How To Remove Water Stains From Wood Easily

Baking soda trick

We all love wooden furniture and floors but maintaining those things can be a task as wood gets ruined up easily. Among all the problems the main issue is to remove water stains from wood and it is the the most irritating one as we cannot simply avoid water completely. If your wood would come in contact with the water for a long time then it would catch certain stains which would make your wooden material look ugly. 

While water stains cannot be avoided, but they can be removed with simple tricks and tips that you follow. Now you might be wondering about how to remove water stains from wood easily at home so here are some of the easiest as well as effective ways to remove water stains from your wooden materials easily at home. These processes would not even affect the look as well as the quality of your wooden material which is a great thing for sure:

Why it is important to remove the water stains from your wooden materials?

Watermarks can change the quality of your wood:

We invest in superior quality woods that look quite smooth without any discolorations and the price of such woods are high because there would not be any other color or tone on the wood. The water stains entirely change the purpose of having such high-quality woods as those stains would change the color of the wood and would make the wood look uneven and ugly at the same time.

quality of wood


It can make your wood look moist:

The stains occur due to the moisture of the water and so if you would not remove that then the stain would keep the wood moist from that part. This would somehow eliminate the crisp look of your wooden material and your guest might also point this thing out which would be embarrassing for you. before someone else points such mark in your furniture or floor you should take steps to clean that stain completely so that your wooden material could look good over again.

moist looking wood


Ruin the wooden material:

Now all stains are destructive but if your wooden material was exposed to water for a long time then it would get into the interior of the suar wood furniture Singapore and so the stain would be prominent at the same time. It is important to deal with this kind of stains as soon as possible otherwise it can ruin the wood from the interior. 

ruined wood


From outside you might not notice how your wood is getting affected other than the stain but after sometimes the wood would become flimsy and the quality would not even remain the same as it was.

It doesn’t look good:

Now let us face reality and apart from every issue, the main thing here is that watermarks would make your woods look ugly and that is what matters the most in this case. No one likes to have things that don’t look good at all so it is better to deal with water stains so that the material could look good as it was. 

dirty looking wood


Water stains can take place due to several reasons and if you live in a humid and moist place then you can even have wood moulds which also looks like water stains and that needs to be removed at the same time.

Baking soda trick to remove water stains from wooden material:

Have you even come across a situation when you serve your guests with a cold glass of water or cold drinks and they put it on your table? Well, it that way the glass can sweat and those sweats can cause water stains on your wooden table and those stains look straight white in color and that would make your wooden material look ugly. 

Here is a quick hack to save your wooden material from those stains and here you would just need a tablespoon full of baking soda and some water to make a paste out of it. Make sure not to use too much water in the process as that can be bad for your woods. 

Baking soda trick


Here you would have to rub the paste on the stain and keep on rubbing it in a circular motion until the stain disappears completely. This trick works amazingly and this would be effective in almost all type of wood which is a great thing and it can also take of the hot watermarks from your wooden material.

Petroleum jelly would do the trick for you:

We all have petroleum jelly in our home and this has to be one of the most inexpensive and at the same time a very effective way to shoo away all the irritating watermarks from your wooden materials. Often it happens that after a get-together or a party we face a lot of dirt in our home and we simply cannot help it and cleaning is the only option that works in this case. 

Petroleum jelly trick


Here you would come across many watermarks as well and deal with those watermarks you can use petroleum jelly as that proves to be very effective in this case. Here you would have to take a generous amount of petroleum jelly and apply all over the watermark and leave it on for one night and then just wipe it off with a tissue paper and along with the jelly, the stains would also disappear.


If you don’t have anything in your home then also you can get rid of those irritating wood watermarks by using your toothpaste which is a great thing. Here you would have to use those opaque toothpaste and the gel formula won’t work in this case and here you would have to rub the toothpaste on the watermark for a while and then wipe it off using a damp cloth. 

remove water stain using toothpaste


Make sure to use damp cloth not wet as wet cloth can increase the mark that you may not want at all. This trick works on all kind of watermark which is a great thing.

Salt for the rescue:

Who knew that salt can be this effective in removing watermarks from your wooden materials but you would be amazed to know that it can effectively just remove the water stain from your wooden object in minutes. 

Here you would have to take a generous amount of salt and add few drops of water to form a paste out of it and then you would just have to run it on the mark and then wipe it off and the mark would be gone.



These were some of the best ways to remove water stains from your wooden materials and to know about more such amazing things you can browse through Interiorcraze.