A Helpful Guide on How to Measure Countertops

how to measure countertops

Are you tired of looking at the old countertop of your kitchen? Then just don’t keep looking…Take a step and change it! Now you think about how to change it as you don’t even know how to measure countertops? Don’t worry, we are here to help you out in this (or in any problem, you’ll always find an accurate solution here!). 

Today in this blog, we are going to tell you all about how you can measure your countertops without hassle.

So keep on reading to find the steps and procedure. Actually, you don’t need a specific reason to change your countertops. They get dirty over the years, and you really don’t pay much attention to them. But it’s time to show love to your kitchen! And start with the replacement of the kitchen countertop with a beautiful solid granite one. 

So before we start with the procedure steps, let’s know a little bit about them.

Types of Granite Kitchen Countertops

how to measure countertops

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There are many varieties of granite kitchen countertops that you can easily find in the market. Some of the types are: 

  • Slab granite
  • Modular granite
  • Tiled granite

So after reading this, you know what type of granite you want. Now, the next step is to start the procedure.

Materials Required

  • Tape Measurer
  • Calculator
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Paper

How to Measure Countertops

1. Draw the Rough Diagram of Your Kitchen

how to measure countertops

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It is always good to draw the kitchen layout on the paper as we all know, “Prevention is always better than cure.” Always include the sinks, faucets, and appliances to get the exact and accurate layout of the countertops. 


Standard Measurements

how to measure countertops

Source: amfgranite.com

26 inches and 4 inches are the standard measurements of the kitchen countertops and backsplash. 

2. Measure the Area

how to measure countertops

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After you roughly measure the countertops, it’s time to get the accurate values. So for that, multiply 26 to the value you get after measurement.  

Countertop area = Length (in inches) x 26 inches 

Backsplash area = Length (in inches) x 4 inches 

Example: If your countertop is 137 inches, then multiplied it by 26, you’ll get 3562 inches. 

You’ll also need granite for backsplash. For that, simply multiply the area of the backsplash with 4.

Example: 137*4 = 548 inches

3. Add the Values

After you get the correct values of countertop and backsplash, it’s time to sum them. 

And for convenience, convert the inches into the square feet. 

Total area (in inches) = Countertop area (in inches) + Backsplash area 

                                                                                                      (in inches)

Total area in square feet = Total area (in inches) ÷ 144

Example: 3562 inches & 548 inches are your countertop length and backsplash measurements, respectively. 

Total area (in inches) = 3562+548 = 4110 inches

Total area in square feet = 4110/144 = 28.541 square feet

Always round up the figure to the next nearest digit. i.e. 28.541= 29 Square feet 

how to measure countertops

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These are the approximate calculations, you can always hire a professional to the task from measuring to the installation of the granite kitchen countertops. Here are some things you should keep in mind when you’re doing this: 

Things to Remember: 

  • Always start your measurement from wall to wall, don’t just measure your old countertop because you may end up with wrong sizes. 
  • Take the layout and accurate measurements with you when you go for granite shopping.
  • Buy little bit extra inches of granite so that there is no chance of falling short of the stone.  
  • Make sure you draw the sink, appliances, and cooktop in the drawing. 

And for your convenience (or if you’re weak in maths conversions), here is the table:



1 Meter = 100 Centimeters

1 Centimeters = 100 Millimeters

1 Foot = 12 Inches

1 Inch = 2.54 Centimeters

1 Meter = 39.37008 Inches

1 Meter = 3.28084 Feet

You can do this procedure to change any countertop of your house. Easy right? After reading this blog, you’re able to change the countertop of any place. Just one piece of advice from us, use a calculator for calculations as we all are not perfect with the numbers!! (just kidding!). For creative and interesting DIY’s and home decoration ideas, visit Interiorcraze