How to Remove a Toilet: A Step-By-Step Guide

how to remove a toilet

A perfect bathroom layout is essential for easy access and proper functioning. After a particular time, every piece of bathroom equipment needs servicing or a change. Usually, servicing your bathroom equipment after a few years is beneficial. Especially the toilet. And, when the matter is about a toilet, the most acquainted question is “how to remove a toilet?”

Though removing a toilet is an easy process, it is advisable whether you hire a professional or follow a helpful step-by-step guide to remove the toilet. Toilet removal is not a tough job, but it is all about the drainage path. The drainage pipe can be damaged if the toilet removal process is not followed step by step. The damage in the drainage pipe can cause a great defect in the entire line. Thus, every single person needs to follow every single step, particularly as mentioned in the guide. 

By the end of this blog, we are pretty sure you will be confident about how to remove a toilet without disturbing or damaging any other equipment or pipelines. We will even discuss the materials you will require for the removal process and many more essential topics regarding toilet removal.

Materials Required 

While removing a toilet, one must have all the below-mentioned tool lists to make the process easy and quick without creating any mess, further damage, or challenge. 

Removing a toilet won’t be a challenge if you have all the necessary tools and materials ready by your side. Just go through the list and get them before the removal process to avoid any stress or delay of the removal process.

– Groove and Tongue pliers.

– Utility Knife kit.

– Latex and rubber gloves. 

– Flathead screwdriver.

– Putty knife

– Sponge

– Bucket

All these materials, as mentioned above, are essential. Keep the tools ready before starting with the process to avoid any mess or confusion. 

How to Remove a Toilet? A Complete Guide

So, now we will guide you on how to remove a toilet quickly. You have to follow seven simple steps for the removal of a toilet. Please read all steps carefully to avoid any mishap and remove the toilet easily without creating any mess.

1. Turn Off the Main Water Supply

how to remove a toilet


Shutting off the main water supply is essential to avoid bursting the water from the supply pipe. Usually, the main valve is situated underneath the toilet but check behind the toilet on the wall if not found. Ensure that you have closed the tap or the main supply tightly. Suppose you fail to turn it off tightly. In that case, water leakage possibilities can disturb you while you are removing the toilet. 

Do not put a lot of force on the main valve. Usually, we do not use the main supplying valve daily, resulting in jamming of the valve. Thus, try shutting off the valve slowly to avoid any damage to the main water supply junction’s valve.   

2. Remove the Water from the Toilet

Once you are done with shutting off the main water supplying valve, what is next on the list is to empty the toilet nicely. The water stored in the bowl and the toilet’s water tank needs to be cleaned adequately. Dripping the water from the tank and bowl while removing the toilet will create a lot of mess and inconvenience. Ensure the bowl and tank are dry, or else if the water continues to drip down on the floor, you can even hurt yourself. 

To empty or remove toilet water, wear rubber gloves on your hand, and with using the sponge, start socking the water and drain it in the bucket. This may take some time, but be patient and dry them out nicely before removing a toilet. 

3. Prepare for Removing a Toilet

how to remove a toilet


After cleaning and drying the bowl and tank of the toilet nicely, prepare the toilet to pull it together. Start with an easy step of disconnecting the main water supply tube from the toilet tank with the help of groove piler. Next, open the screws from the mounting nut on the tailpiece of the water inlet valve. The valve is located on the left-hand side of the bottom of the tank. 

With the help of a piler, remove the closet bolts, which are also called washers, and nuts fixed on the floor bolts of the toilet tank. Next, start unscrewing the plastic bolt covers from the base of the toilet bowl. 

How to remove a toilet with ease? First, remove the toilet tank and bowl, saving more of your time if you open them individually. Next, use a screwdriver to unfold the slotted heads from the bolts located inside the tank. Once you are done unfolding the screw, slowly lift the tank and separate it from the bowl. 

4. Cutting of the Caulk Installed on the Floor

how to remove a toilet


Using the utility knife, start cutting the toilet base, known as the toilet’s caulk. Please ensure that you are seeking professional help or being very cautious while performing this task. If you are not careful and alert enough, you may damage your flooring. Unless you plan to install new flooring for your bathroom, be very attentive and cautious while performing the task. 

How to remove a toilet caulk without any mess or damage to your flooring start with the boundaries. Start drilling space between the flooring and the toilet base to create the gap between the two of them. And in the end, swiftly and patiently lift the Caulk from the floor. If you are not sure enough, it is advised to hire a professional to perform this task and save your flooring and time. 

5. Pull Out the Toilet

how to remove a toilet


Now, this step will need professional help to avoid any mishap or damage. Removing the toilet bowl from the closet bolts will require a lot of patience and focus. Removing the tank is not an easy task, it needs a third and fourth hand. You have to be very cautious and put minimum weight and force on the tank bolts. 

Putting more force on the tank bolts can create a crack on the porcelain. This is why usually this particular task is performed by the experts or with the help of an expert. However, suppose you want to get it done all by yourself. In that case, it is advisable to follow the steps carefully or perform the task after contacting an expert.

6. Clear the Flange and Clean the Floor

how to remove a toilet


After you are done with the complete process of removing a toilet, clearing all the old greasy caulk from the floors is essential. Using a putty knife, clear the old caulk remaining on the floor. Do not forget to remove the wax that is accumulated around the caulk or the flange. Once you are done clearing the wax and the flange, clean the area where the metal fitting is installed at the top of the toilet draining pipe. 

Ensure you are clearing the wax nicely to provide a clear and smooth flooring. This will help install a new toilet or plan something different according to your requirement. 

7. Make the Bathroom Ready to Use and Check the Functionality

how to remove a toilet


Once you are done with all the processes of how to remove a toilet safely, the most important thing is to inspect the bathroom and check the functionality. Checking the functionality of the bathroom is essential. Check whether there is any damage caused due to the toilet removal process. 

After you are done checking the damages caused or not, if you find any, fix it up. Completion of the fixing process is followed by a cleanup process. Once you are done with everything, in the last check whether everything is working properly or not? So that the users can use the bathroom for other purposes too. The toilet area will remain inaccessible, but the other areas are still working, so keep it in a usable condition. 

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Professional Tips for How to Remove a Toilet?

how to remove a toilet


How to remove a toilet with professional tips? We focus on some of the information to help you perform the tasks safely and let the bathroom maintain its functionality. Keep reading to learn more. 

  1. Keep checking the valve while removing a toilet. If your toilet is too old, it is beneficial to change your valve too. Or else, if your valve is in a better condition, you can clean and polish it for reusing the same valve. You can contact an expert to check the condition of the valves.
  2. Use proper tools and equipment for performing the tasks. To avoid any mishap or damage, using appropriate tools is essential. 
  3. Once you are done removing the toilet, shift it or place it in a huge trash bag. To avoid dripping the water from the bowl all around the bathroom floor, placing the toilet in the trash bag is essential. 
  4. Check the functionality of the other bathroom areas before completing the tasks. It will help to detect any defect or damage caused while removing the toilet. 

The Conclusion

With this, we come to the end of the blog. We have discussed the detailed process for how to remove a toilet on your own. One must understand, following the steps in order, as mentioned in the blog. It will help to remove the toilet without any trouble or any damage in the bathroom. If you are not confident enough, you can hire a professional or an expert to remove a toilet. This will not just help save your time, even maintain the safety and functionality of your bathroom.

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