Know How To Remove Permanent Marker Stains From Wooden Floors

how to remove permanent marker from wood

Marks and stains on wooden floors can be really complex. It isn’t easy to maintain the wooden flooring stainless when you have kids or pets in the house. Some of the stains stay for a more extended period of time and become permanent, and sometimes kids might as well leave permanent marker stains on the wooden floor, which don’t come off by just mopping the floor. The permanent marker stains consist of pigmented color, some kind of wax, solvent, etc. Are you thinking about how to remove permanent marker from wood to keep the wooden floor clean and presentable? With daily movements, your wood floor will experience some deterioration, and it may include some permanent stains here and there.

To choose the right way to clean the permanent marker stains from your wooden flooring, you must know the finishing of your flooring. In some instances, you might need a proper treatment to remove the permanent marker stains, but in some cases, you might as well have something in your house that will help you remove the stain mark. Home remedies do get surprisingly good results sometimes and are pocket-friendly. Most of the things will be available in your house, and maybe a few you might have to go out and purchase. But even then, these practices are pocket friendly, especially in comparison to the expense you pay to an individual who will especially come and clean the wooden flooring. Also, have the knowledge to remove water stain from wood.

Here is the list of things you may require to try the below-given tips:

Toothpaste, Baking soda, a piece of a washcloth, Abrasive/enzyme cleaner, water, baby wipes, 80-grit sandpaper, and 100-grit sandpaper. 

Below are some tips about how to remove permanent marker off wood flooring:

how to remove permanent marker from wood


How to Remove Permanent Marker Stain from Painted Wood?

  • Use a regular toothpaste and not any gel-based toothpaste with abrasive crystals. The traditional white toothpaste will help you remove the mark without damaging the wood. Sometimes toothpaste can be replaced with alcohol or peanut butter to remove marker stains. But white toothpaste will give the best results. 
  • Keep the stain facing side up and make sure that the area is accessible and flat if possible. Otherwise, the toothpaste might run down the surface when you rub it. 
  • After keeping the stain side accessible, take a generous amount of toothpaste in the wood surface, covering the stain in a thick layer of toothpaste. You can add more if you think the taken amount is not sufficient enough. 
  • After layering the marker stain with toothpaste, get a clear damp cloth. Make sure the excess water has drenched out, and the water is not dripping. Don’t use a dry piece of cloth. It should always be damp. 
  • With the help of a damp cloth, rub the toothpaste in a circular motion on the stained area for a few minutes until the toothpaste vanishes. Use enough pressure that the toothpaste overruns the marker without damaging the wood. If the damp cloth doesn’t move easily, add some more toothpaste on the entire stain area. 
  • Wipe off the toothpaste if any is left on the wood. After whipping, let the wood dry for a bit, and the toothpaste should also be gone by the time. 
  • By now, the marker stain should be gone, and you must clean the specific area.
  • If the marker stain is still slightly visible, repeat the above steps but add some amount of baking soda along with the toothpaste to remove the stain. 
  • If the baking soda doesn’t give great results, then you can replace it with some alcohol and peanut butter. Once the process is done, make sure you wipe away the alcohol or the peanut butter with a damp piece of cloth and then let the wood floor dry up. 

colgate to get rid of stain


How to Get Rid of a non-permanent Marker from Painted Wood?

  • If you have all the necessary items, you can easily remove a non-permanent marker stain. 
  • You will need an abrasive cleaner, alcohol, and a damp washcloth. 
  • All these items will be available in a big box store, supermarkets, and drugstores. 
  • The wet washcloth should not have excess water.
  • Make sure the stained side of the wood is accessible. The stained side should be facing up to make sure that the cleanser doesn’t spread elsewhere. 
  • Spray the abrasive cleaner on the stained surface of the wood and check that it does cover the entire stained area. Leave the cleaner on the surface for a couple of minutes. 
  • Move a damp cloth in a circular motion and wait for the stain to come off. It might take some time to show the results. If the stain has vanished then you can wipe the cleaner from the wood.
  • If the stain doesn’t vanish from the wood, then use a washcloth soaked in alcohol. Rub the washcloth soaked in alcohol on the wood for some time and wait for the marker stain to come off. Then clean the area with alcohol on it. 

sanitiser to get rid of stain


How to Get Rid of a Regular Marker from Unfinished Wood?

  • Use a baby wipe where there is a marker stain on the wood. Do not press the baby wipe against the grain. The alcohol content in the baby wipe might remove the marker stain. 
  • To remove the stain absolutely, you need some sand in the specific area along with 80-grit sandpaper. Using this, most of the stain would come off, but it might leave an abrasive design on your wood. So make sure you don’t sand against the grain. 
  • Use 100-grit sandpaper over the same spot until the stain vanishes. Sand towards the grain of the wood, as mentioned before. This will help you smoothen the area and even it like the rest of the wood piece. 
  • Finishing the wood will protect it from future damages. 

how to remove permanent marker from wood


Here are Some Extra Tips:

  • If you don’t have a toothpaste handy, then you can use baby wipes, sanitizer, melamine foam, nail polish remover or hairspray instead as the alcohol content in it will help you remove the marker. Also, don’t use it on the wood multiple times or even for a long period of time as it may affect the finishing of the wood. 
  • Try and sand the entire wood surface instead of just the particular area as it will help you get a more even and uniform appearance. 
  • You can use powerful oil to get rid of the marker stains. Spread the oil on the mark and let it soak in for a couple of minutes. Use a clean cloth to wipe it off and see the results.
  • Make sure you don’t use paint remover by any chance on unfinished wood as it will damage the wood. 
  • Don’t use a sponge as far as possible and always use absorbent pieces of cloth.
  • Don’t pour the cleanser in a large area. Apply it only on the stain spot and not the whole surface.
  • Unless the wood is unfinished, do not use sandpaper to get rid of permanent marker stains as it may damage the wood. 

Follow the above tips on how to remove permanent marker from wood to keep your wooden flooring clean and presentable. For advanced wood floor cleaning techniques, you can contact your manufacturer to guide the maintenance of the wooden flooring and remove stains. For more information visit Interiorcraze.