How to Use Drywall Anchors: 4 Easy and Self-Doing Steps!

how to use drywall anchors

Are you planning to install something on the wall? But confused on how to install and secure the drill? If you want to hang something heavier than average weighed, drywall anchor can be your saviors. Yes, you heard it right. Drywall anchors are the best way to secure things in the wall. 

In today’s blog, I will be helping you with tips for how to use drywall anchors. Drywall anchors are the best way to secure your hangings on the wall. They catch a grip inside the wall. It becomes necessary to use drywall anchors to have a firm grip. In today’s world, just hanging things on the walls can be risky. So, why take a risk when you can turn stuff with security?

Before we start with our today’s blog, let us first understand the concept of drywall anchors.

What is a Drywall Anchor?

Drywall anchors are supported to install or hang things on the walls in the absence of the studs. Drywall anchors are available in different sizes according to the weight-bearing of the object. They are even available for other locations to fit perfectly.

So, now let us see what the different types of drywall are. Most importantly, let us learn how to use drywall anchors?

Before we start with the blog, make sure you have the following listed objects and materials with you:

  1. A full drill and a power drill set.
  2. A hammer
  3. Drywall anchors. 

Always make sure you have the entire drill bit kit, as drywall anchors are available in different sizes and shapes. So now with this, let us get started with 

How to Use Drywall Anchors!

There are realities of options available in the market to secure the hangings on the wall. For your rescue, these pre-screws show how to put anchors in drywall. They are designed to give the best grip to all your hangings. Now, keep reading and follow the steps for how to use drywall anchors. 

1. Select the Appropriate Drywall Anchor

how to use drywall anchors


Your very first step is to get the right size and type of drywall anchor. Getting any kind of drywall anchor can turn out to be a disaster. It is important that you first select the wall for inserting the anchors. Later, measure the walls accurately to get drilled.  

Once you are done with selecting and measuring the wall, go to the right place, searching the anchors. According to the details of the walls and the weight of the object you are hanging on the wall, ask for the drywall anchor.  

Just for your information, I am telling you once again the sizes and shapes are different. Consider all your requirements and select the drywall anchor.  

2. Twist Lightly to Insert Inside the Wall

how to use drywall anchors


Now that you have the suitable drywall anchor for your walls, it is time to insert it nicely into the wall. Don’Don’te a hurry in inserting the drywall anchors. Going wild for inserting can damage the walls, and they may look really bad. 

We are here to guide you, so be calm and follow. Place the drywall anchor towards the wall you want to insert in. Now with a moderate pressure drill in the anchor with a screwdriver into the wall. Do not worry. The tip of the anchors is sharp enough to make their way inside the walls. So, be calm and go easy with the entire procedure. 

Though all these steps are self–doing, if you are not confident enough, you may take the help of a professional. This will help you guide how to put anchors into the drywall in a neat and tidy way. I know seeking a prof professional’s can be costly. Still, you will have the satisfaction of getting the anchors inserted sturdily. 

3. Keep Inserting the Drywall Until It Sets Properly

how to use drywall anchors


When you are done with inserting the anchors into the drywall, you are not done here. The actual steps come now. With the same pressure, you have to keep inserting the drywall anchor deep inside the wall slowly. 

For your information, how deep the anchor is will secure the sturdiness. If you keep the anchors in the entrance, there are chances they may rip out when you hang heavy things. Yes, you heard me right. There are high chances if you cannot insert the drywall anchors deep inside, they may fall out. As a result, it can damage the object as we all the walls. 

This is the step where it is advisable to seek a professional to be sure enough of the grip. But, make sure the anchor is not that deep that they become inset. So be careful and take professional help in case of not being sure.  

4. Conceal the Rack with a Screw into a Drywall Anchor

how to use drywall anchors


When done with all the steps mentioned above, it is time we conceal the anchors. I know this was not that easy for how to insert a drywall anchor. But you did it, guys. Now one last step is left, to conceal the anchors. Okay, be careful that inserting the anchor is in the right direction. Before securing, make sure you are following the direction of the grip. 

Once you are done checking the direction of the drywall anchors, now it is time to conceal for a secure long-lasting finally. Now use brackets to support the screws. This will cover the drywall anchor plus will help it to keep it sturdy. Concealing it with frames ensures the grip. You can easily hang the objects, no matter how heavy it is. 

If in the future you want to extract the drywall anchor out of the wall, remove the bracket first.  

With this, we come to an end with the steps for how to insert drywall anchors? But this, not the end before we wrap with the blog, let us explore the types of drywall anchors in the market. 

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4 Different Types for How to Use Drywall Anchors

 I am pretty sure you are clear with how to use drywall anchors. Now have a look at the different types available in the market. 

1. Hollow-Wall Anchors

how to use drywall anchors


Hollow wall anchors are also called molly bolt. They have a bullet design body. This includes a screw with a pointed metal body. It has a spiked collar to drill inside the walls quickly. It requires a pilot hole. 

The best part is once you insert them inside the wall, they hold on, and you can quickly drill them inside the wall. If you want a plastic anchor, you can replace it to insert it into the wall. 

2. Expansion Anchors

how to use drywall anchors


Expansion anchors are plastic made. They are conical in shape with barbs or raised rings surrounding their body to have a firm grip. They are usually used for ceilings as they have an excellent grip.  

So need not worry if you want to hang something on the ceiling this drywall anchor will work.  

3. Toggle Anchors

how to use drywall anchors


Toggle anchors are available in two types; screws and straps. Both types work in the same manner. You need a pilot hole to insert this anchor type—one of the best anchors to have a firm grip. 

Make sure you take professional help in planning to insert this anchor. It needs to be done accurately.

4. Self-Drilling Anchors

how to use drywall anchors


These are nothing but the regular anchors we use in our daily life. Use brackets to have a firm grip, and you are ready to hang things on the wall.  

The Conclusion: How to Use Drywall Anchor

how to use drywall anchors


With this, we come to the end of this wall. Before we end, make sure you measure the wall and weight of the object. When you are sure about both the considerations, select the anchor based on the requirements. Follow the steps for how to use drywall anchors, and you are ready to hang.

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