aesthetically shabby look to the surface.

If you accidentally spill some paint on the concrete surfaces, it is rather easy to clean that up. You can simply cover the surface with water and later you can take a hand-bristled brush along with some detergent to scrub it away in no time. This is for normal spills where the concrete surface is not deeply affected by the paint spills. However, for spills that have gone into the depths of the surface, you might want to reconsider these basic steps. 

how to get paint off concrete

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Now, you might ask, how long does it take? It depends on the depth and size of the area you are dealing with that defines the time. 

This can be a time-consuming endeavor for a user but a DIYer who is up to a task can certainly make this happen by using some easy-to-do steps. We have also mentioned two types of methods – one being through chemical products and they’re through natural processes to remove paint from concrete. You can choose between both at your convenience. 

Here Are Some of the Products That You Will Need to Remove Paint from Concrete

  • A vacuum cleaner or a wide wire broom – This will help you to clean the affected area more efficiently.
  • A scrub brush – This will help you in scraping off the paint quicker. 
  • A protective gear – This includes gloves as well as goggles, you can also use a respirator to protect your skin from fumes or lead. 
  • TSP Alternative – As (Trisodium Phosphate) TSP is banned in several states and not readily available, you will have to find an alternative for the same. 
  • Putty Knife – A putty knife can help you to scrape off the chipped paint from the concrete while also cleaning the surface, although this is optional. 
  • A Paint Stripper – This a chemical product that is especially ensured to remove paint from concrete. It also helps in cleaning the underlying surface. 
  • A hose or power washer – Using just water flow to clean the surface entirely, a power washer or a water hose can be an asset to wash away the chipped paint. 

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Here Are Some of the Easy and Effective Steps to Remove Paint from Concrete

Step 1: Clean the concrete surface deeply and allow it to dry for some time. 

Step 2: Make use of a paint stripper by applying it thoroughly

Step 3: Give the paint stripper some time to set in the concrete surface

Step 4: Scrub the concrete surface

Step 5: Give a power wash to the concrete surface

Step 6: Repeat this process until all the paint is removed from it

Step 7: Clean the entire area to get rid of all the paint stripper

Let’s take a deeper look at all the steps to make sure that you’re doing it right. A safety precaution though you might want to consider is that, before starting any project wear protective clothing. This includes goggles and a respirator to protect yourself from the harmful fumes or lead that the material might give out. You also need to wear gloves while dealing with paint as well as concrete. For using chemical products, you have to make sure that your head is covered with protective gear. 

Step 1: Clean the Concrete Surface Deeply and Allow It to Dry for Some Time

how to get paint off concrete

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The first and foremost step is to clear the area as it will include dirt as well as debris. You can do this by using a broom or a vacuum cleaner which will help in making the cleaning process easier. After this, prepare a mix of the solution by making soap and warm water, you can also use water with a trisodium phosphate alternative. 

Pour this mix on the area and use a wide wire brush to scrub the entire surface. Do remember to wear goggles and gloves while doing so as the fumes can be harmful to your health. After the solution is spread thoroughly, give it a good two to three hours to dry. 

Note to Remember:- TSP or Trisodium Phosphate is toxic and you have to be very careful while handling the same. There are some states which have even banned its ua=sage because they are harmful to the environment. You can even consider using the substitutes. 

Step 2: Make Use of a Paint Stripper by Applying It Thoroughly

The next step to remove paint from concrete is to scrape off the loose paint as much as possible. After the cleaning process, this step will become easier. After scraping, apply a paint stripper over the area. As an alternative, you can use turpentine or mineral spirits as well. If both of these things don’t work, then use a paint stripper that is specifically dedicated to concrete. 

Step 3: Give the Paint Stripper Some Time to Set in the Concrete Surface

how to get paint off concrete

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The paint stripper requires a considerable amount of time to do its work. 

The time depends on the extent to which the paint has affected the area. You can even leave it for as little as 30 minutes if the surface is loosely affected. Although, in some scenarios, it can take as much as eight or more hours. 

Note to Remember:- Avoid using the paint stripper in areas with windy or extremely hot conditions as this way the paint would try prematurely causing issues. 

Step 4: Scrub the Concrete Surface

To remove paint from concrete use a wide wire brush to scrub off the leftover loosened paint, continue doing this until no more paint is coming off the surface. 

If the stain is caused by latex paint then use warm soapy water while you’re scrubbing. Since oil-based paints are tougher to clean using warm soapy water can help. 

Step 5: Give a Power Wash to the Concrete Surface

how to get paint off concrete

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Follow this step by using a high-powered garden hose to take out any leftover paint residue. You can even use a power washer for the same. 

This process is especially helpful for stains in outdoor surfaces such as concrete driveways, benches, walkways, walls, etc. 

Step 6: Repeat This Process Until All the Paint Is Removed from It

To remove the paint from concrete entirely, you can try re-applying the paint stripper to ensure all the paint has come off. 

The pressure washer or water hose can be set at 3000 psi to blast away all the paint residue. As even a small content of paint can affect the area, it is necessary to make sure that all the paint residue is taken out throughout from the affected area. It is not unreasonable for you to apply the paint stripper again and again till the residue is entirely outside the surface. The conditions for repetition entirely depend on the ratio of the area affected. 

Step 7: Clean the Entire Area to Get Rid of All the Paint Stripper

Once the entire process of cleaning and taking off the paint is done, take the water hose down and clean all the nearby surfaces to make sure all the paints and chemicals are off the surface. After the surface is entirely dry, you can repaint it as you wish. 

What If I Spilled My Paint on My Floor?

how to get paint off concrete

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In case you have spilled paint over your floors or driveways then to clean that up you would have to follow the basic steps that are given above. In addition to that, instead of applying a layer of paint stripper alone on the concrete, you will also need to apply a paste that is made from the stripper along with a sub-absorbent material. These materials can be either a finely ground clay powder or a pulverized kitty litter.

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You Don’t Wish to Use Chemicals to Remove Paint from Concrete? Here’s How You Can Remove It Through a Natural Process

If the paint has affected a wider area, you might want to consider soda blasting it. This is a relatively new way to remove paint from concrete and it works the same way as sandblasting. Although, this method is gentler as we are dealing with a concrete surface

For this, you will need a soda blaster and sodium bicarbonate. First, prepare the blaster and later spray the sodium carbonate evenly on the concrete surface. Make sure that you are away from it as it can give out harmful fumes. Note that wearing a respirator is advised while doing so. 

You can get both of these things from a local hardware store. You can even rent a soda blaster if you wish to not buy it. And if you are dicey on how to operate a soda blaster you can even call a professional to do so. 

Note to Remember – Wear a respirator without fail while soda blasting and make sure that all the plants are removed to not affect them as sodium bicarbonate has a high pH level. 

how to get paint off concrete

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The Bottom Line 

Removing paint from concrete can be a tedious task but if you follow these easy step-by-step processes either chemical or natural-based by using the right set of tools. Your concrete surfaces will look just like new in no time. 

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