11 Impactful Ways to Boost Your Home’s Exterior Design and Aesthetic

improve your exterior design

Did you know that many people make their first impression when they see the exterior of your home? If you want to improve your exterior design, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over exterior design ideas to try.

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1. Freshen Up Your Front Door

improve your exterior design

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You can begin improving the exterior of your home by updating your front door. When you first look at a house, you tend to look at the front door. To improve your curb appeal, consider painting your front door.

Does your home face the street? You should make it a definite priority to complete this task. You won’t need to replace your entire door.

If your current door’s in decent shape, consider repainting it. You can choose a color that will contrast nicely with the color of your house’s siding.

If your house’s siding is pale, consider choosing a darker shade to provide a balanced aesthetic.

Once you finish painting the door, consider swapping out the current hardware. You can head to the local hardware store and pick something modern.

If you want to replace your door, shop around for a door with lots of windows. A front door with windows will bring in natural lighting.

2. Consider Updating Your House’s Siding

Before doing any work, make sure you inspect the vinyl siding. Has the siding been installed correctly? If the siding doesn’t get installed well, it’s susceptible to problems like mold, water damage, or pests or if you have grown tired of the current siding, you might want to replace it with new material.

If you’d like to replace your siding, watch out for some signs. Siding will begin to warp after getting exposed to a lot of heat or an excessive amount of sunlight.

You could replace the siding also if you notice faded patches on the siding or mold. The discoloration will make your home appear old and unkempt.

3. Update Your Mailbox

Do you have a mailbox at the front of your property? Mailboxes, like the front door, are some of the first elements people notice when they arrive.

Homeowners will choose a simple green or black metal mailbox. If the mailboxes in front of your house, look at getting one that will match your home’s aesthetic.

You could remove your current mailbox and find a more modern one. Install your mailbox against your front door. Front door mailboxes tend to be a lot cheaper.

4. Consider Adding Window Shutters

improve your exterior design

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Do you think something is missing from your house’s windows? To add some definition or style, consider installing window shutters.

Some shutters, like impact shutters can also serve a functional purpose. This is especially true in areas prone to severe weather like hurricanes. There are a wide variety of storm shutters available so you can match the style of your home. The best hurricane shutters for your home will depend on your preferences and budget.

Window shutters will boost your curb appeal. Paint the shutters, so they match the colors of your house.

You could paint your shutters the same color as your roof trim, door frame, or window frame. Choose a color that will contract nicely with your siding.

Find a reputable company that will install your shutters. Check out ShuttersUp.

5. Tuck Away Utilities

You should try and tuck away the utility boxes on your property. You can hide them away by planting some green bushes or flowers around them. Utility workers will still be able to access the utility boxes.

6. Complete Lawn Care Maintenance

Lawn care’s critical when you want to improve the curb appeal and exterior design of your home. You should keep up with regular lawn maintenance.

Raking away leaves, pull weeds from the flowerbeds, and mow your lawn. Do you live in a warmer climate? Make sure you keep your lawn well-watered, so you don’t end up with massive brown spots.

Maintaining lawn carewill prevent any significant problems.

7. Make Your Backyard More Private

To improve your exterior design, consider adding a private backyard. You will increase the value of your home and help make it more personal if you have lots of neighbors.

You could add low-maintenance and durable fencing around your house. Adding a fence to your home will provide extra security and privacy.

8. Improve Your Entryway

improve your exterior design

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Entryways will impact your home. You should consider upgrading your entry by completing a new design. You can adopt different trendy looks.

Do you want to walk into a new home? Consider a chic wooden panel, glass panels, or a modern design. Try updating your entryway.

9. Update the Decor

You can also add flair and design to your front door or porch by picking up the new decor. Every season, change out the decor items.

You can get a fresh wreath in the winter or pick up colorful hanging baskets or planters in the spring and summer. Choose decor that won’t appear out of place but instead accentuates the aesthetic of your home.

10. Wash Your House’s Exterior

Freshen up the look by power washing grime and dirt off your siding, walkway, driveway, and porch. Rent a power washer at your store.

11. Pick Up Outdoor Furniture

improve your exterior design

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A ton of exterior furniture will end up cluttering your house. Yet, if you don’t have any outdoor pieces, your curb will appear neglected.

Find a balance somewhere in the middle. Pick up quality outdoor furniture, maintain it, and keep it clean. If you have a tiny yard, you could pick up a small table and place a colorful planter on it.

These details can improve the appearance of your home.

Now You Know More About Exterior Design

We hope this guide on the exterior design was helpful. Make sure you clean the exterior of your home, freshen up the front door, and pick up the new decor.

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