How to Keep a Glass Shower Door Clean: An Ultimate Cleaning Guide

How to Keep a Glass Shower Door Clean

Do you, too, want to have a frameless shower door that sparkles every time? Or simply, need a shower door that needs low maintenance?  Shower doors are amongst those items that become filthy and scummy very quickly if not maintained. Although there are a lot of cleaning products available in the market, sometimes, they are not enough to keep the glass shower door clean all the time. Here, we got you covered! We have some brilliant hacks on how to keep your frameless shower doors clean all the time. 

A frameless shower door is one of those things in the house which, if you ignore it, will come back to bite you. After several months, you’ll either have to do a lot of maintenance.  Every time you utilize the glass shower door, you must use a squeegee.

As a result, streaks and soap scum will be prevented. As long as you’re doing regular maintenance, you shouldn’t need to do a deep clean more than once a month.  It’s a different issue if you’re always forgetting to wipe it down.  It’s important to keep your glass shower door clean at least once a week. 

How to Keep a Glass Shower Door Clean for Longer?

You may avoid a thorough clean by simply wiping down your shower doors after each bath. It is best to start at one corner and work your way down. Wipe all dampness from the glass by wiping it off from top to bottom.

Tools, Tricks, and Techniques

You can use a squeegee, a microfiber cloth, a spray bottle, Vinegar as well as normal dish soap, and Baking soda.

Create Your Mixture

How to Keep a Glass Shower Door Clean


Consider using vinegar as a natural cleanser for mild soap scum. Mix vinegar plus dish soap inside a spray bottle to make a cleansing spray. We suggest a strong combination for harder stains. If a powerful vinegar spray worries you, then reduce this with 1 part water.

Spray and Wait

How to Keep a Glass Shower Door Clean


The shower door should be fully coated with the solution once you’ve made your spray. Make certain that the mixture gets into any cracks or crevices that may have an excessive accumulation of soap scum on them. After thirty min or so, let the liquid sit on your door and watch the soap scum go.

Scrub and Wipe

How to Keep a Glass Shower Door Clean


Your doors should be thoroughly cleaned after you’ve waited a minimum of 30 minutes.  Make sure to remove all of the solutions from your shower door with a soft sponge or a microfiber towel.

Now that you’ve cleaned your doors thoroughly, it’s time to give them a little shine. Glass doors are used over shower curtains because of their extra-clean appearance and feel. Squirt your door down with a professional glass cleaner, paying particular attention to any remaining stains. Using a microfiber towel, clean it up.

Some Amazing DIY Cleaning Methods 

Take a look at some helpful hints for keeping your glass clean. You should be aware of those cleaners that should never be used together, particularly if you use bleach to clean your bathroom.

Clean Shower Doors with Lemon

How to Keep a Glass Shower Door Clean


The lemon juice and distilled water should mix together in your spray container. Spray the liquid on the shower doors and allow it to settle for about five minutes before using. As you wipe, use downward strokes to get rid of the solution.

Clean Shower Doors with Ammonia

How to Keep a Glass Shower Door Clean


Inside a spray bottle, combine the ammonia as well as the water. Put it on your shower doors and let it dry. The cleaner should remain on the door for a period of 3 to 6 minutes.  Using a dry microfiber towel, clean the liquid from the door. Work your way down from the top. Then, use a new cloth to remove any residual stains.

Commercial Cleaners Are Highly Regarded:

Sparkle Cleaner And Stain Remover is a commercial cleaning product that can remove years of mineral accumulation from your shower doors. Moreover, materials other than glass may also be safely cleaned with it. Easy to use, it cleans stubborn water stains and leaves the surface glossy.

Rain-X is ideal for cleaning shower glass surfaces. It may remove stubborn buildup and leave your shower door with a nice sheen after cleaning.

Windex is indeed the finest cleaner for glass shower doors for the money since it leaves a streak-free sheen at a low price. This cleanser is perfect for wiping glass and windows of all sorts.

Wrap Up the Discussion!

Keep in mind that hard water stains will accumulate over time. There’s a good chance that, despite routine cleanings, the surface will not restore to its former state. So, do not even fear if your shower doors don’t appear brand new after you’ve cleaned them, you could use some of the DIY cleaning methods and by using some professional cleaners you will feel your frameless shower door as completely brand new throughout its life.