How To Get Rid Of Mold From Basement: Know It Today

how to get rid of mold from basement

Mold is a big problem in the basement area and at the places where there is very little airflow. The basement is one such area where usually a lot of molds grow as it is a dark area with very little flow of air and high humidity. The walls of the basement get filled with mold so black spots start to grow on it. It is very irritating to go to the basement at this time as it smells very bad and it looks even worse. So learn here how to get rid of mold from the basement.

Also, it can lead to various diseases so you have to clean the basement area at any cost and maintain it well.

If you have gathered mold in the basement area or anywhere else in your house then you must read the complete post today to know how to get rid of mold from the basement. We will show you the steps of how you can remove it on your own without the need of any professional so let us quickly move ahead and check it out.

Let us start by checking the problem.

Check the Problem

how to get rid of mold from basement


First of all, you have to inspect the problem. Check how much area is affected. For this, you have to wear long gloves and old clothing first. Gloves should reach the middle of your forearms.

If there is too much mold then you should wear an N-95 respirator mask too which is available in the market and online as well. Wear goggles without ventilation holes too.

After you have worn all of these items, check the contaminated area in the basement. Inspect if the molded area is big or small. If there is any AC or heating intake then check inside if there is any musty smell coming from it.

If there is little smell coming from it then you can clean it on your own with a vacuum cleaner. If there is too much smell coming then you can contact a professional to come to your house and clean it. Till then, you should switch it off.

DIY clean mold from basement

Now, let us check the steps on how to remove mold from the basement on your own.

Check for Proper Ventilation

Firstly, you have to ventilate the working area completely. Open the doors and windows, switch on the fans so that air flows in.

how to get rid of mold from basement


Take Out the Contaminated Items

There will be many contaminated items in your basement when the area is contaminated so take out all the items that are kept there. Inspect them carefully to check if they have got contaminated or not. Throw away the items that you think are no longer useful.

If there is any clothing then wash it and let it dry. Clean all the items before you put them back. If you have furniture here then you need to either dispose of or get it proper with the help of a professional if it is contaminated. Throw away all the paper or cardboard items straight away and never store it again in the basement.

how to get rid of mold from basement


Replace the Carpets

If there is visible mold in the carpet then clean it first with a broom so that all the mold will get loosen up. Now, take a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the carpeting.

After you have done vacuuming it, take a cleaning solution and wash it completely, scrub the carpet properly so that all the mold gets removed and then let the carpet dry. Take it out in the sunshine to dry so that it gets dried quickly. Otherwise, turn on the fans at the full speed.

If you don’t need the carpet and can go without having it then better throw it away and get a new one.

Replace the carpets


Get the Cleaning Agent

Now, you have to get a good cleaning agent from the market to apply it to the wall. This cleaning solution is a mixture of various chemicals and it removes the mold quickly.

There are other methods of cleaning too such as using diluted bleach, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide but as of now let us prefer using a ready-made cleaning agent so that we don’t have to face any hassle of mixing any solution and preparing it.

the cleaning agent


Apply the Cleaning Solution and Scrub it

Now, you have to apply the cleaning solution to the moldy area. Spray it with a spray bottle or use a sponge to apply it. After applying the solution, let it remain there for 10-15 minutes and then scrub the walls and other affected areas. Rinse the scrub often so that the mold gets removed.

Check each and every corner of the basement and make sure none of the space remains uncleaned. The solution should be applied to the cracks and crevices as well.

how to get rid of mold from basement


Clean the Area with Water

After you have finished scrubbing the area, clean it with water. Wipe the area with a sponge and rinse it often. Let the area dry for some time then check if all the areas are cleaned properly. If any area remains uncleaned then repeat the above process for that area. So, here was an overview of how to get rid of mold in the basement. I hope you got a complete idea of how to do it. So next time when you find mold in your basement or anywhere else then get it removed immediately to be safe and to keep the area pure and clean! For more information, visit Interiorcraze.

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